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Java Projects

December 6, 2011

This category consists of Java Projects with source code, CSE Final year java projects download, Java Projects ideas, java projects abstracts, 1000 projects in java.

  1. Prisoner Face detecting System A Java Project.
  2. HI –FI Infirmary Portal Java Project Report.
  3. Private Banking Network A Java Project.
  4. Harmful Mail Scanning a Java Project.
  5. Typing Patterns A Java Project.
  8. Atm Simulator System Automated Teller Machine ATM Banking System Java Project
  9. Telecom Management System Java CSE Project
  10. Network Banking System Java Final Year Project
  11.  Online Magazine Java Final Year Project
  12. Energy Billing System Java Project With Code.
  14. Job Portal Java Btech Project
  15. Travel Bill Tracking System CSE Final Year Project
  16. Bus Scheduling And Booking System CSE JAVA Project With Code
  17. A Java project on E-Learning.
  18. Intranet Mail System A Java Project.
  19. Human Resource Management A Java project.
  20. Error Control System in Network Environment A Java Project
  21. Cyberspace Java Project
  22. Ajax Browser A Java Project
  23. I Net Phone Project A Java Project
  24. Integrated Application For Employee Java Project With Code.
  28. Aadhaar Secure Travel Identity A Java Project.
  29. Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring A Java Project
  30. Geometric Approach For Improving Active Packet Loss Java Project
  33. Ensuring Data Security in Cloud Computing Full Project
  35. Gated Communities Java Project,Code and Paper Presentation
  36. Global Communication Java Project with Code and Paper Presentation
  37. Medicate Search Java Project Report,Paper Presentation and Code
  38. Intrusion detection in Wireless Sensor Network Java Project With Code
  39. Effective Key Generation For Multimedia Java Project With Code.
  41.  Download I-Connect ASP.Net Project Report
  42. Download Human resources database management a Java Project Report
  45. Customizable and Divisible Card Payments for Online Purchases Java Project Report
  46. Download Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Patterns Java Project
  47. Download An alumni association Java Project Report.
  49. Download Add Express Java Project Report
  51.  A Signature-free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker a Java .Net Project Report
  52. A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement a Java Project
  53. Secured Authentication for Online Banking using Mobile Phones java project
  55. Dynamic Heterogeneous Grid Computing a Java Project
  56. Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking CSE Paper Presentation java project
  57. Detecting Malicious Packet Losses a Java Project and source code
  60. Student Information System a Java Project
  61. Voice Chatting and Video Conferencing a Java Project
  62. V3 Mail Server a Java Project
  63. Network Traffic Analysis a Java Project with code
  64. Multiplayer Snakes and Ladders Game a Java Project
  65. Mail Server with Intranet and Live Chat a Java Project
  66. Language Emulator a Java Project
  67. Intra Communication Software a Java Project
  68. Smarter Work Strategy a Java Project
  69. Secure Email Transaction System a Java Project
  70. Rough Set Based Grid Computing Service a Java Project
  71.  Retro Robot Internet Banking System a Java Project
  72. Post Office Management System a Java Project
  73. Steganography a Java Project
  74. Online Auction a .Net and Java Project
  75. Online Counseling System a Java Project
  76. Online Book Store a CSE Final Year Java Project.
  77. Modeling and automated containment of worms a Java Project
  78. Mobile banking Seminar and Project Using GPRS and MIDP and Java.
  79. Online Recruitment System1 an Java Project.
  80. Online Medical Portal an Java Project
  82. PORT SCANNER an Java Project
  83. Online Solution Provider a Java Project.
  87. Multi Service Browsers Java Project.
  89. Tripplea Measure A Client Server Based Java Project
  90. Mobile service provider operations portal A Java project
  91. Health Care Software A Java Project.
  92.   Java Project for Online University Admission
  93. Online Tendering CSE Project.
  94. Java project on Alumni Information Database
  95. Online Ticket Booking Project A Java Project.
  96. Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project.
  97. Download E-COPS Java Project Report.
  98. Java Project On Defect Tracking System
  99. Net Auction A web Based Java Project.
  100. Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture a Java Project.
  101. Advanced FEC Coding Techniques for Reducing Packet Loss
  102. Latency Reduction in Cell switching Network A Java project.
  103. Life Span Based Organization Protocol for P2P Systems.
  104. Object Sharing with Multi Proxies for Edge Service Java Project.
  105. Process Analysis in Asynchronous System A Java Project.
  106. Spam E-Mail Filtering A Java Project.
  107.  Techniques for Computing Shortest Path Between Nodes.
  108.  Consensus Protocol Concept for AD-HOC Networks Abstract.
  109.  Effective Use of Shortest Path Using Multipath Dissemination
  110. Techniques for Computing Shortest Path Between Nodes.
  111. Detecting maliciously mails in Compromised Router.
  112. Controlling Network Usage in Multi Homed Environment.
  113. Efficient Transmission Control Scheme Using DDM.
  114. Java Project On improving peer-peer Streaming Output.
  115.  Peer-Peer Network Protocol for Efficient Subset Search.
  116. CDN For Genome Sequence Similarity Detection.
  117.  Dynamic Search Algorithm For Intelligent Message Routing
  118.  Data Accessibility for Engineering distributed systems.
  119.   Data Encryption System Java Project
  120. Stock Management System Java Project
  121. Corporate Recruitment System Final Year Java Project
  122. Simulative CBT Examination With Random Paper Generation
  123. Issue tracking system software and hardware
  124. Text To Speech Converter Java Project
  125. Online Polling System Project
  126. DBJ explorer Java project
  127. Suspicious e-mail Detection Java Project
  128. Inventory Management system Java Project
  129. Intranet Chatting System Project in Java
  130. Online Customer Complain System Project in Java
  131. Software project resource planning tools Java project
  132. Remote Desktop Administrator Java Project
  133. Placement Automation System.
  134. Online Education System MCA Java Project
  135. 8-Grid Word Game CSE Mini Project
  136. Dynamic routing with security consideration Java Project
  137. Bug Tracking System Project In Java
  138. Net Banking System Project in Java
  139. Ship Management System CSE Main Project
  140. Re-Ordering Of Packets Using Retransmission Timer project
  141. Web based bill payment utility CSE Project
  142. Wireless Network Efficiency Improvement Networking Project
  143. Load Balancing System CSE Final Year Project
  144. Fuzi distribution Java project
  145. Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement project
  146. A Precise Termination Condition Of the Probabiistic Packet Marking Algorithm
  147. Adaptive Programming Model For Fault Tolerant Distributed Computing
  148. Constructing Inter Domain Packet Filters to Control IP Spoofing Based On BGP Updates
  149. Temporal Cluster Graphs for Identifying and Visualizing Trends in Multi Attribute Transactional Data
  150. Efficient and Secure Content Processing and Distribution by Cooperative Intermediaries
  151. Online Index Recommendations for High Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads
  152. NDT A Model-Driven Approach For Web Requirements
  153. Online Learning Java Project.
  154. Forest Sale Automation Java Project
  155. Secured Net Auction Java Project
  156. InTime Couriers java project
  157. Medical E-Card java projects
  158. Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation Java projects
  159.   Effective Key Generation for Multimedia Java Project
  160. Scheduling And Dispatching Java Project.
  161. E-Advertisement Java Project
  162. Image Enrichment Technologies Java Project
  163. Dealer Based Network Business System Project
  164. Project Planning Application
  165. One Point Transaction Banking Project
  166. Frequently Asked Questions Java project
  167. JNOTEPAD Editor Java Project
  168. Construction Plus Java Project
  169. Inventory Management System Project.
  170. Inventory Management information system Java Project
  171. E-ACQUISTION Project
  172. Online Java Compiler Project Abstract
  173. Automatic Message Sending And Attendance Java Project
  174. Online shopping E-Music World Java project
  175. Product Service management System Project Abstract
  177. RESOURCE PLANNER Project Abstract
  178. Containment Tracking System Java Project Abstract
  179.   File Compression Project Abstract
  180. Secured Mail Services project Abstract
  181. ERROR TRACING STRATEGY Java Project Abstract
  182. Employment services Java Project Abstract
  183. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Project Abstract
  185. Incorporated Work Flow Control Java project
  186. Global communication Media Java Project
  187. Online shopping chart java project
  188. Portal For Government Schemes Java project
  189. Automated reporting service for ATM project
  190. Web based sales order booking system java project
  191. Solving Package Router Control Problem in Software engineering Project Abstract
  192. Quiver Consistent Object Sharing for Edge Services Project Abstract
  193. File sharing in Hybrid Model based P2P system Project Abstract
  194. Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network project Abstract
  195. Client-Server based Instant Messenger
  196. Remote DBA Alert Java Project
  197. VOIP Project Report
  198. Voice Over Internet Protocol Final Year Project
  199. Project on Controlling IP Spoofing through Interdomain Packet Filters
  200. Constructing IDPFs using BGP
  201. Location-Based Spatial Query Processing in Wireless Broadcast Environments
  202. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Project
  204. Online Exam Project in Java
  205. Online Examination System Project
  206. Power Billing System Project Report
  207. Employee Attendance Monitoring System Project
  208. Employee Tracking System Project in Java
  209.   Online Web Based Project Management and Tracking Project
  210. Web Based Time Tracking System Project
  211. Inventory Management System Project in Java
  212. Airline Ticket Reservation System Project in Java
  213. Airline Reservation System Java Project
  214. Online Airline Reservation System Project in Java
  215. Java Project On Resource Planner
  216. Java Project On Project Management Information System
  217. Online Shopping System Project Peport
  218. E-Shopping System Java Project
  219. Online Shopping System Java Project
  220. Stores Management System Project
  221. Online Banking System Project in Java
  222. Bank Management System
  223. Bank Management System Project Report in Java
  224. Bank Management System Project in Java
  225. Banking System in Java Project
  226. Internet Banking System Java Project
  227. Airline Reservation System Java Project
  228. Online Shopping Catalog System Java Final Year Project
  229.   College Faculty Book System in Java Major Final Year Project
  230. Grid Computing Project for CSE Students

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  1. naveen wrote:

    I like .net

  2. ashu wrote:

    in the some project u give tha source code but dont give tha database file……so its hard to understand nd run the projects….

  3. Mir Masud wrote:

    can sumone plz tell wer can i get a retail shop billing system project?? :( plz help..

  4. nikhil wrote:

    can sumone please tell wer can I get a online bus reservation in java project? plzzzz send to:-

  5. santhosh wrote:

    can somebody please upload a cryptographic tamper evidence project……

  6. santhosh wrote:

    please upload cryptographic tamper evidence project in java and send it to my mail santhosh802@gmail.com

  7. elas wrote:

    sentiment analysis in text using text mining want can u help

  8. jakyy wrote:

    For basic JAVA Programmer????!!

  9. pinky wrote:

    i am interested to do project on braille lipi(blind”s understanding language0… in java as ma final year project.. plz help me.:(

  10. sukku wrote:

    i want project with dbms and java

  11. kammu wrote:

    i wante to do project on recent softwars

  12. Ranveer wrote:

    plz provide me project on “cyber cafe management system” in this project all computers connected through one pc i.e. server, server allocate time to user for internet use.
    plz send me my mail id :- ranveerbujar@gmail.com

  13. bhanu wrote:

    hi frnds.. I need quantum cryptogaphy project …. pls send that pro to my e mail id….. thank u…bhanu7633@gmail.com

  14. MANIKANDAN wrote:


  15. pooja wrote:

    plz give me project on”online jewellery shopping system” ………….coding in java. plz send me on my mail id-poojadhamdhere22@gmail.com

  16. khan wrote:

    tell me the creating frames using applet for username and password in java

  17. Khan wrote:

    title–creating a 10 employees username and password
    using frames in applet for system administrator purpose.

  18. b g prasad wrote:


    I am interested in Energy billing system, and can i get .class files for this?


  19. patil pankaj wrote:

    sir i want to project of water irrigation system..my email id is mr.patil_pankaj@yahoo.com

  20. rubi wrote:

    i want a project on ticketing system(customer care) in java

  21. vidya wrote:

    i want a project code on ensuring data storage security in cloud computing in java and running in netbeans .so pls give me the source code running in neybeans

  22. Akhilesh wrote:

    sir, i want a project report on banking system on java.

  23. Sweety wrote:

    plz some1 tell me abut d source code for project on banking management system…………..:(

  24. saravanakumar wrote:

    sir i need grid base computing based project and papers .send this mail id srvn004@gmail.com

  25. sreehari wrote:

    very very thnks

  26. bhuwan wrote:

    Please some one give me one good project in java any of the management system with the mysql database..please dont give me the j2ee project..

  27. Abhishek kumar Gupta wrote:

    I want a J2EE Project on “Online Examination System”
    front end in java & BackEnd in Mysql.
    So please help me as early as possible with synnopsys,project-report,live project with source code…and total complete a big Major Project.

  28. Prashant sharma wrote:

    I want FTP download maneger in java..please help me…

  29. Rishabh wrote:

    I want a J2EE project on “NOISE REDUCTION BY FUZZY IMAGE FILTERING”, front end in Java.

    So, please help me with synopsys, project -source cod and project report.

    My contact number is 8800525888.

    I am ready to pay for the required favor.

  30. niks29007 wrote:

    sir,i need “bandwidth estimation for IEEE 208.11 based AD-HOC networks”,a java based pr0ject.
    plz…………provide it……..:)……

  31. Mani Bhushan Prasad wrote:

    Sir i need a project on college mgt system using java swing as front end and Oracle as back end as soon as possible.for this i always obey to you.please help me.

  32. bebtechprojects wrote:

    Hi Mani bhushan prasad

    I can help u in ur project please post ur contact details Regards
    bebtechproject at gmail

  33. Yash Bhatt wrote:

    Hey can somebody please help me out with my java based Mobile-PC Interface project. Reply as soon as possible. Its urgent.

  34. Ganesh Kumbhar wrote:

    Hey can somebody please help me out with my java based “online movies information database system” project. Reply as soon as possible. Its urgent.

  35. Ragavan R wrote:

    hey, can help me with a “shopping cart” project …. its just that I don’t understand the concept of it fully!

  36. anu wrote:

    please give the source code of the project college management system in j.s.p to my email

  37. priya wrote:

    i want congestion control front end java,baclk end my sql

  38. lokesh wrote:

    i want java project on software company mnagement system

  39. ganesh wrote:

    i want java project on book depot management system

  40. chandu wrote:

    i want java project on office equipment automation

  41. sravz wrote:

    hello,plz i want the java code for knowledgeon web in which there are two modules admin and normal user.code should be in core java

  42. varsha wrote:

    hello, can u help me……i wnt to code on NGO managment on .net……….as soon as possible…………..

  43. bbharathi wrote:

    hai sir…….
    i want to do project on “A competitive study of cryptography techniques over block cipher”.
    will u pls give some suggestion for project…..
    is the project title good r not pls tell sir…..

  44. pariii wrote:

    hello sir………
    i have to project on the topic “”tic-tac multi dimensional array please sir canu help me in this project

  45. Maregowda wrote:

    Please send me .pdf file Iris Recognition using Wavelet transformation.

  46. Maregowda wrote:

    Please send me seminar
    Iris Recognition using Wavelet transformation. to this maregowdar@gmail.com

  47. Tejasri wrote:

    send me java project on web based online feedback system

  48. reddy wrote:

    sir/madam i want a project on civil supply management system.please send anji.reddy58@gmail.com

  49. kumar wrote:

    i need cyberspace uml total diagrams

  50. kumar wrote:

    please attach uml diagrams for cyberspace java project

  51. Teju wrote:

    plz give me project on” criminal identification system” ………….coding in java. plz send me on my mail id: gtejaswinig@gmail.com

  52. Ravi wrote:

    Hi!! Hello Respected Sir/madam, i can tell something, about this projects, I need latest Projects list urgently Sir. & I am currently doing in Project work. So, I have waiting for your valuable reply sir. Please Reply to me this E-mail….. Please…….dont forget!!!

  53. reddeiah wrote:

    please send me networking and network security project titles and abstracts

  54. willams wrote:

    please i need a project on effect of mobile communication attenea on human heath

  55. kjayasudha wrote:

    plz send network and network security projects to kjayasudha19@gmail.com

  56. kjayasudha wrote:


  57. racky wrote:

    mail server develop to only asp content……

  58. neha wrote:

    i need project report on Text To Speech Converter…. plz send me

  59. neha wrote:

    i need code of video stenography..

  60. ranu saini wrote:

    please send me java project a topic on a online movie ticket booking system with source code..

  61. thiya wrote:

    please i need a project on lab attendance using finger print scanning on java with awt

  62. vivek kumar wrote:

    plz help me i want to give me some project report only, any language

  63. Ashwini wrote:

    sir i need a project in java with database and ppt on bus_scheduling and booking system.. plz send me if possible….

  64. taranjeet kaur wrote:

    hi sir,
    i want to do my project work on “ship management” OR”JNOTEPAD editor”.
    will u plz give me suggestion on one of the project…….
    is the projact title good or not, which one will be better………

  65. taranjeet kaur wrote:

    my id is hira.taran@gmail.com
    plz suggest to me, sir…………

  66. priya wrote:

    sir pls mail me the “e health care management system” s complete java source code pls

  67. pramod ramteke wrote:

    hi sir i wsnt to do my project”maitenance of examination centre”.will u give the suggestion on this project.

  68. abhay wrote:

    please send me COLLEGE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM on kumarabhay414@yahoo.com.

  69. abhay wrote:

    please send me COLLEGE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN JAVA CODING on kumarabhay414@yahoo.com

  70. AMIT KUMAR wrote:

    please help me to build a many intresting project on netbean IDE

  71. fathima wrote:

    i would like to do my mini project on “secure authentication using graphical password”.can u help me?will u pls send to me the project report(with dfd,usecases,class diagrams,etc)?pathuyousaf@gmail.com

  72. sudhir wrote:

    can u help me to do online book sales with mobile SMS

  73. jyoti wrote:

    whr cn i get a project with database on topic “AMBIGUITY CHECKER” in adv java??

  74. tejaswi wrote:

    i want ailment wire tapper documentation java web based ,its MCA PROJECT

  75. satish wrote:

    hi sir ,
    i want “enable public auditaility and data dynamics for storage security in clou computing”.This project complete documentaion and uml diagrams i want it so i kindly requsted where i can get the those details plz help me……

  76. Allute wrote:

    Hey Sir!…
    plz send to me a BUS Transportation management Project Report ma ID is

  77. neelima wrote:

    routing simulator project is not working properly can u help me out neelimac68@gmail.com

  78. ali wrote:

    Thanks’ a lot

  79. Vikas wrote:

    Sir I Want to a Project Reports of tax calculator in j2me

  80. HARSH wrote:

    sir i want a project in matlab or asp.net to preventation of wormhole attack in manet ”
    plz upload it

  81. ammulu wrote:

    hi sir i need project of time table automation system in java .
    pls send to my mail.ammu.siri22@gmail.com

  82. rahul wrote:

    hello sir,

    sir, i need a java project for accounting software. Please send me the code for accounting software.
    Thnks in advance

  83. Sangeeta wrote:

    Plz give me complete source code of prisoner face detection system in java..

  84. anonymous wrote:

    hey can u post this project ensuring distributed accountability for data sharing in cloud computing

  85. Naresh Kumar wrote:

    sir i want software that can maintan the mandi(market) sale and purchaging vegatable?????????????/plz help me bcz i’m in urgent need………………………………..


    plz send me sir “gym management system based on project”


    plz send me sir “gym management system based on java project”

  88. abarna wrote:

    I need a new project without a management based

  89. abarna wrote:

    I need a new project without a management based

  90. chander wrote:

    Can somebody pls help me in finding project on ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM in java…
    If someone have one pls mail on my mail id ,,
    thanks in advance..

  91. anshul wrote:

    sir plz mail me text to speech converter cod & jar file please sir it is my kind request if you are unable to send jar file then please mail me code of the project

  92. sumant wrote:

    sir i need project on fingerprint based attendence management system.

  93. AKSHATHA wrote:

    hello sir,

    sir, i need a java project or an .net project on Knowledge-Based Interactive Post-mining of Association Rules Using Ontologie concept.
    kindly send me the code .

    Thnks in advance

  94. sandy wrote:

    pls i need a projcet material on the topic
    inventory software for stock transactions..
    You can forward it to my mail

  95. sandy wrote:

    pls i need a projcet material on the topic
    inventory software for stock transactions..with the source code
    You can forward it to my mail

  96. BALAJI wrote:

    Sir I need project on information retrieval in java

  97. pawan wrote:

    sir plz post HOTEL MANAGEMENT PROJECT in java

  98. Amose wrote:

    sir i need project title in java………. the topic is oriented to wat the company excepted..

  99. Rahul wrote:

    I need a project on product master maintenance system in java.

  100. Rahul wrote:

    I need a project on product master maintenance system in java with source code.
    You can forward it to my mail

  101. saurabh nikhade wrote:

    i want projects in java on domain system software…..so guys plz help me…..

  102. feliexvictor wrote:

    sir i need a java project sir

  103. Ashwini kumar Patro wrote:

    can you provide coding for E-Auction based on j2ee and struts… ?

  104. manikandan wrote:

    sir please send me java project student mark analysis

  105. Atul temgire wrote:

    sir i need a java project CONSRTUCTION MANAGMENT SYSTEM…..

  106. Atul temgire wrote:

    sir i need a java project CONSRTUCTION MANAGMENT SYSTEM…..atultemgire@gmail.com

  107. medha wrote:

    please help me to select topic for the project on java.

  108. ram wrote:

    can anyone have jwellary shop manegement in java?

    plz send my mail at


  109. neelima wrote:

    hey sir..
    plz send me the projct on automobile shop system…

  110. vilas wrote:

    please need project material on software based

  111. vipin wrote:

    some1 plz upload a text recogniton project in JAVA,,,

  112. Don2x wrote:

    Do you have “Shipping Line Booking System Project in Java. Object Oriented Programming

  113. Sandeep wrote:

    sir i need one projects in java platform if u possible plz send .

  114. K.Ashok Reddy wrote:

    Some1 can suggest me to do a major project in java(by using applets or swings)..
    plz respond to dis mail id

  115. Rajib naik wrote:

    sir i need a finance project please upload it to my e-mail rajibnaik002@gmail.com

  116. varma wrote:

    hi sir,
    can u plz send me the project on tracking of pharmacy medicines nearby for emergencies using java and database:oracle
    plz send me mail at*

  117. rama wrote:

    sir, I m final yr cse student doing project on tracking of pharmacy medicines for emergencies. .
    pharmacy Lookup – when the user login and specify the location name and medicine name ,Based upon your GPS
    location it has to show the pharmacy stores and the availability of specified medicine
    I need absract,coding,use case diagrams and project report.i have to submit plz help me to do this..
    front end:java
    plz mail me…. ramachandravarma07@gmail.com

  118. tia wrote:

    please give me code for player information system.i have to submit project.in this we can add modify delete player’s information

  119. Sai Chakradhar Dogiparthi wrote:

    Hi Sir,
    Can you please provide me the code for
    Secure Email Transaction System a Java Project

  120. gowri wrote:

    sir pls send me the project on tours and travels websites using advancedjava(wcd).. send it to my mail id sir pls… 173gowri@gmail.com

  121. asma wrote:

    can u please tell where is the download option for client-server messenger

  122. Monika wrote:

    i have made a project i.e. “Hobby Hub”.. In this project, i stored the information of the hobby , teacher name, charges n all and no second frame, stores the information of the student. I have to make report on this plzzz help me…
    The purpose of my project is to reduce the paper work and stored the information of all the student at one place…


  123. richu wrote:

    If anyone want very good projects in
    1. Employment exchange management (Java)
    2.Attribute based encryption(IEEE)
    3.Project on Hand written digit recognition system(Java)

    contact me on richu.susan@gmail.com

  124. prajna wrote:

    Hello sir,it my 1st project.so I want ur help.sir can u suggest me about some java project which is currently company expected…plz reply me in this email id…

  125. anitha wrote:

    please send me some variety .net or php based project topics

  126. anitha wrote:

    plese help we need new ideas for our major project , we expecting .net or php based topics

  127. eru wrote:

    where can i find the code of any of these projects please????

  128. durga wrote:

    i need a latest java project with new idea

  129. anusha wrote:

    i want projects based on dataminig

  130. seetharamaiah wrote:

    if u want any project code regards from java technology,,i will give the codes with minimum amount of cost..per each project cost is rs.500..contact me 8790982024

  131. seetharamaiah wrote:

    if u want any project code regards from java and dotnet technology,,i will give the codes with minimum amount of cost..per each project cost is rs.500..contact me 8790982024

  132. seetharamaiah wrote:

    f u want any project code regards from java and dotnet technology,,i will give the codes with minimum amount of cost..per each project cost is rs.500..contact me 8790982024

    mail: vadde.seetha@gmail.com

  133. Amol Nikam wrote:

    sir i want “Database migration over network project” plz if u r havimg send me it on aghn22@gmail.com
    mob no-9860014019

  134. aarti wrote:

    Could you please provide sample java source code for college time table management system? it’s urgent ?
    plz mail me…aarti.parab20@gmail.com

  135. hari sankar wrote:

    hello..my good name HARI SANKAR (sebastian)
    myself from trivandrum studying in RIET (kerala’s no 1 engineering college)
    i am sitting in front of you.. looking ur site closely….. very closely…. me disappointed very much…
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  136. keeshan wrote:

    hello, can u send me a website based projects using java and sql server to my mail, really need it, thank you..

  137. shifa wrote:

    could you please provide helpdesk template in java or entire project its urgent.my mail id is:shifarocketmail@gmail.com

  138. khaoula wrote:

    sir could y please send me the source code of the project college management system to my email

  139. khaoula wrote:

    hi Sir, Could you please send me java source code for college time table management system

  140. micheal Jackson wrote:

    Can u help me with my college project , need to do online gas agency in Java , i verified in couple of website not able to find .. can u help me with the source code

  141. nida wrote:

    can you please tell me how to run your java projects i hsve downloaded online magazine java project with backend oracle but i am not able to run it can you please provide me the way to run it its urgent

  142. Dabala wrote:

    my title project is university student management system (in java ) the project have must data base connection or File system……

  143. SANGEETA wrote:

    plz send me online survey project

  144. YOGA wrote:

    please I want online medical portal an java.using MySQL database mini project with coding.

  145. YOGA wrote:

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  152. Manjula wrote:

    If anybody want an Android project. please contact me via mail

  153. shivali wrote:

    Hlo sir
    i want to create a college’s students results maintaining website with java plzzzzz…help me .

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    I need an android project, please help me.

    my email id is : ahmedsjava@gmail.com


  155. megha wrote:

    Hi sir,
    Plz send new java list project

  156. abhijit murgod wrote:

    Hi! i need projects lists on java programming, which would be socialistic , for eg: women’s safety app or similar to that one..

  157. sonu wrote:

    please give me the full project on online tuition management system with source code and report

  158. Angel Joseph wrote:

    Please give me full project in java on the Gym Management system

  159. jameel wrote:

    salam2u, I need java project on mobile security system. I also need a coach, who will?

  160. rasheed wrote:

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  161. parimala wrote:

    hi fndz….i m parimala…doing ME-cse…i need source code for Efficient multi-keyword ranked query over encrypted data in cloud computing…..using cloudsim tools only with java coding…..any idea means…plz reply my mail…

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