Bus Reservation System or Online Bus Ticket Booking Java Project

Purpose of the Project:

This project is meant to delineate the features of Online Bus Ticket Booking, so as to serve as a guide to the developers on one hand and a software validation document for the prospective client on the other. The Bus Reservation System is developed for Travellers to reserve seats online and to save them from hassles. It will allow the passengers to enjoy the booking of bus tickets from the present position through the internet. They will be provided with the bus routes along with some other facilities like booking the tickets based on their comfort level, the time of arrival and departure, and canceling the tickets. The administrator can handle various aspects like applying the offers, changing the facilities according to price, can monitor various other things. The Travel Agency can also use this application for managing their ticket booking service.

Scope of Project

This Bus Ticket Booking application can be used by any Travel Agent to issue tickets to customers. It also helps the customer to enquire about the availability of seats in a particular bus at a particular date from a particular location. It will also provide the facility to check the timings and schedule of the buses along with the ticket price.

Aim & Objective of the Project

  • Up To Date information is provided that is not possible manually.
  • The objective of my project is to make the Ticket Booking system of an Agency, simple, reliable, user-friendly, and corrective. Moreover less time-consuming as compared to manual work.
  • To Increase The Ticket Booking efficiency.

Features Provided to User

  • The User can enter the sources and destination to view the buses on the specific route.
  • The User can register himself and then re-login to book the tickets.
  • Can check the seats available?
  • Can see all the bus information
  • Can book no. of tickets after registration.
  • Can check the number of Seats already booked.
  • Can view the bus information like arrival time, destination time, etc.

Features provided to Customer

  • The Customer can Update his profile.
  • Can see his Booking.
  • Can change the password.
  • Can Book tickets.

Features Provided to Admin

  • Add the route.
  • Delete the route.
  • Remove the bus from the route.
  • Update the bus details.
  • Update the route details.
  • Add the bus to the specified route.
  • View the Total tickets booked, seats booked, etc.

Functional Requirements:

Activity Diagram for User:

Activity Diagram for Customer:

Activity Diagram of Admin:

Use Case Diagram:

ER Diagram:

List of Actors :

1. Administrator
2. Passengers



  • Registration if the customer wants to book the bus ticket then he/she must be registered.
  • Unregistered users will not be allowed to access the site.


  • The passenger who has registered can log in to the system by entering the valid user id and password.
  • If admin logins, they can add or remove bus, can change the price and the timings.
  • If users logins, they can book the ticket from their particular location to their desired destination.

Selection of Source and destination:

The passenger will be able to choose the source and destination.

Available Buses:

After the selection of the source, destination, and date the available buses for the specific route along with the time will be shown to the user.

Bus Route:

The Route to be followed by the bus while traveling from the source to the destination will be shown to the user.

Ticket Booking:

The passenger will be able to book the tickets as per their comfort of price, bus category, time, date, etc.


After the payment of the ticket, the customer will be logged out.

Report Generation:

After all transactions, the system will generate the online ticket and will send one copy to the passenger’s Email- address and another one to the system database to maintain the records of the passengers along with the traveling details.

Technical Issues:

  • This Bus Ticket Booking system will work on client-Server architecture. It will require an internet server.
  • The Bus Ticket Booking system should support some commonly used browsers such as Chrome etc.

The customers may select the different options which will be open on another screen as

1. Login Page
2. Registration Form
3. Source and destination (state-wise)
4. Journey Date
5. Search Buses
6. select a pickup and drop location.
7. Offers
8. Route Directories
9. Payment Gateways

Design Constraints:

This Bus Ticket Booking system should be developed using Standard Web Page Development Tool, which conforms to GUI standards such as HTML, XML, JSON, etc.
The system should support various RDMS and Cloud Technologies.

Operational Scenario:

The passenger will log in and will enter the source, destination, and date. The system will show all the buses from that route reaching the entered destination along with the bus type and the seats available for booking along with the fair. The passenger will choose the bus seat according to their comfort and choice. The payment will be done and the online bus ticket will be generated and will be sent to the email address of the user. The user will also be provided with the ticket cancelation option.

Benefits of Online Ticket booking System

  • This system will help to maximize the number of Reservations.
  • Easy to Manage the calendar.
  • Easy to Manage all the records.
  • This System is fully functional and flexible.
  • Easy to use.
  • Saves a lot of time, money, and Labour.
  • This Application acts as an office that is open 24/7.


In the Online Bus Ticket Booking system, we have developed a secure, user-friendly Website where users,s or visitors, can view and search the buses for a specific route and can check seats available on the buses. Here we have maintained records of passenger details, seat availability, price per seat, bill generation, and other things, we have developed a computerized reservation system successfully.

Future Scope

  • This Bus Ticket Booking project can be enhanced further by adding the Agent Module to perform the agent-related functionalities, The generated ticket can be sent to the email id of the customer.
  • The website is flexible enough to be modified and implemented as per future requirements.
  • We have tried our best to present this website. Messages and Email alerts for various things can be sent to the Users so that they cannot miss anything.
  • The offers information for various festival seasons can be sent to the User. The payment-related things can be upgraded.

Download the Complete project on Online Bus Booking System Code.

College Student Results Analysis Android App Subject wise and Department wise


The College Student results app is an android application. It enables the students to check and get their each semester results within their mobiles by using their College Registration ID/Hall Ticket Number.

This College Student results in mobile app system is developed for students as well as their parents to check both the internal & external examination results.

Currently, the students are using the University website which is displaying only the individual subject marks and is lacking in some other advanced features which we will supplement through our mobile application.

Primarily, by using this result app project we can generate student individual results and analyze subject-wise and department-wise analysis (toppers list, Max marks, Min marks).

Android Project Features:

  • Latest user-friendly interface with a neat layout.
  • The total marks of the student with percentage will be displayed.
  • Push notifications whenever the results are out.
  • The list of toppers in the individual departments.
  • Sharing results on social networking sites.

Hardware Requirements:

Internal Memory: 512MB RAM
External Memory: 1GB
Speed: 1GHz Processor
Device: Mobile or Tablet

Software Requirements:

Operating system: Android
Programming languages: HTML5, XML, java
Database Used: Android SQLite Database
Others: Android Studio SDK

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Student Exams Backlog Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

College Classroom Appliances Repair and Maintenance System App


This College Electronic items Repair and Maintenance System App has been implemented to accept complaints against damaged fans and lights in the classroom and to show the status of the registered complaint.

The college classroom-specific android mobile app has two sides, the user end, and the admin end. The user end is for the class CRs which allows them to lodge complaints, view the status of the complaint, and see the complaint’s history. Whereas, on the admin end, the admin can view the lodged complaints and can update the status of the complaint.

User end Project development:

First, after opening the Repair and Maintenance System App, a login page appears. The user must log in to the app, with his/her respective login ID and password. If the details match with any of the CR’s details, then the app will be directed to the user side. After logging in, a page with all the room numbers is displayed.

When the respective room is selected, the user is directed to a page where he will be asked to select the fan number or the light number that needs repairs. On clicking the submit button, the complaint will be lodged successfully.

On the home page, there is a menu bar towards the extreme left, which has two options-complaints books and logout. The complaints book has information about all the complaints that have been lodged to date.

The status of the complaint whether it is repaired, or it is still pending, is shown for each complaint. By using the logout option, the user can log out of the app. This is the user side of the app.

Dataflow of the App (User end):

DFD of College Classroom Fan & Lights Repair System App                                         

Working Flow of the App(User end):

Output Workflow results of College Classroom Fan & Lights Repair System App

Admin end project development:

When the given user ID and password match with the details of the admin, then the College items Repair System App will be directed to the admin side. After the admin logs in, he will be directly navigated to the complaints book. Here, he can view all the complaints, old as well as new ones, that have been registered. At the end of each entry, he has the option to update the status of that entry.


The ultimate goal of this Final year android-based mini or major project is to eliminate the huge loss of man-hours and manual intervention. The goal is to provide an effective platform to lodge complaints and also to maintain a chain of responsibility and efficiently attend to complaints.

The entire academic project has been built according to the requirements stated and can be implemented without errors. The complaints can be stored and can be monitored. The is very useful as it would reduce stress and it is very easy to use. This process is less time-consuming and is highly reliable.

This Repair and Maintenance System App project was developed with HTML, CSS, XML, Java, JavaScript, and MySQL databases. It can be scaled to add even more sophisticated features and be made more flexible.

The application can be integrated by adding several other complaints regarding infrastructure etc. A communication system can be provided where the students can clarify their queries. This would enhance the standard of the application.

Development of Student Book Finder Mobile App Project

In this project, we are creating an android mobile application, basically, a Student Book Finder Mobile application will provide us with a platform to access the books we want to read at the ease of our fingertips. All the users will be having their separate accounts on this app which will be connected to their email id.

Any book that the user wishes to read, will be entered by him in the search box which works based on query input. The query may be an author name, the book name, or the subject to which the book is related, and will also work on specific keywords input. Apart from searching the books online, the user can save the book he/she likes in the favorites bar.

The Book Finder Mobile App is suitable in the present scenario as the world is being digitalized then why not the education system? On the profile of the user, one can easily view the books he/she has read.

The Book Finder Mobile App will be completely efficient and transparent to the reviews of the people on the book and its price. To get more details about the book one can click on the book and get further grave details.

This Book Finder Mobile App will be using The Google Book API for providing all the books. Further, the FAQ section provides all the necessary details that the user may need about the app.

The app also has a complete User Interface attached to the firebase a perfect login system with an email id and password and a forgotten password too.

This mobile-based application stands for the need of students at any time at their fingertips without any barriers in place.


The objective of the Student Book Finder Mobile App Project is to be a source of Virtual education allowing its users to search for the book of their choice according to the criteria set by them on the search page, read the book, add it to their favorite section, see the reviews of the book and decide which can be a better source for their knowledge and store them at the storage of their profile’s cloud.

This student project will be transparent and efficient in searching all the books it could as available on the Google Book API. Furthermore, new books will be added automatically as they will be updated on the API.

General Introduction to the Topic

Student Book Finder Mobile App Project, an android application is a user-friendly app, with a well-developed User Interface, a login module using the email address and the password, and a signup system for new users provides the user with the ability to search for any book one wants to read.

Besides the user Interface of the Login system, we have also created a navigation bar to provide various other features that the app provides,

It has various fragments the profile page, the favorites column, the About us section, the FAQ section, and an option to Sign Out from the account recently logged in. We have abstracted the android application using the Google Book API which supports us in enabling the various books to the users they are searching for.

We felt the need of developing this app looking at the current scenario where it is impossible to learn or get a book from the library and so the user can access the book from the app store the book whichever one likes on the cloud storage available for the profile.

For testing our application, last we will connect the app with the Google Book API and will allow a user to create a new account and access all the features of the app. This is all our app does and will be the outcome of our project on completion.

How does the App work?

  • As soon as the user enters there would be a splash screen displaying the app name and the copyrights reserved.
  • Then there would be a login page for the user to enter the email address and the password as set if the user has already signed up. For new users, there will be a sign-up page.
  • After logging in, there will be a search page having a search bar, an opportunity for users to enter any keyword related to the book.
  • As the app will be connected with the Google Book API the resulting books found will be displayed on the page itself.
  • According to interest and the choice of the user, the user can click on the book and know details about the book(the price, the author name, the reviews of the book, what the book is all about, and even maybe the pdf copies of the book if we can)
    The user will have the choice to read the book then and there on the spot or can add it to the favorite section.
  • The favorite section will store the book till the user wants it.
  • For any help or details about how the app functions, one can visit the FAQ section.
  • After the work is done the user can sign out from the account.

Software Requirements

Android Studio
Database: Firebase
User Interface Design: Android Application

Visit and Download Student Book Finder Mobile Application Project code, report, PPT, and execution steps

Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Project


The purpose of developing a Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System Android Mobile App is to digitalize the traditional way of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this application is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between-session for a particular student on a regular check basis.


The following Android Mobile App project has much scope both in present as well as future. In the present situation, the system can be accessed on android mobile devices. Any android device which has the access to the server on which the project has been deployed can use the application i.e. the Daily Student Classroom Attendance Management System project will work for a particular institution. But later on, the project can be modified to operate for many institutions.


  • Front-end: XML
  • Back-end: Java
  • DATABASE: MySQL, Firebase
  • SERVER: SQLite Server
  • Tool- Android Studio


This android based mobile app project is a classroom attendance management system and the objectives are:

1. Manual work for information retrieval on attendance becomes less like the work.
2. Easy access for students because they can view their attendance and make up for the shortage of attendance accordingly.
3. It is also time-saving as manual work is less.
4. There is less chance of error.
5. It eliminates duplicate data entry in time and attendance entries.
6. Weekly or Monthly attendance reports can be generated for a particular student.
7. Easy maintenance of students and faculty data by admin.
8. Data redundancy can be decreased as data is now stored in one place.
9. Data is now much more secure.
10. Easy access for teachers as they can now view their student’s attendance reports easily.



Admin and Faculty will login in into the system with username and password, if username and password are correct admin/faculty will be prompt to proceed option otherwise an error will be shown

INPUT: username and password
OUTPUT: student detail information


Admin can insert, update, and delete course details.

INPUT: Course name
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete student info, and enroll students in particular courses.

INPUT: name, Roll No., DOB, Course
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Admin can insert, update, delete teacher’s info and assign a course to each teacher.

INPUT: Name, Address, Email, image, course, DOJ
OUTPUT: Operation(insert/update/delete) successful


Faculty can take attendance on a particular day over a student’s name by marking him present or absent.

INPUT: Absent/Present
OUTPUT: A confirmation message


Admin/Faculty can create a student attendance report/chart between any 2 dates

INPUT: starting date, ending date
OUTPUT: attendance report/chart

Blood Bank Management System Web and Android App

  • Project Title: Blood Bank Management System
  • Category: Application Development, Enterprise. 

Objective: The Main Objective of this System is to design an Android Application to maintain considerable information of the Patients, Donors, report details for any blood-related organization.

Description: To develop an Android Mobile Application where blood donors can install the application and register with their name, E-Mail, valid ID, phone number, providing them Navigation for hospitals. And web-application where hospitals request blood bank for blood and blood banks with admin. Admin will send notifications to the users with Hospital details for the user to locate the hospital in their nearby area. The application also keeps a record of the donor’s health record for future reference. Blood seekers can request for blood to the administrator.


This project consists of two parts:

  • Users (mobile application)
  • Administrator and blood banks (web application)

Users (mobile application):  User should register for using this app. With their name, contact no, emailed, blood group etc., after successfully register user can get notification of blood request. The user can make a decision on the request whether he accepting the request or ignore the request. The user can share that request through facebook, twitter. The user can get directions from his current location to blood requesting location (hospital). The user can get information if the requesting person got a donor. The user can update details. The user can get the feedback about blood if they caught any problem in the blood. The user can get information of symptoms, telemedicine link, and doctor details.

Administrator and blood banks: A web application that can be used by the Admin to add blood requests of the patient after successful login. Admin will fill the details of blood request like patient name, blood group, contact number and choose the patient (hospital) location on the Google map address and latitude and longitude are filled automatically when admin click on a particular location in the map, admin can edit the address. Immediately after the location selected by admin displaying a list of a donor who is near to that particular location. Admin can increase the radius to get donor list more. If admin submits the form for blood request notifications will send to the donors. If there is any problem find in the blood admin will notify that to the user. Admin can select the donor by mobile number or name or serial number.

Functional Requirements:

  1. ADMIN PAGE who have contacts with blood banks,
  2. Donors will download the application and REGISTER with ID, DOB, phone no., blood group etc.
  3. Admin will send NOTIFICATION to the application users.
  4. Admin can locate people who are nearby.
  5. Admin can sort-out people who can come in emergency and send a notification to everyone if he gets a donor.
  6. Provide NAVIGATION to the hospital who require blood to reach as soon as possible.
  7. RECORD of donors information along with their details

No. of Users

Authenticated users only.

Hardware Requirements: 

  • Android mobile with a minimum version 2.2.
  • The processor is not less than 500MHZ.
  • RAM is not less than 2048MB.
  • SD card with a minimum of 512MB.
  • Resolution is not less than 480*800pixs.

Software Requirements: 

  1. Mobile Operating System: Android 2.2 or Later
  2. Server Operating System: Windows XP or Later
  3. Tools (IDE): Eclipse or Android Studio
  4. User Interface: XML
  5. Code Behind: JAVA and XML
  6. Telephony Service: Yes
  7. Internet: Yes