On the role of Affective Computing in future human centric system design

Project Title: On the role of Affective Computing in future human centric system design
Category: Graphics and Interaction

DESCRIPTION: This research topic will investigate the emerging area of Affective computing including relevant scientific, technological, human factors challenges and its potential impact on designing advanced human centric applications
Pre-requisites: Advanced Interfaces/Biologically inspired systems – analytical aptitude

3-Phase Power Monitoring and Protection Seminar and Presentation

The main aim of this 3-Phase Power Monitoring and Protection project presentation is to monitoring and protects the power from misuse. The power first send to transmission lines from the plant to the sub stations, from the sub stations the power is transported by transmission lines, the power is divided in to three categories those are single phase, two phase, and three phase, in this single phase current is mainly used for the home usage, this single phase consume less power, two phase also for home applications but we have the technology of converting the two phase to three phase so nowadays two phase supply not given, and the three phase is used for the motors, industries. So while transmitting the power it must be monitored and should use protection techniques.

Electronic Seminar Applications:

      To monitor this power meters, computers, internet, data store facilities, the power meter should be in a position to measure the power in watts, amps, power factor, and AC power. First three phase power send to measurement equipment then after measuring the power then monitor the power, and then the power can be protected. Here in this project 16F877 microcontroller is used because it is the 40 pin device, it consists of five ports A, B, C, D, E all pins are IO (input and output pins) ,cost is economic and it uses the compiler to convert basic language to machine code. Here LCD is used it can print ASCII characters

Download 3-Phase Power Monitoring and Protection Project Seminar and Presentation.

3-Phase Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates Using GSM Modem Project

The main aim of this 3-phase irrigation water pump controller for illiterates using GSM modem project is to control the three phase water pump by using GSM modem for illiterates. In this ECE project the mainly used components are two microcontrollers one microcontroller in control switch another at water pump, one microcontroller send the data then another side have to perform the corresponding functionality, here two G.S.M modems are used in this project, to communicate the both pump side and switch side throw G.S.M the data is send to the other microcontroller. Between the water pump and microcontroller there is interfacing circuit for the interfacing, here two power supplies are needed to perform the operation of water pump, here use the LED indicators to display the information.

The microcontroller used here operates at 5volts, this project equipment is more sensitive because here microcontrollers used, and illiterates can easily know the status of the motor by using LED indicator. The features of this project are easily interfaced, high voltage water pumps are easily controlled, more sensitive, the response is generated from the LED indicator, and wireless connection. To design this project designer should aware of embedded c programming, PCB connections, remote control. This project mainly used in houses. 

Download 3-phase irrigation water pump controller for illiterates using GSM modem Project.

ECE Project Report on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication

The main aim of this project is to controlling the home appliances by using mobile. By using this project we can control tap, lights, fans these can be controlled by using HOME AUTOMATION USING MOBILE COMMUNICATION project. This ECE project is more useful in nowadays. This ECE project mainly uses the equipments of microcontroller (AT89C51), DTMF decoder, speech circuit, relay driver. This project is mainly work using mobile communication. Whenever we press a button in the mobile then the corresponding button is pressed in the controlling section (home). Based on the tone here by speech circuit the corresponding controlling operation is worked.

Here microcontroller used of type AT89C51 this is the main part in this project; it is a high performance 8-bit microcontroller of 4kb size. In the customer mobile each button represents one operation and to test this circuit we need the CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope), before checking the output we have to observe the connections is it correct or not, and the circuit current can be measured by using millimetre. Before soldering clean up all the equipments, check whether the leads of the wires are tinned or not, the leads should be tin, the tinning is done using the LED wire, and it should not be over heated. This ECE project mainly used in gardens to switch off the lamps, in homes to switch off the tube lights, to close the tap, and this project may also used for the security purpose, it have the future of recording and capturing.

Download Home Automation Using Mobile Communication Full Project report, Documentation, Abstract and Circuit Diagrams.

Wireless Patient Monitoring System ECE Project Abstract

The main aim of this Wireless Patient Monitoring System project is to monitor the body of patient by checking the blood pressure and heart beating. Heart is main part in human body so to control this using this project. Nowadays most of the patients are doing exercises for good healthy condition. While doing exercise we have to know the blood pressure, heart beating count, temperature of the body, this can be done by using the Micro Controller Based Wireless Monitoring System. 

In this Tele Communication ECE Project Abstract the hardware equipments used are microcontroller (MCU), sensors, receiver and transmitter. The microcontroller send the information of the blood pressure, heart beat count and temperature of the body. Whenever blood pressure increases automatically heart beat count is increases. When the blood pressure or heart beat count increases immediately the microcontroller is active and sensor send a signal to receiver and at the receiver side alarm is sound horn. This process is done using wireless communication. This project mainly used in hospitals. So by using microcontroller the data can be display on the LCD (Liquid crystal display).In this project transmitter send the information and receiver receives the original data. The received data is displayed on the LCD.