Wireless Network Efficiency Improvement Networking Project

Wireless Network Efficiency Improvement Project main idea is to implement quality of service algorithm for improving efficiency of network efficiency. In network systems improvement of quality of service is mostly needed in multimedia applications compare to datagram applications. In order to provide QOS service network should maintain reserve and control resources efficiently. In order to maintain efficiency in multi hop and multimedia networks reservation of bandwidth is most important. In mobile systems efficiency is maintained by knowing requirements of all stations directly or knowing directly through a control station.

            But comparing with mobile systems it will not work with real time applications like in multi hop environment. In order to maintain efficiency in real time network we need to know about minimal delay path to the destination but also available bandwidth. By accurately using VC we can maintain efficiency like allowing VC when bandwidth is available and disrupting VD when there is no bandwidth.

 In this paper we consider bandwidth as the most important factor to improve efficiency of the network.

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