Airline Reservation System A Java Project

Software’s have always created a platform to make work easier and more accurate. The Airline reservation system a java project is not an exception. With working employees traveling 24/7 this software speed up your reservation process and makes it convenient for the customers to book flights whenever and wherever! AIRLINE-RESERVATION-SYSTEM-A-JAVA-PROJECT

It reduces the scope of manual error and conveniently maintains any modifications, cancellations in the reservations. It not only provides flight details but also but also creates a platform to book tickets, cancels or modifies ticket timings or dates and even informs about the number of people on board!

 The software is divided into 5 parts with each having their respective functions. 

Primary Objective: 

The system objectives educate us about the primary function of this Airline reservation system a java project software. The system context deals with easy-to-use, interactive, and intuitive graphical and telephonic interfaces. 

The functional requirements consist of the bulk of the project explaining the various functions and working of the software. It also has taken into consideration the non- functional requirements and also the plausible future requirements. 

When a user makes a reservation or a cancellation it is identified as “reserve in file “or “cancel in file.” This information is accepted and the details are restored in the passenger data base, which does not cause any hindrance to the customer. 

The web based “airline reservation system” project is just another attempt to stimulate the basic concepts of airline reservation system.  The system follows a simple process which allows the passenger to check availability of flights by entering the two travel cities, namely the “Departure city” and “Arrival city”.

Once this is done if the seats are available the system asks the customer to enter his details such as name, address, city, state, credit card number and contact number. Then it checks the validity of card and book the flight and update the airline database and user database.

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  1. I need the coding of these projects as well so where is the download link for the coding I’m unable to find it yet for me so please help me.

  2. please send me coding of this project..i am doing the same project in my bca 6th sem..if u send the coding of the same it will help a lot so plz send to my mail.

  3. what is the connectivity of this project…..
    no data source are fount nd can’t access the database

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