Effective Key Generation for Multimedia Java Project

Effective Key Generation for Multimedia and Web application projects the main idea is to provide a scalable, secure, effective and agreement schemes which work on group key for large-scale dynamic multicast systems. 

In every web, application multimedia plays a major role in online paid Television, Online conferencing, stock market updates and the real-time distributed system works on this system.

So implementing an effective key generation application can improve the performance of web applications.

Here in this project, we will cover all these features to provide a key generation scheme which works on the bilinear map over the elliptic curves.

Existing system works with our any group member authentication system. This system doesn’t provide an efficient scheme and there are no separate measures for security.

Proposed system Provides group authenticity with a minimum risk and provides security analysis for both forward and backward secrecy.

download Effective Key Generation for Multimedia Java Project

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