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  1. code for below question
    1) implement a telephone directory for effective name and number search using hash tables using hashing

  2. i’ve one project that web application i want complete that by middle of november please help me for that or provide me way to complete thats in php mysql

  3. hallo sir i am shivakumar i am looking for mba finance live project on stock and trading , mutalfunds ,protfolio

  4. Hii..

    I am a M Tech student and having interest in an ieee paper. The paper is ” How to use search engine optimization Techniques to increase website visibility.

    I would like to know if you could support me in this paper..

    Waiting for your reply

  5. i need a topic for thesis on (Production, Gears, MMC, Casting) of mechanical on which work should not be done. Please reply me,,,,

  6. Can you please Send me Full Source code of “Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) locator Android Project”
    Please i need it .

  7. sir,now i am in final year-eee,i want a project abstract with matlab and it’s data with circuit diagrams on speed control of universal motor by using IGBT project,please send all information to my mail,i have very less time to submit the project report to my collage.please help me in my project.

  8. project title: stock ans sales inventory management using repleinshment algorithm.

    The repleinshment algorithm maintain the stock details to reorder the stock. Please sir send the source code using php

  9. project title:ranking model adaptation for domain specific search.
    i need this project ,please send it to me sir

  10. Hi this is Laksha,
    I Need “how to create text editor using java&vb” for my project.
    please send it to my Mail-Id

  11. I’m doing a similar project for my local town. Could you send me the full source code of “Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) locator Android Project” . I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  12. Respected sir,
    I am working on attendance using facial recognition. I hav implemented some of the codes which do not give accurate result..
    Can u plzz help me with some codes that u have..

  13. hello sir,
    my name is Shyam Barange and i am looking for Source code of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) locator Android Project. i want to develop this app for my college project. so can you please provide me the source code of that project.
    i will be very thankful to you.

  14. Hi,
    I’m Machhindra Walhekar with MCA Sem 6 in Project A System to filter unwanted message from OSN user wall. I want a Source Code,So help me to give me the code of this project & reply me on mail.

  15. hello sir
    my name is taj muhammad B E ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONCS MADE THE FYP PLZ ANY IDEAS share me any project
    i will be very thankful to you

  16. Sir…
    I am currently doing my final year project..I am a cs student..I am not that familiar with matlab..but my project is on image procesing..I am doing “segmentation of kidney from ultrasound image using watershed algorithm..” I need the codes for adaptive segmentation and region based segmentation..Kindly help me..Waiting to hear from u asap..

  17. Hello sir,I want coding for dynamic addition of videos to any page of website.I want that Admin must be able to add videos from his page to any page of the website. I am using visual studio 2012,framework :4 ,language : vb,Back end : sql server.Please help me for this.It’s really urgent.Thank you in advance.

  18. hello sir , i want to make speed control of switched reluctance motor using fuzzy logic controller {hardware}

  19. sir myself yathish g , studying 2nd bsc agribiotechnology in uas banglore and searching for any projects

  20. i want to make a project for bca 4th – 5th sem ip university
    either on biometric attendance or on online examination system via .net or something else

    also u cn suggest me the best working project for my course to submit
    kindly reply me fast as my submission date is about to come

    its on summer training internship basis
    i need a programmed project with the required certificate
    also provide my terms and condition and pay out (if any)

  21. Greeting Sir, i need the For full project writeup and source code for Budget Analysis and Reminder Android Project

  22. please prove me full source code about the topic Android based application for Bus Rapid Transit System locator.

  23. Sir, I am student of B.E. 7th semester of Civil Eng. I want to submit project on hydraulics , dam construction, canal works for irrigation. Requested you to send me projects on these topic . please send this project as soon as possible as before this month……..

  24. Civil Engineering in Daily Life

    Sir, I am student of B.E. 7th semester of Civil Eng. Requested you to send me projects on these topic . please send this project as soon as possible as before this month……..

  25. hi , good website ur, . can u help me, i m now studying in bca .i want create like freelancer and elans site, please tell me soon. i need ur help, i want to create this project. advance thans.

  26. Am 6th Semester BCA student .Can you pls suggest me one android project for major project.sir it will be great help from urs,and helpfull to my career.

  27. I am student of B.COM(H) 3rd year . I would like latest project on merger and acquisition. If you help it is very useful and helpful for me.

  28. Sir, i want project report of Geotechnic engg based,,

    I was doing M.Tech in Highway engg , so please send the project names to my mail ID

  29. Wishes for the day..I am a student doing MCA and I am having an Android application for the project.
    So please could you send me the whole project on my mail id?

  30. Hello sir I need full project of feedback management system for online shopping …sir its urgent plz send me as soon as possible I hope plz sir…thank you..

  31. I’m students of B.sc. Computer Science i want a project for pdf to html file converter code in asp.net. I done extration part from pdf to word but in this process bold and italic are missing

  32. I am student of mca 4th semester nd sir , I need a mini project of vehicle information system for submit of my clg….but sir i don’t know that complete process of making a project so plzz help me…sir…its very important for mine so plzz help me….thankyou sir..:)

  33. pleasee can u send me the source code for dataming project ” PRIVACY PRESERVATION FOR MULTIPLE NUMERICAL SENSITIVE ATTRIBUTES”

  34. Can you please send me the code for extraction of roads using mathematical morphology or any algorithm or method! As early as possible.

  35. could pls provide more information about the project “REMOTE EXPLORER SYSTEM “which is done in vb.net .i want the code of the project for the refernce

  36. please tell me how do i get a project from your site. Are you selling these projects or just listing only.

  37. I would like to request for full project of budget analysis and reminder in android. i will appreciate your response.

  38. 1.Multifunction Residue Architectures for Cryptography
    2.Data Encoding Techniques for Reducing Energy Consumption in Network _on _chip

    please can i get more details on this project for mtech final year project.
    can u provide the documentation and the ppt also

  39. Modeling and analysis of canal type small hydro power plant and performance enhancement using PID controller– ISOR *P.S

  40. Fuzzy logic based control of variable speed induction machine wind generation system IEEE*P.E,R.E,P.S

  41. Can you send me an android project source code about college Alerting, I need this project for my course project.
    thanks in advance.

  42. Hi. Can I get full project for Online Photography Booking system? It must contain registration, login, booking and registration and login for admin. Its really urgent because the due date is on 19th September. Please help me.

  43. please sir can you send me library management system project . in asp.net with c# , please sir hope you send me very early



  45. can i get matlab coding for selecting no. of frames in video steganography using entropy and code redundancy algorithm?

  46. Please send me Please send me source code of “Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) locator Android Project”

    Please reply

  47. please tell me how do I get a project on a structural design from your site. Are you selling these projects or just listing only

  48. Hello sir,
    I want a source code of your android projects ……………..but I was not found i your website will you please help me

    than k you

  49. please send me source code, report and ppt of Student Faculty Parent Android Application. Please send me it’s urgent

  50. Greetings Sir, please am interested in the Online Classes/Training’s for Android Freshers and developers, further update on the TRAINING

  51. Hi,
    Please send me the full source code and documentation of E Tuitions Java Project.
    Its urgent.

    1. kindly send me a project report on mechanical engg. related ,as i am doing amie .
      thanking you

      ajay verma

  52. Can you send me source codes or report of this two projects :
    1. Multichannel Wireless PLC Based DC Motor Protection
    2.Optimization and Automation of Water Cooling Facility Using PLC

  53. I need below projects ::

    Milk Distributor Management – PHP
    Ration management – Avoid fraud in distribution system & user get limitation on per month – PHP
    Yoga Tutelage – PHP
    Furniture sellar – ecommerce website – JAVA

  54. insurance management system , I should do in java language in ( jsf ) file so I want the coding to do please help me sir to do the project. (SOURCE CODE)(CODING)

  55. I need a source code for sodexho passes management system java project.can you please send me the source code for it.

  56. Dear Sir,

    i need a software for ergonomic assessments, so if you are interested to develop for me, then please advice further steps.



  57. will you do the projects for chennai people by online , where i can pay money by online transaction

  58. I have exp in DOTNET,SQL, MVC . I am located in Pune. I had 1 yr gap in my career. Can I get some internship projects to start working with here?

  59. i need every thing regarding this project that you can provide Robotic Lanmover Final year Project Based on Robotics with Report

  60. I want to have one-two salesforce projects with detailed understanding , whcih i can showcase in my resume to get the opportunity

    Please do let me know the quote or contact me at:

  61. Please i would really appreciate it if i can get the source codes for:
    Health Prediction Management System and Diabetes Identification System, Thank you

  62. I am student of ee final year at jamia millia islamia new delhi.List of suitable projects for final year electrical engg for Major projects.How much time it would take to deliver made projects to new delhi and study material for Viva Voce?

  63. Hello, am a student in Ghana, i have watch a channel on “Youtube” concerning “E-Waste” project.
    I would love to see if the code for that particular project could be made available for me. Thank You

  64. please send me the project source code and the project document for alumni information database. Please,

  65. I’ve seen a project based on faculty student parent application.I really loved it.So please provide the javacode for this project

  66. Please send me the source code for “Data mining for sales prediction in tourism industry.”
    Please sir your help will be useful for me . Help sir

  67. What are your commercial terms for acquiring source codes of applications where one can customise according to our requirements. Java, spring framework, MySQL and similar technologies are preferred.

  68. Hi,
    I a from ilm academy.i am running a it training centre in srinagar Jammu and Kashmir.i am in need of projects. If you can provide me, kindly give a call on mobile number I will discuss the requirements with you.
    With regards,

  69. Sir/madam, i am 2nd year mca student i need E-framing project using python source code. As we have no guide i need to have it. please somehow let me knw if its available

  70. dont you have MBA or Commerce projects. You should add the separate separate section for Commerce & Management

  71. Guys, you really need an english course.
    It’s tough to follow your project descriptions as there are several gramatical fails.

  72. Please send A Secure Approach For Data Hiding Using Visual Cryptography (Image Split, Encryption and Decryption) project

  73. Hi Sir/Madam,

    Please share the online bookstore , java project source code to mailid please.

    Revert back asap i need to submit the project tomorrow.

  74. can i get complete project of blind navigation system using GPS and voice announcement u can send me the project through mail.

  75. can u make Pre leave management system using java eclipse and mysqlite
    java eclipse and mysqlite should be linked for database

  76. i am doing a distance MBA in business analytics and need to do a project for my final year in business analytics but i have no idea from where to start or what to do in the project in case you can help that’ll be grateful

  77. Can you please send me Stock & Portfolio Management System Java Project source code with documentation. Thank You,

  78. Please send me the source code and documentation Improving security for login using two factor( password and QR code) methods.

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