Bus Scheduling And Booking System CSE JAVA Project With Code

Bus Booking System is a powerful internet Solution that allows helping to the people who wants to make reserve there bookings for their journey before the journey date. It is mainly designed for online booking services. Here the passengers will able to reserve their seats advance.  It is easy to use and administrate, can be used anywhere, at any time through an online service.

Bus Booking Application Description:

The main “page” of the application is that System Login page, by giving the appropriate username with password and mention the category on Login as. Here the categories are that Manager, Supervisor, Booking Clerk.

The requirements that are stated in this document will determine the final product and its functionality. This document will also be used to evaluate the success of the project.

System Configuration:

Hardware Requirements:

Pentium Processor: Pentium IV

RAM: 512MB

Hard Disk: 40 GB

CD/ROM Drive52X


Key Board: 104 Standards

Mouse: 3 buttons.

Software Requirements:

Database: Oracle 10g, JDBC Driver.

Front end: J2SDK 1.6.

Editor: Edit plus.

Download Bus Scheduling And Booking System CSE JAVA Project With Code

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  1. please give me a source code for bus reservation system gront end as java and backend as mysql … please send me this coding on my mail…. these is verry urgent

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