VOIP Project Report


There have been several instances where hackers have been penalized by the law on account of VOIP theft. As per the law, the P2P services have a high ratio. 

There have been instances where organizations have faced theft loss. Security issues in P2P networks have been dominantly significant, and the methodology used to secure these systems will be the focus of the report.

He says that Skype has been the only safest, secure dependable means to deliver P2P VoIP services which functions with a 256 K AES infrastructure.

This is called the public key infrastructure. It is favorable and right to examine the code of signing an authority for the P2P networking client as the report is based on Skype. A market leading authority in protection provision is VeriSign.

A very large number of clients today utilize VeriSign, while the network is indomitable barrier. VeriSign is the monopoly in maintaining the World Wide Web’s root zone file and they process all changes to it, meaning vouching, binding public access to users.

This is performed by carrying out software at a centralized zone, systematizing software at distributed locations.

The public access or keys are then embedded in electronic algorithms that are used to encrypt and decrypt messages transferring from one location to another (Allen, P. 2006).

The end user will be able to electronically make signatures on their messages or emails by using a private key, while the receiver of the email is also given the VeriSign software in order to verify the signature of the original host.

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