Diagnostic Management System Project Design PPT

The proposed Diagnostic Management System system contains the below data tables in its database.

  • Patient Details table
  • Doctor  Details Table
  • Room Details Table
  • Bill Details table
Diagnostic Management System Architectural Design



User Login:

User Login to the application using his ID and Password.

User Registration:

If the user is a new user, he will enter his personal details and he will user Id and password through which he can log in to the application.

My Details:

The user can view his personal details.

Selection the test:

The patient will select the required test and cost of the test will be paid to the lab while the samples are taken as cash on delivery (COD).

Diagnostic Management System ER Diagram


Admin Login:

Admin can login to the application using his ID and Password.

 Add Lab:

Admin can add new labs details to the database.

Add new tests:

Admin can add test details along with cost and type.

View lab:

Admin can view various lab along with their details of test which will be conducted.

View test:

Admin can view various tests details stored in the database.

View user:

Admin can view various user details who had accessed the application.


Lab Login:

The lab will access the application using his User ID and Password.

User Details:

Lab persons can view user’s personal details.

User’s Previous Details:

The lab will get all information about user’s previous case history. That will help him to serve him better.

Diagnostic Management System Database Design