Online Shopping Catalog System Java Final Year Project

Online Shopping Catalog System Java Final Year Project main objective is to provide online shopping facility to all the users who wants to buy the goods without spending more time on going to shopping mall & waste of their valuable time. Here in this project it provides options like pay via credit card/ Debit card/ paypal/other options..

This Online Shopping Catalog System written in Java programming. it can be easy to understanmd.

The main aspect of Java platform is the support for other programming languages on the Java Virtual Machine.   Java Virtual Machine is a great platform for other 3rd party languages.  Most of the popular programming languages have been re-implemented on Java Virtual Machine and happily co-exist.   The popular adaptations include Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), Cobol, Python and Ruby. It is estimated that about 50 languages run on Java Virtual Machine.   The language choice ranges from Dynamic, Strongly Typed, and Functional to Object Oriented.  Here is a text cloud that visualizes the languages for the Java Virtual Machine.

  • These days if you go to any IT conference, cloud platforms are taking the entire buzz.   Just one more reality check on the popularity of the java platform – most of the cloud platforms (PaaS offerings) out there based on the java platform.   Amazon Beanstalk, Google App Engine, GridGain, vmforce, CloudBees and the list goes on.      

It is not fair to say everything is rosy and great.   There are few threats to the Java eco system as well.   

  • Oracle’s control of the Java and the strong handedness has raised a few eyebrows.   Key partners in Java OSS eco system Apache and Google have resigned from JSR committee recently.    It is interesting to see how things will pan out from here.
  • Java as a language the evolution has been slower relatively.    Because of the backward compatibility issues, the language hasn’t been updated with the recent developments, which is a need of the hour for productivity.   While Oracle is planning to fix this, the opportunity is open for other languages such as Groovy, JRuby and Scala.   While that may dent the popularity of the language, the alternatives gaining popularity are indeed JVM languages and works well with Java.  So not a real threat to the platform.  

It conclude that health of Java the Language, Java the API, Java the Virtual Machine and Java the Platform as a whole is very sound in coming future.

Download Online Shopping Catalog System Java Final Year Project

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