Efficient Transmission Control Scheme Using DDM

Efficient transmission control scheme using DDM project explains about adaptive transmission control scheme for large scale distributed simulation system using data distribution management. This paper covers introduction to DDM, existing system features, proposed system features and hardware and software requirements. Grid based DDM system is used to improve efficiency in transmission control system. More importantly this system uses mathematical model called as switching model. Total time for processing data in Data distribution system depends on size of grouped DDM messages. Mathematical results provided by switching model are effectively used by newly designed adaptive transmission control system which can improve performance in DDM implementation. Main aim of DDM is to control data exchange between simulated entities. AGD protocol is implemented for DDM which will predict average messages flow in given time span of a simulator. Existing system fails in reducing processing time and handling communication load. Filtering procedure in used on sender side to remove unwanted messages while sending. This approach mainly works on low cost but there is no control over message transmission and time delay.

download Efficient Transmission Control Scheme Using DDM Project  Report.

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