Mobile Information Provider Java Project with Source Code

Project Title: Mobile Information Provider Java Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  J2EE, Oracle, Nokia Software, WML.

Project Description:  Mobile Information Provider Java project was developed for final year engineering graduates to submit their project report.

The main aim of designing this MIPS is to provide total information about Mobiles phones, internal information of the mobile and other information to know about hotel places, tourist vesting points, Airline systems, bus information systems, train timings, movie theatre locations, hospital information, pubs, spa, general stores, cloth centers, multi level markets, etc to the mobile customers.

This J2EE web application was implemented on Wireless Mark-Up Language and Java server pages.

We have created all database tables in Oracle database management system and mobile software works with Nokia Simulator 4.0. This final project report works under Nokia handset mobiles.

Mobile Information Provider J2EE Project Source code, Documentation, Abstract, Paper Presentation ppt, Database File, Screen Shots.

Data Aggregation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Project Abstract

Data Aggregation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks project explains about congestion notification for drivers about the traffic surrounded by the vehicle and provide a secure driving option and reduce accidents on highways. 

This application will communicate information of other vehicles speed and diversions they take while traveling, this information will help drivers take precautions. 

Information of vehicles is calculated around 1.6 km range and communicated with every moving car in the form of frames.

This project works on GPS, wireless technology which works at a range of 300 m. Initially users are provided with public and private keys for authenticating with the system.

This paper covers basic operation, Local view, Dissemination, Aging, Security issues, Clustering and compression and conclusion and future work.

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Mobile Jammer with User Selectable Pre-Scheduled Time

Project Title:  Mobile Jammer with User Selectable Pre-Scheduled Time

Project Description: In this Mobile Jammer with User Selectable Pre-Scheduled Time project we use the microcontroller to set the pre-scheduled time. 

So that we can activate the jammer in that particular time only. As with radio jamming, mobile jammers block mobile phone use by sending out radio waves along the same frequencies that mobile phones use.

This causes enough interference with the communication between mobile phones and communicating towers to render the phones unusable.

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Mobile Tracking System Project

Mobile tracking maintains the present place of the cell phone. To place the mobile, this should be switch on and yet there is no need of an active call. Tracking is present to upload this data to the general website where your “family and friends” is able to see your final reported place.

Modern cell phones might construct [[Global Positioning System|GPS receivers]] that is utilized under same trend and yet with great speed. A few of the modern cells and method might be permitted to track the cell if at all it is switched off.  Even the cells are able to get the secondary batteries implemented to permit to track when the battery is taken out.

 The cell stations are the gadgets which are utilized over the cell costumers such that costumers communicate including rigid network and also to connect with another. The base station are rigid gadgets where one side links with the cell stations by seamless connections and other sides are linked to the rigid network through wired connections .

 The combination of rigid base stations results in wired back bone of the seamless communication. Combining with each foundation station, there is a geographic field which is known as cell in which the cell costumer is able to connect with foundation station. To include the complete field and to make sure of constant commutations, the cells should overlap.


Mobile Tracking System ECE & CSE Final Year Project is concluded on the concept which is agreeable for GSM architecture and the cellular architecture includes two levels hierarchical form. One level includes cell stations and second level includes rigid stationary foundation stations.

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Mobile Phone Power Management System Project

The fastest development of the cell phone company has outcome under millions of costumers of battery powered and handheld cell phones. Several costumers of these mobile phones would result telephones to be switch off since they should create an outgoing call and hence protecting the energy of the battery for weeks or days.

 Modern trends reduced in size considerably during the incorporation of many qualities and operations which need much battery energy. The outcome of this technological progress is the internal battery of the phone of net total physical volume of the phone and result for the great of net weight of the unit. The wish for lengthy functional time periods among battery recharge has enhanced.

When the gadgets find the incoming call then the gadget sends the signals to turn on the power of the battery to the microprocessor of the cell phone. It even sends the saved registration data to the microprocessor and hence permitting the phone to quickly make the dormant to active and to reply incoming call. This concept permits the phone to contend productively for weeks without the requirement of recharging of battery.

 Elements of mode of subsystem of power function to manage the less power and dormant functional mode of the cell phone. They are radio frequency (RF) to get RF signals. The mobile identification number (MIN) detector linked to result of RF receiver and the idle power is functional to switch. The memory saves registration data of telephone. The baseband converter changing from MIN detector of analog RF signals to digital signals. The battery power circuit functions the switch of the mobile telephone. The basic control circuit sends the signal to battery circuit.


The power organization of mobile telephone of concept and methods is revealed which positions the phone within the idle, dormant, or mode. Under this dormant, the power of the battery is merely supplied to the gadget including mobile phone which functions incoming signals of radio frequency (RF).

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Mobile Internet Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

The globe of technologies of Internet and Mobile are quickly gathering. These modern things create remarkable result under this period. The seamless connection under which its critical technologies to gather and grow prior it evolved like prevalent and operational as it connects the counter area.

With the help of WWW, we are communicating with the user gadgets (for instance computers) to give any uses with the search engines, yet WWW is limited to connect line communication and the mobile gadgets is implemented with interface of the network such that we can organize WWW assistances under any application areas.

           The Mobile Internet Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems project portrays about area of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). It is obtained with the sources of gathering the seamless and mobile method such that modern gadget is oriented that is utilized for transportations and it stops losses and accidents.   Enhancing the road security is the need of economic and human. This method will stop accident to occur and check their result and help to save on the occurrence of accident.

There is development in the profiteering of progression within information technology under the platform of transportation method. One fashion is to achieve the on-board method, abilities of mathematics and communication within vehicles. For instance, to improve and increase the abiding intelligent transportation systems (ITS). There are diverse tools of Mobile Internet technologies.


Mobile Internet Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems is concluded that to transport the data to the cell user. Presently, these cell gadgets contain an array of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), cell phones, and notebook PC. Another tool is mobile Internet technology which communicates among the data repository and cell gadgets. The seamless network gives connection with cellular systems of analog and digital.

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Mobile Communication Cell Electronics Project

The general sight which can be seen nowadays is people with their cell phones in their hands. It is really a boon for good communication. Mobile phones are less powerful radio gadgets which send and receive frequency radiation of radio by an antenna which is applied next to the head of the user. Digital systems have taken the place of analog. Today there are fascinated over the qualities present in mobile phones and much interest is provided on the utilization of these qualities.

The aim of this Mobile Communication Cell Electronics Project is to portray the modern growth under mobile communication in common and in particular propose the technology to identify the stolen mobiles and help you to know the damages occurred through mobile phones and propose a few tips to get rid of it.

 The mobile phone is even known as cellular phone, mobile, hand phone, or cell phone. It is an electronic gadget which is utilized for complete duplex radio two-way telecommunications through the cellular network of foundation stations called the mobile areas.

Mobile communications will help you to function without the requirement of rigid mobile line to provide your organization with large function flexibility and give the rapid user responsiveness and to store under staff time. The cell phone gives the consumers to crate and gets the phone calls to and from the all around the phone network including mobiles and rigid phones lines throughout the globe.

The important quality of the mobile network is that it allows wireless telephone calls and also if the consumer moves across broad fields through the method called handover or handoff.


Mobile Communication Cell Electronics Project is concluded that many new cell phones even support various extra assistances and accessories like Internet access, gaming, SMS (or text) messages, email, camera, Bluetooth, infrared, radio, MMS messaging, MP3 player, and GPS.

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Location-Based Spatial Queries Project Report

Introduction:Local Based Spatial Query processing is one of the mostly used concepts in every mobile application. In recent years this concept has been a growing interest because of its application in mobile environment. One of the useful features of this application is it is easy to retrieve information based on mobile client present location. Compare to spatial query processing using LBSQ can provide additional features like user mobility and data exchange using wireless communication.


Data mining is the process in which useful information is extracted from set of data. In data mining process Clustering is one of the mostly used technique which help users to find out and analyze the structure based on the similarity measures. In data partition most of the similarities are finding in same location compare to different partitions.


In this paper we had develop an efficient distance based projected clustering algorithm and solving problems caused in high dimensional clustering and provided different test cases by comparing previous works. From these simulation test cases we had proved that PCKA provides best results and which improved the quality of clustering.

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