File sharing in Hybrid Model based P2P System Project Abstract

File sharing in Hybrid Model based P2P system for the expected high churn project provides solution for high transient populations in a unstructured peer to peer system. In this project we work on illustrating many query related strategies and organized protocols by considering session time factor in peer to peer system. In order to provide a high performance for end applications and in context and heterogeneous networks we will look after the benefits of life span based organizational protocol.

This can be developed using a already existed and proposed query related strategies along with the methods like query distribution, caching and replication. Performance of the newly developed method using lifespan based and query related strategies after implementing on life span based organization protocol can be easily calculated.



RAM                       :    512 MB DD RAM

MONITOR              :    15” COLOR

HARD DISK         :      20 GB

FLOPPY DRIVE   :      1.44 MB

CDDRIVE              :    LG 52X

KEYBOARD         :     STANDARD 102 KEYS

MOUSE                  :    3 BUTTONS


Front End              :  Java, Swing

Tools Used            :  JFrameBuilder

Operating System  :  WindowsXP

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