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This Job Portal Java Btech Project system has been developed successfully incorporate all the requirements. Appropriate care has taken during database design maintain database integrity and to avoid redundancy of data. This Job Portal site was developed in such a way that any further modifications needed can be easily done. User feels freely while using this site. In this all technical complexities are hidden. This site is a more user friendly.

The quality fusers like correctness, efficiency, usability, maintainability, portability, accuracy, errors, tolerance, expandability and communicatively all are successfully done.

There is always a room for improvement in any software package, however good and efficient it may be. The important thing is that the website should be flexible enough for further modifications. Considering this important factor, the web site is designed in such a way that the provisions are given for further enhancements. At present this website provides all the information using static pages and reservation forms.

In future we can enhance our Job Portal Java Btech Project by providing options like. Include many sites information.

The below Three Java Projects are related to Job Portal Project

A Transmission Control Scheme for Media Access in Sensor Networks

Algorithms for Self-Organization and Adaptive Service Placement in Dynamic Distributed Systems

Making Transmission Schedules Immune to Topology Changes in Multi-Hop Packet Radio Networks

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    I want source code of a core Java based project. Help me . I am confuse about my project so plz send me an effective project.
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