Private Banking Network a Java Project

                          Private Banking Network java project explains about developing a software application for banks for working, communication and sharing information inside organization. This project report covers purpose of intranet banking, literature survey, system analysis, software and hardware requirement, system architecture and system testing. This project is developed in java platform using socket programming.

This application works like a distributed systems using OOPS and networking concepts. Private banking network is a intranet application which works inside organization. Systems inside organization are interlinked with LAN and other networks are connected using leased lines. Intranet connections are connected to external networks using different gateways. In banking sector communication between employees is compulsory so this application will help to communicate, share documents and allow teleconference features for employees inside organization.

 This software provides scope for further development by integrating software with appropriate hardware equipment and uses it as ATM software. This application can be useful only for banking sector and present application is restricted to offline banking, accounting, money management. With few modifications this software can be interlinked with online banking.

             Private intranet banking application is a user friendly application which can be easily operated by casher, accountant, clerk …etc. Each employee in the bank is provided with different interface. Using this application can reduce time and gain customer satisfaction. 

download Private Banking Network A Java Project.

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