Intranet Mail System a Java Project

Intranet Mail system project is developed on java platform and similar project Intranet mail system is developed using ASP.Net , this projects main idea is to implement a mail software which can be used inside organization for fast communication. As technology is playing a important role in our daily life to reduce work and time therefore developing this application will be a alternative method for organizations which are using manual methods for communication between departments.


Organizations which are having many departments in the fields like banking, government offices people face lot of problem in order to complete their work, why because existing system use manual process where user will submit application to one department and it will be transferred to other department and this will go on which is a time taking process, In this process there are more chances of loosing data.

As organizations run through many departments communication between these departments should be fast and efficient. In order to achieve this task new intranet mail software application is developed which can be used inside organization.

This mail application works same as that of Gmail and Yahoo mail but the visibility is inside organization. This application is implemented with all the features that are seen in regular mails. You can attach documents, use cc and bcc option and more.

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    I want intranet mail system project documentation and source code please send the full project to emailid sir…

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