Development of Student Book Finder Mobile App Project

In this project, we are creating an android mobile application, basically, a Student Book Finder Mobile application will provide us with a platform to access the books we want to read at the ease of our fingertips. All the users will be having their separate accounts on this app which will be connected to their email id.

Any book that the user wishes to read, will be entered by him in the search box which works based on query input. The query may be an author name, the book name, or the subject to which the book is related, and will also work on specific keywords input. Apart from searching the books online, the user can save the book he/she likes in the favorites bar.

The Book Finder Mobile App is suitable in the present scenario as the world is being digitalized then why not the education system? On the profile of the user, one can easily view the books he/she has read.

The Book Finder Mobile App will be completely efficient and transparent to the reviews of the people on the book and its price. To get more details about the book one can click on the book and get further grave details.

This Book Finder Mobile App will be using The Google Book API for providing all the books. Further, the FAQ section provides all the necessary details that the user may need about the app.

The app also has a complete User Interface attached to the firebase a perfect login system with an email id and password and a forgotten password too.

This mobile-based application stands for the need of students at any time at their fingertips without any barriers in place.


The objective of the Student Book Finder Mobile App Project is to be a source of Virtual education allowing its users to search for the book of their choice according to the criteria set by them on the search page, read the book, add it to their favorite section, see the reviews of the book and decide which can be a better source for their knowledge and store them at the storage of their profile’s cloud.

This student project will be transparent and efficient in searching all the books it could as available on the Google Book API. Furthermore, new books will be added automatically as they will be updated on the API.

General Introduction to the Topic

Student Book Finder Mobile App Project, an android application is a user-friendly app, with a well-developed User Interface, a login module using the email address and the password, and a signup system for new users provides the user with the ability to search for any book one wants to read.

Besides the user Interface of the Login system, we have also created a navigation bar to provide various other features that the app provides,

It has various fragments the profile page, the favorites column, the About us section, the FAQ section, and an option to Sign Out from the account recently logged in. We have abstracted the android application using the Google Book API which supports us in enabling the various books to the users they are searching for.

We felt the need of developing this app looking at the current scenario where it is impossible to learn or get a book from the library and so the user can access the book from the app store the book whichever one likes on the cloud storage available for the profile.

For testing our application, last we will connect the app with the Google Book API and will allow a user to create a new account and access all the features of the app. This is all our app does and will be the outcome of our project on completion.

How does the App work?

  • As soon as the user enters there would be a splash screen displaying the app name and the copyrights reserved.
  • Then there would be a login page for the user to enter the email address and the password as set if the user has already signed up. For new users, there will be a sign-up page.
  • After logging in, there will be a search page having a search bar, an opportunity for users to enter any keyword related to the book.
  • As the app will be connected with the Google Book API the resulting books found will be displayed on the page itself.
  • According to interest and the choice of the user, the user can click on the book and know details about the book(the price, the author name, the reviews of the book, what the book is all about, and even maybe the pdf copies of the book if we can)
    The user will have the choice to read the book then and there on the spot or can add it to the favorite section.
  • The favorite section will store the book till the user wants it.
  • For any help or details about how the app functions, one can visit the FAQ section.
  • After the work is done the user can sign out from the account.

Software Requirements

Android Studio
Database: Firebase
User Interface Design: Android Application

Visit and Download Student Book Finder Mobile Application Project code, report, PPT, and execution steps

Save Our Soul (SOS) Application Synopsis


Emergency situations can occur with anybody and anywhere. The phone can play a very important role in such situations. In case of emergencies, the user may not have enough time to dial for the emergency number, his family, friends or a hospital. With the innovation herein described, a mobile phone can be made to automatically call required authorities when it is activated. Activation of this feature may be through a single key press.


Firstly, if you sense anything foul / emergency and if you would like to be quick on your heels just record the message in advance and The mobile phone has an Emergency-List that contains numbers like Hospital, Residence, Family Doctor, Friend, Office etc. While in distress u need not spend time calling every one and explain your status. Just press a number, the phone will call all the numbers in this list in succession. Once each call gets connected, it will play a pre-recorded voice message.

The mobile phone will be able to determine its exact location either through the network (cell info/ the lactation string). Once this feature has been activated, the mobile phone will determine its location. It will then call all the numbers in the Emergency-List in succession. After each call is connected, the mobile phone will play the SOS voice message and send the location as a text message. This will help the called-party to easily locate the user in case of emergencies.

Major features:

  • User can Record message that will be played in the case of emergency.
  • User can select the phone numbers from the address book to which calls should be made during emergency.
  • The application is activated by a single key press.
  • The calls are made one after another and pre- recorded message is played.
  • The application retrieves the location string and sends it as a message to all the selected numbers.
  • Application runs in the background.


  • The current application retrieves location string from the nearest tower, which specifies only the area name.
  • If the service provider sends advertisements instead of location string the same would be transmitted.

Feature enhancement:

Retrieve the exact position of the user the help of some GPS accessory connected to it.

Software specification:

  • GSM Technology
  • Symbian OS
  • Symbian toolkit
  • Symbian c++