Save Our Soul (SOS) Application Synopsis


Emergency situations can occur with anybody and anywhere. The phone can play a very important role in such situations. In case of emergencies, the user may not have enough time to dial for the emergency number, his family, friends or a hospital. With the innovation herein described, a mobile phone can be made to automatically call required authorities when it is activated. Activation of this feature may be through a single key press.


Firstly, if you sense anything foul / emergency and if you would like to be quick on your heels just record the message in advance and The mobile phone has an Emergency-List that contains numbers like Hospital, Residence, Family Doctor, Friend, Office etc. While in distress u need not spend time calling every one and explain your status. Just press a number, the phone will call all the numbers in this list in succession. Once each call gets connected, it will play a pre-recorded voice message.

The mobile phone will be able to determine its exact location either through the network (cell info/ the lactation string). Once this feature has been activated, the mobile phone will determine its location. It will then call all the numbers in the Emergency-List in succession. After each call is connected, the mobile phone will play the SOS voice message and send the location as a text message. This will help the called-party to easily locate the user in case of emergencies.

Major features:

  • User can Record message that will be played in the case of emergency.
  • User can select the phone numbers from the address book to which calls should be made during emergency.
  • The application is activated by a single key press.
  • The calls are made one after another and pre- recorded message is played.
  • The application retrieves the location string and sends it as a message to all the selected numbers.
  • Application runs in the background.


  • The current application retrieves location string from the nearest tower, which specifies only the area name.
  • If the service provider sends advertisements instead of location string the same would be transmitted.

Feature enhancement:

Retrieve the exact position of the user the help of some GPS accessory connected to it.

Software specification:

  • GSM Technology
  • Symbian OS
  • Symbian toolkit
  • Symbian c++