Adaptive Programming Model for Fault Tolerant Distributed Computing

Adaptive Programming Model For Fault Tolerant Distributed Computing projects main idea is to implement a error controlling method using fault tolerant distributed computing method. In distributed systems capability of adapting to run time conditions is one of the important factors for providing quality of service between processes. But maintaining error control in distributed systems is challenging task. In order to implement adaptive programming model which works on top layer with process state information as per the quality of service? The system we are working on is a hybrid model which has synchronous part and asynchronous part.

Existing System: 

  • Present system which is known as time free asynchronous distributed system which causes crashes in runtime processing.
  • This system designers can estimate process by considering upper bound on the number of processes that can crash and implement new design where we can control process crash.
  • In existing system there process crash information is not known to protocol.

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