Project Management System Project in Java

Project Management System Project is developed in java. Main objective of this project is to help companies to manage tasks effectively and deliver products in given time.

Project Management System Project

Existing System

             The existing system will do the things in this fashion

  1. All the projects are been maintained in the form of files and bags which will be in hundreds to maintain.
  2. If any message or notice is to be conveyed to the teams a separate paper is to be taken and should take prints of the notice and should send to all the classes to convey the notice.
  3. If the Administrator or the Guide or the Team want to see the Status of the project done then they should go to the project guide and know this is very difficult when the guide is busy.
  4. When Guide is busy it is difficult to give the status or the verification is difficult and it is a time taking process to view all the project reports and assess the status when they came. 

Problems in the Existing System

  1. This will be accessible to all unauthorized users with specific user id and password.
  2. The management of all the projects will leads to a hectic process.
  3. The status assessment of the project member will be a difficult process.
  4. Time taking is much with compared to checking. 

Proposed Project Management System:

Proposed system provides a solution to existing system by extending its facilities. Everybody wants methods that are going to save their time and make daily tasks easier on them, and that is exactly what Online Project Management does. Online Project Management is most convenient for users to view or to create the tasks from the comfort of their own place whenever required, here in this project we are identifying the users and the tasks to be done by each user.

And finally we are collecting all the project executable files and maintaining them with the help of Data Base i.e. storing all the files with the help of server. Participant can see all of his Task activity immediately, rather than having a delay. Online Project Management provides the entire users to utilize all the services that the Administrator is providing. 

Download Project Management System Project in Java

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