CDN for Genome Sequence Similarity Detection

Content distribution network for genome sequence similarity detection project explains about implementing new architecture and procedure for improving genome similarity search services. This paper covers introduction to sequence similarity problem in present network and provide a novel procedure to solve this problem by implementing content distribution network, existing system details and proposed system details and hardware and software requirement. In present scenario as number of services are increasing and request rate is high and in order to handle this high flow requests preset Beowulf architecture cannot handle accurately. As the data base size is increasing accuracy in sequence similarity detection had become a tough task. In order to solve this problem many techniques are introduced on detecting sequence similarity. All these new techniques are developed on gnome sequence search, so demand of its usage had increased. This paper explains a new method in which sequence search requests are treated as content request in gnome database and sequence similarity detection. This is done by using content distribution system. This project will developed different methods for constructing CDN for handling sequence similarity detection. This project can increase scalability at nodes in the network which can be achieved with low cost.

download CDN For Genome Sequence Similarity Detection java project report.

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