Controlling Network Usage in Multi Homed Environment

Controlling Network usage in multi homed environment project explains about how network bandwidth can be equally shared between different electronic devices like personal computers, laptops, pads, mobiles and other devices.  This paper consists of introduction to robust rate control for heterogeneous network access in multi homed environment and existing system details and proposed system advantages with hardware and software requirements. 

Every home consists of many electronic devices which has capability to access wireless network but each device has different IEEE standards and with multiple networking capabilities. Robust rate control scheme will provide solution for robust rate allocation for the devices. Network access can be equally divided for every device equally. This system analyze LAN Bandwidth test for providing equilibrium between devices.

Proposed system uses H1 optional control linear feedback control mechanism for efficient use of bandwidth in multi homed environment. 

download Controlling Network Usage in Multi Homed Environment A Java Project  Report.

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