Online Food Ordering System Project Synopsis using PHP

About the Project:

The reason behind Online Food Ordering System is that there is a lot of information to be maintained and has to be kept in mind while running the business. For the reason we have provided the features present system is partially automated actually the existing system is laborious as one has to enter the same information at three different places.


The records were never used to be lots of difficulties in associating any particular transaction with the particular context.
If any information was found to be it was required to go through the different registers, document there would never exist anything like report generation. With the help of this system, people can easily order food. It can also ensure that. People don’t waste their precious time and use their time productively in other works.
This system proves to be more effective and reliable than other traditional systems. however one needs to take care of small parameters like server breakdown while this system is implemented.

Basic Structure:

Technology Used:

a) Hardware:

  • 1 TB storage
  • 8 GB RAM desktop

b) Software:

  • Notepad++ (for code)
  • Web browser
  • Operating System (Windows, Linux)

c) Language Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

Choice of programming language:-

So many programming languages were put into consideration in the cause of designing this software. A lot of factors were also considered which include online database access, data transmission via networks, online database retrieval, online data capture, multi-user network access database security, etc.


Take Away Ordering. Takeaway ordering is a win-win solution for restaurant owners and customers.

  • Pre-Orders
  • Catering Orders
  • Scan & Order
  • Unique Webpage
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Combo Deals

Available Applications

  • Foodpanda
  • Zomato
  • Faasos
  • Deliveroo
  • Dunzo
  • Grubhub
  • Swiggy
  • User Interface


  • Makes the ordering process easier
  • Efficient customer ordering management
  • No-cost marketing.
  • Better customer data
  • The convenience of mobile ordering
  • Greater reach


  • Deliverymen put themselves in danger
  • Disguised increased expense
  • Juggling with your health
  • Unsuccessful payment resulting in delayed food delivery


Basically, the users targeted:

  • There will be a lesser requirement for staff at the back counter.
  • The system will help in the reduction of labor costs involved and also reduce the space required to set up a place like a cafeteria in restricted areas.
  • As it is an automated system is less probable to make any mistakes.
  • The customers can avoid the long queue a the counter, with a reasonable speed of execution and maximum throughput.


The simulation first starts with the customer entering his/her credentials(name, ID, and password). Once that has been verified the customer can place an order specifying the quantity of ordering food requirement. Now we get a window that displays the order number, customer ID, price, food name, and quantity. Once the customer finalizes his/her order they are redirected to the payment window where the total price is displayed and the customer can choose the payment option. The customer will get the confirmation message.

The above-mentioned simulation will flow with respect to the customer’s overview. Now if you are an admin you can select the normal login option and can enter the admin portal. Once you enter the admin portal you can add or reduce the food or update food or their price. Once the selected option is carried out to the end result that added item list will be displayed and if you have deleted the food the particular food will disappear.


The online food ordering system is developed so that customers can order food and avoid the hassles of waiting for the order taken by the waiter. Using the application, the end user registers online and reads the E-menu card to order food online. Once the customers select the required food item the chef will be able to see the results on the screen and start processing the food. This application nullifies the need for a waiter or reduces the workload of the waiter.
The advantage is that the in a crowded restaurant there will be chances that the waiters are overloaded with orders and are unable to meet the requirement of customers at a time. Therefore by using this application users can directly order their food online.

Online System Shopping Management Project Synopsis

This document brief up the project titled “Online System Shopping Management”. The main objective of our project is to provide users with an online experience for buying computers. This project helps the user to check the rates on the net and compare them, and also view and purchase more products that are related to computers like accessories and everything.

This project gives a clear user Interface as to what detail the user requires about every computer present in stock and also every detail of the accessories etc.        


This site will be developed to make shopping for computers online. The site will be developed to help the user and also the seller. Any user can just use the net and shop for computers and also this reduces the load of sellers interacting with the customers.

In the present system, the computers are purchased manually by visiting the shop. So there is a need of automating the existing system by providing software solutions for it. So that there is the ease of shopping for the user in their busy life. By visualizing and experiencing all these problems, we felt it would be better to provide a solution for this problem. This was the basic reason for taking up this problem.

Problem Statement: 

The main aim of developing this project is to automate the process of shopping for computers. It also provides the seller with every record automated and avoids the interaction with the customers to convince the rate and all. It also provides users to choose every product on the site and also can purchase many products simultaneously.

A user can view his/her details about the product or buy a product by logging in with user name and password


  • The main purpose of using this new system is to provide, ease of shopping and selling for both customer and seller.
  • The objective of this new system is to provide easy access to the world of shopping.
  • This system provides security and backup of the data for the seller.

Technology Used:


The idea of using the Web as an application environment developed over time, with each stage of technology serving as a springboard for new ideas.



Food for Life PHP Minor Project Synopsis


”FOOD FOR LIFE” is a food relief web project to serve food for the needy. Nowadays, One-third of the food produced is being wasted and about 9 percent of the people in this world go to bed on an empty stomach. In this Minor Project, various party palaces or hotels have to give information about their unused food on our website and we or other organisations have to collect the food and distribute the food to the needy.

Technologies to be used

 This Food for Life project will be a Web application to be developed in PHP having below technologies:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Technical feasibility

The technical needs of the Food for Life system may include:

Front-end and back-end selection

When we decided to develop the Food for Life project we went through an extensive study to determine the most suitable platform that suits the needs of the organization as well as helps in the development of the PHP & MySQL project.

Front-end selection:

    1. Scalability and extensibility
    2. Flexibility
    3. Robustness
    4. Platform independent
    5. Easy to debug and maintain

Back-end Selection:

1. Multiple user support.
2. Efficient data handling.
3. Provide inherent features for security.
4. Efficient data retrieval and maintenance.
5. Easy to install.
6. Various drivers must be available.
7. Easy to implant with the Front-end.


The main objectives of this Food for Life project are:

  • The main objective of our academic minor project is to reduce food wastage as many of us throw unused food in dustbins
  • The objective of this is to help the organization that serves food to the hungry people


This ”Food For Life” project is to feed hungry people with the help of our system. Organizations such as hotels or restaurants have to publish the details of their food on our Food for Life website.

College Classroom Check and Fill Mini Project Synopsis


The Classroom Check and Fill project is to prepare a website that tells the current status of a particular room. It tells whether a class is going on or empty or there is no class in that particular room. . It uses the technologies like PHP, python, java, MySQL, and many more. With the help of this website, a teacher or a student can know the status of the room and work accordingly.


The aim of our project is to help teachers and students to check if in the room a class is going on if the room is empty or if there is no class in that particular room.

1. To help the HODs and teachers to check whether the venue is empty or not (in one click)
2. To help students to check their timetables with ease
3. Provides user-friendly application

Methodology/ Planning of work

Our project is to help teachers and students to check if in the room a class is going on or the room is empty or there is no class in that particular room. We will take the relevant information from the CR of a particular class of IT and update the status of the room accordingly.



Basically in this step, we create the front-end part of our website with the help of languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript.




Facilities required for proposed work

Hardware Requirements: Laptop – i3 processor or higher, 4 GB RAM or higher, 100 GB ROM or higher
Software Requirements: Laptop or PC, Windows 7 or higher, Visual Studio, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mysql, Php


[1] Geekathon series(2013)[Online]. Available:
[2] Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger (2001)[Online]. Available:
[3] Refnes Data (1998)[Online]. Available:
[4] Steve Chen (2005) [Online]. Available:

Development of Electricity Information System BCA Final Year Project

This is the BCA Final Year Project website related to electricity information systems developed with PHP and MySQL databases. In which users can see the problem related to the electricity in a particular area. Users also can complain about electricity-related problems like a complaint about the transformer, electricity problems at home, wire damage and overload of the powerhouse, etc.

Users can also see the information related to the Main powerhouse and its sub powerhouses like can take the information of the Senior Engineer and Junior Engineer of the corresponding powerhouse, can also check the load of the powerhouse and its number of workers.

Users can aware of the latest updates related to electricity and can take advantage of the latest information according to need.

The main purpose of the Electricity Information System website is to connect users directly with the administrator and for complaints related to Electricity.


Location of Electricity– In which can see the place where the problem occurs in electricity.
Duration in rectifying Electricity problem– can update with the electricity rectification timing, and how much time is taken to rectify the electricity problem.
The report related to Electricity– Make a report related to complaints and report related to whole information about powerhouse.
Query related to electricity– The user can query related electricity problems and related JE of the powerhouse and its workers.

Data Flow Diagrams:

Level 0 & 1 DFD below:

Electricity Information System Level 0 & 1 Data Flow Diagram

Level 2 DFD below:

Electricity Information System Level 2 Data Flow Diagram

ER Diagram Below:

ER Diagram of Electricity System


The proposed Electricity Information System project will have its main page and modules as:

  • Login Module.
  • Admin master module.
  • Search module.
  • Validation handler.
  • Report Generation module.
  • Response master module.

Software Requirements:-

WAMP Server
Text Editor: (Sublime, Dreameviewer)
Front-End: HTML, CSS
Back-End: MySQL, PHP

Scope of the Project

Scope of the Electricity Information System project gives Sartnesss to the village, town areas, and also for the powerhouse admin.


  • This Electricity Information System application can be used in power stations so that they can save time, and reduce headaches.
  • Users also can update with the electricity changes.
  • Easy to complain About the electricity situation.
  • Electricity will be live on the network.

Simple Hotel Management System Project Using HTML and CSS

Project Title: Hotel Management System

Introduction: This project is about the hotel management system. There are different types of apps are circulating all around which gives us an idea about the new system of hotel management. The sites like Oyo, trivago, and just dial are the best successful startups in India which define how people are shifting from offline areas to online ones. People now prefer the easy way that always makes their life easy.

In this project, we develop a web page for a hotel management site that includes the type of rooms, login, and signup options for new users who want to join the site for further use. Different types are rooms are categorized under one section of the web page, check-in and checkout options are available we can online book the rooms and after any further query, we can modify or drop our room type or our booking.

And also it includes the address and contact number of the officials and members of the hotel if there is any issue is there for customers can easily contact and resolve their issue.

Nowadays we all know very well that people are shifted to the world of the internet. If any random person goes to some unknown place and needs to take a hotel what he can do in an unknown place? That is why the internet is the best thing around us. Our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based web application project is to develop a hotel management system.

It consists of hotel booking, Types of rooms, classes of rooms, and different booking sites. How people can contact the manager to get the details or to consult for future booking the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are also linked to the homepage.

This website is developed using HTML & to add designs and make it more attractive we used CSS and JavaScript to make it as best as we can. Different photos are included to give customers about the hotel.

This system is used to book hotel rooms and it is also used on OYO and other booking sites. Check-in and Checkout options are included with Signup and log in as an Existing Customer or New Customer options are available.


In our group, three members are present. The preparation of the synopsis for this project is made and the layout for the project is created. The coding part is done by all the members of the group as we manage to create a better layout with different ideas and different views that can create the best of one web page for us.

Contents of the web page:

• Home page
• Room type
• Location
• Contact us
• Address
• Prices and offers
• About us

This web page is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is used to prepare the main web page for the hotel booking system. CSS is used to make it more attractive and elegant. Customers are always attracted to the attraction we made for them. different types of loading are used for different font styling in it.

Different links are provided on the home page to get into from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On this web page, you can select different types of rooms on basis of your requirement as ac, and non-ac rooms are available. Customers can book the rooms online and made online payments and book your room. This site is just like how Oyo and different booking sites work.

Some other web applications for Hotel Management Systems

Hotel Reservation Application Spring MVC Hibernate Project

Spring & Hibernate-based Hotel Room Booking MVC Project Code.

C#.Net Project Synopsis on Hotel Management System


This project is divided into 3 parts:

The first part is named the HM file which deals with the coding of the main home page of hotel booking sites and all the details of the hotel are included in this code.

The second part is named CSS style. This file deals with the programming in CSS which gives the HTML home page styling and helped it to look far more attractive in it. This module gives the looks and makes it attractive for visitors.

The third part is included the different codes for the elegant different font styles. There are 3 different files present here for the fonts. Different images are included here and also a logo is there for the developer.

10 Small & Basic Web Application Ideas for Students

Below are the very small & basic web application ideas for students. These applications can be designed using HTML tags and created as a dynamic web project in eclipse.

Employee Registration Form

Display the employee details by using a web page that accepts the Employee name, Employee Number, Address, Contact number, Job location, Designation, and Email-id and display it. This application is used in all kinds of Registration application forms.


Airline reservation is a web application that is used to book air tickets online. by booking the ticket online it is flexible for the user. This application is used in all kinds of online reservations.


The student registration form is a web application that has details of the student on the website. This website has student details in the login form and displays them. This application is used in online shopping.


Movie information is a web application that is having information about movies in theaters. by using this application we buy movie tickets online. This application is used on movie websites.


A bank application is a web application that accepts the details provided by the user and displays them. This application is used in all kinds of bank registration forms.


A catalog page is a web application that has details of books on the website. This website consists of the Book title, description of the book, price of the book, and cart. By using this we can buy books online. This application is used in online shopping.


Employee details is a web application that accepts the name, id number, contact number, and submit button of the user and displays it.


COLLEGE  is a web application that has details about the college. This website consists of information about the college. By using this we can know information about college online. This application is used on college websites.


A books catalog is a web application which it is having information about the books department-wise. This application is used in the digital library system in universities and colleges.


Mobile kart is a web application that has information about all mobiles. This application is used in all kinds of online mobile shopping.


City Gallery is a web application that accepts details when the user clicks on submit button it will display.

Hospital Management System Project using C programming


To create a Hospital Management System using C programming.


A typical Hospital requires a management system to control its various operations such as maintaining an account of all people in its domain of services, attending to various needs of patients, and also achieving increased efficiency in the overall working of the Hospital itself. In the present time, there is a great rush in hospitals, as these have become necessities for the middle and upper class of society.

Nowadays people are visiting the hospital because of this indecisive situation, even for a small issue, we need to consult a doctor. The booking is manually done using paperwork and direct human language communication by mouth to the hospital management. This delays the information in the hospital.

Booking is done through phone calls or through visits to the hospital or online. The Hospital Management System aims to make simpler interactions between staff and patients.

The system can be accessed by the admin and patients but the highest priority given to the admin is that they are allocated a login id and password.

Hospital Management System provides various Appointments Booking Services, Managing the information of patients, Description regarding the Appointment booking.

The proposed system enables automated data entry methods and enables fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast reference activities.


  1. Add patients records
  2. List patients records
  3. Search patients records
  4. Edit patients records
  5. Delete patients records
  6. Exit

Hospital Management System using C

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Pharmacy Management System Python Bootstrap Project


In a Pharmacy, usually, all the activities are carried out manually, but it is not suitable when we need to store large data. If we are using software, all the data related to inventory management, view, and modification of stocks, sales, and billing are permanently stored in a storage file.

This Pharmacy Management System project was developed mainly for pharmacists and it is easy to use and maintain, this software is also quick, reliable, and accurate.


Pharmacy management system stores data and enables functionality that organizes and maintains the medication use process within pharmacies. These are independent technology for pharmacy use only. It is designed to improve accuracy and efficiency in pharmaceutical stores.

The main aim of the pharmacy management system is to assist pharmacists in the safe and effective delivery of pharmaceutical drugs. The pharmacists can maintain records related to stocks and sales through the pharmacy management system.

The user can control the buying and selling process, and view and manipulate the stocks. The user can also generate the bills after the transaction completes.


The platform provides the following features:

  • View and Update the stocks
  • Billing
  • Sales Report
  • Search Receipt
  • Overall Inventory Management

Scope of the Project

As far as an existing system has established an understanding of how useful a web platform is to use for a common man. However, efforts have to be made to make local Pharmacies digitize the business on the online platform.

The Scope of this project is to develop a Web Application using the concept of File Structures (Variable Length), which makes users run it on a simple browser that is user-friendly in the current era and it is very easy for the browser to send and receive data over the internet.

Problem Formulation and Proposed Solution

Problem Statement

In Pharmacy Management System all the data related to inventory, sales, stocks, and billings are kept in paper records, managing all these records is a difficult task. The time required to manage all these activities is considerably high. In order to overcome these problems, we can use Pharmacy Management System.

The role of Information Technology in Pharmacy practice is dynamic and not likely to lose relevance in the coming years. Pharmacists are interested in Information Technology because it increases efficiency in our daily tasks and improves the accessing of information stored.

Users of Pharmacy computer systems are generally limited to Pharmacy staff members, who are given usernames and passwords to access the system to ensure Data Protection.

This allows the employer to prevent unauthorized access to protected health information and keep a record of who performed each task in case an error occurs. Pharmacy staff should protect their usernames and passwords and avoid giving them out to unauthorized individuals. Backup and maintenance of pharmacy computer systems are essential to the continued function of the system.

Pharmacy Management System Python Project

Result and Discussion

Effective implementation of this software will take care of the basic requirements of the Pharmacy Management System because it is capable of providing easy and effective storage of information related to Pharmacy activities.

(a) Login page
(b) Menu
(a) Add
(b) Inventory
(a) Billing
(b) Receipt
(a) Sales Report
(b) Search Receipt

Conclusion and Future Work

In this section of the report, we finally conclude that using Pharmacy Management System is a very reliable, accurate, easy backup, and time-saving software.


In Conclusion, we would like to state that this Pharmacy Management System software enhances the Pharmacy work culture by eliminating the human-time consuming and tedious tasks, which can be done by this software.

This system has the ability to keep track of records of the product’s stocks and sales. The main purpose is effectively and easily handle pharmacy data and its management.

Future Work

In addition to the existing Pharmacy Management System project, we look forward to reaching many people by making it Open Source. It can be done by hosting this project on a cloud server like Heroku.

Since we are using a text document to store the data it can be placed in scalable object storage like Amazon S3 and then a Data Pipeline can be built between them.

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Design & Development of Tender Management System Project


The Tender Management System was developed to enable the vendors to get all the tender details online and provide a facility to submit the tender. This Tender Management System project was developed & designed with Java & MySQL Database.

Existing System:

  • Contractors need to submit their documents by visiting the office or centers on time.
  • Contractors have to bid for a particular tender on time by applying forms and need to wait for an approval reply.
  • The Admin Needs to post the Projects or contracts as a poster or advertisements regularly.
  • It takes a long time to access tenders or vendors’ data access.

Proposed System:

  • User Needs to Have a Network Connection.
  • New User needs to register a new vendor on the website.
  • Contractors can log in and bid for some existing tenders.
  • They need to log in using their login-id and password which they used while registration
  • To reduce paperwork, and data that are available online, using this final decision can be taken by the administration and can contact directly to such suppliers.
  • Easy to access the tenders and vendors’ data.

Software Requirements:

Language: Java
Web technologies : J2EE (JDBC/Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
Database: MYSQL
Scripting: JavaScript , CSS

Application Work Flow



Uploading advertisement documents
Verifying projects and contractors by using their information
Accepting and Rejecting Bids
Maintaining data and confirmation of the final report.
Update Notice Board
Make some announcement
Block or unblock some vendors or company


The Company needs to get registered to proceed.
The company can log in with a valid username and password.
Apply or releases new tenders and view the status of the tender.
Make Some announcements.
Change the tender details


Vendors are the key persons or contractors who look for new upcoming tenders on the website
Vendors’ Functionality includes:
New Vendors can register
Login using vendor-id and password
View and update their profile
See the new open tenders and their details
Bid for a tender with an amount greater than its base price
See the bid approval or denial status

After the tender status approval, they can view and submit the documentation
Vendors can look for the important notice in the notice section


Our Project Tender management System Successfully Created a user-friendly environment for the tender management process.
This Project is flexible and changes can be incorporated easily.
Easy for further Modification
Saves a lot of time by doing most of the processes online
It may lead to increase profit and improve the quality of a company.
Assigns the tenders and project in a good manner and optimal way to the contractors in less time with low-cost charges.

Download the complete Design & Development of Tender Management System Project using Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and J2EE.