Online Fee Challan Generation Project Synopsis


The project is a web-based application where the user can generate Challan to pay the fee. The system automates the conventional process of generating Challan by visiting the college website. The system would be having two logins: Admin and User Login. Admin can view student details and can even add or update things in their account.


  • Admin login
  • Student/user login
  • Student details
  • The Fee details
  • Dues

Software Requirements:

  • Windows XP,Windows 10
  • Sql 2012
  • Visual studio 2017


  • This software is user friendly you will automatically feel the difference in managing the fee challan things on the implementation of software
  • It perfectly manages the fees by creating the student profile with demographic information, contact details and parent information
  • Using this software is completely safe
  • It also offers quick payment 


  • User must have a reliable internet connection

Innovative CSE Mini Projects Ideas

Computer Shop Management System:

Today’s scenario offers a computer to be a part of almost every enterprise private or public. Computer shop offers a variety of computers and accessories at these places. It has to maintain a big record of customer, accessories and available computer’s.

The aim of this project is to help in the tedious work of managing, maintaining and updating the database. It displays the computer shop database i.e. the items available and stock available in a computer shop. It updates the stock according to the changes made in supply. Details of the customer are also maintained along with all.

This project aims to complete all these tasks easily with some knowledge of NetBeans and MongoDB. User friendliness of the project gives easy instructions that how to operate it to perform your task. Basic security is provided to the project.

Shopping Mall Website System Project:

There is a project which name is Shopping Mall and the agile model is used in this project. This project is made in Eclipse using CRUD (create, update and read) and sending the mail from one to another client. The shopping mall images, JSP files, an XML file in the dynamic web project.

Pages included in the project are:

main, register, stores and dining, services, products, mall information, feedback, stores description, parking, promotions, job opportunity, and events.

Consultation and Development of System Project:

We develop a project online meeting management system for our College. This system will help in managing and organizing the various meetings. We can send an invitation, set reminders, prepare & send the agenda for the meeting and after that, it can send the minutes of meeting to participants and concerned person. This system can be used as a reliable source of accurate information. As well it maintains centralized storage of information and makes it available to any concerned person at any time.

Employee Time Manager Project:
Description: Employee Time Manager (ETM) is a web application tool used for tracking up to date working status of employees of an organization. After admin creates a unique account id in ETM with reference to employee id, the employee can log in to ETM to update his/her past and current hour working status. Once the employee updates his work status, HR or other management teams can generate different types of employment statistics through ETM. ETM gives employers insight into their workforce, allowing them to plan and manage their time and tasks.

Support Tickets System Project:

Language Used: Struts2 + Hibernate, MySQL.

Description:  This project helps the organization to maintain proper relationship and standardization of their product to consumers.  This project Deals with handling the queries and request of users about the products sold to them. Based on the query the ticket will be created and transferred to particular a department for processing and concerned person will provide proper information and service to the user.

Mobile Shop Management System Project:

Language Used: Java Swing, MySQL.

Description: This project maintains entire details of the mobile shop like sales, purchase, and others. This Makes easy inventory maintenance and provides properly required reports at the desired time. It is developed based on mobile shop owner requirements, so easy understanding of working flow even to a new operator is concentrated.

Online Bonafide Certificate Generation System Project

the main aim of this application is to create a user-friendly environment for students to get the certificate like bonafide online. In this page, the student can request for service by their login details.

This project is controlled by admin. Admin will accept the request of the students and provide the services accordingly. Once the student request on the page using their login details that request can only be approved by admin. The student and signature cannot be copied because the access permission is only given to only admin.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the student should manually fill the form, write the letter and wait for acceptance to complete the process. This manual process takes more time. there is a lot of paper needed and files to be transferred from one office to other.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system student can get the service by filling the form online and by mentioning the purpose. There is no wastage of paperwork. It reduces the burden of people who are involving in that process. Notifications are sent to their mobile (emails) after the approval of the request. Signature is added at the end of the document as an image

School Management Software Project Synopsis

The Educational based School Management software project has 5 modules. 

  1. Student
  2. Teachers
  3. Principal
  4. Administrator
  5. Parents


In this module, every student is provided with a unique username and password. So that student can log in to view his attendance details, academic details, cultural details, fee details.

The sub-forms are:

  • View Attendance
  • Time Table
  • Examinations
  • Report Card
  • Fee Details/Payment
  • Leaves Details
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Assignment
  • Homework
  • Bus Schedule
  • Activity
  • Health Checkup
  • Holidays
  • Internal Messaging
  • Ideas Room[Comeup with new thoughts]
  • Feedback
  • Reports


In this module, every teacher is provided with a unique username and password. So that teacher can login to view his attendance details, class details, cultural details, salary details, reports. 

The sub-forms are: 

  • Time Table
  • Examination Schedule
  • Mark sheet Entry for students
  • Salary
  • Maintain Attendance of students
  • Class syllabus
  • View School Timings
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Holidays
  • Internal Messaging
  • Feedback
  • Reports


In this module principal is provided with a unique username and password. So that principal can login to view his class attendance details, academic details, cultural details, pay roll management. He can allocate rooms. 

The sub-modules are:

  • Timetable Management
  • Office Management
  • Attendance Maintenance
  • Academic Management
  • Examination & Mark sheet Generation
  • Health Management
  • Library Management
  • Lab Maintenance
  • Internal Messaging
  • Miscellaneous[Cafeteria]
  • Reports


The Administration Module is one of the key modules of School Manager provides a comprehensive set of tools which helps the management to manage various budgetary details. This automates common administrative tasks, increase efficiency and accountability, and eliminates paper-pushing and workflow bottlenecks. It contains the budget head, budget create, donation and occurrence. In short this, module manages the entire money flow in the institution.

The sub-modules are:

  • Student Fee Management
  • Accounts & Finance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Transport Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Stores Management
  • HRD
  • Security
  • Front office Management
  • Site
  • Reports


In this module, every parent is provided with a unique username and password. So that parent can login to view his/her child attendance details, academic details, cultural details, fee management. 

The sub-forms are:

  • Student Attendance
  • Student Mark sheet
  • Student Activities
  • Fee Management

Mobile Canteen Web Application Java Project

We are in an environment where we are trying to reduce our stress and time. In today’s world time plays an important but we are but we are waiting a lot of time near canteens. Our pitch is to develop a web app to cut the lag in developing the meal to the patron. Generally, in all eatries, they follow a q-system, where we wait till our turn comes consuming a lot of time.

This Mobile Canteen web app consists of POS (Point of sale) model comprising of Inventory Management. Supplier request Functionality. Estimated time of Delivery. Users are connected to the web app through our website, where they have the liberty to order through an extensive menu without standing in the long q-lines to make orders. The user is notified with an estimated time for the meal to be ready. The user is required to complete the transaction electronically after which he is given a QR code which he needs to produce at the meal collection area.

The web app uses HTML/CSS for the displaying. At the back end, it uses Php, the database used for the cataloging the information is mysql.


  • It is a web app.
  • It is based on the POS (point of sale) Model.
  • Its main functionalities are ‘Supplier Requests’ and ‘Estimated Time of Delivery’.
  • It comprises the Inventory Management


Users are connected to the web app through our website, where they have the liberty to order to an extensive menu without standing in long Q-lines to make orders.
The user is requested to register and make the order as he wishes, as we provide the completed data of the menu in that web app and the user is asked to select the time of delivery of the order and requested to complete the billing transaction electronically, and we provide the QR codes by showing it user can collect the preferred meal.


  • User
  • Admin



As he gets login into the account, he can view the list of food items and also can order the food. 


After validating the user details, admin generates the menu and he will confirm the list of items selected by the user.



To give the food order we have many applications like swiggy , foodpanda , spoonly, freshfood ,fasoos etc.

In this we have to choose the nearby hotels and food items then a person will come and deliver the food


Here we have to order the food items in the canteen application. Firstly we should register for the canteen application.

Here we don’t have any third party person to delivery the food item

Instead of standing in “Queues” at the canteen we are giving orders in applications

UML Diagrams:

Use case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram: