Internship, Inplant Training & Real Time Project Training

About Our Internship & Inplant Training:

1000Projects IT Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd is providing an option for students to take part in Internship & In-Plant Training (IPT) by considering the demand for trained students under various software technologies. This program helps a student in gaining practical knowledge of both Hardware and software subjects. By being part of this program students can get exposure on real-time projects with complete support from experienced trainers for both theoretical and practical areas. If you are a student who is looking for practical exposure before job this program will be helpful. After training is completed we will provide a certificate of completion.

Why Internship &  Inplant Training:

Students who move from college to job need to have a trained knowledge and have practical exposure to get a clear idea about how companies work and what type of works will be handled in companies from documentation stage to project completion. This Internship &  Inplant training will polish students to gain this basic knowledge and give confidence while facing interviews, companies will welcome candidates who are familiar with this knowledge.

Why Internship &  Inplant Training Important:

Comparing the difference between with and without Internship &  Inplant training. Students with In-Plant training will face interview with practical exposure at each stage of real-time project development from documentation to testing and have interaction with real-time developers. Students without In-Plant training will face interview with just theoretical knowledge. This training helps students to face interview with confidence.


  • Our Internship & IPT concept is basically a practical knowledge based solution for students which will cover theoretical concepts required for project development and detailed analysis of project design and architecture with document preparation (SRS, SRD) at the initial stage.
  • At second stage group discussion with the project leader and team members on design and architecture and functionality.
  • In the third stage, we move to project development with the technically experienced team supporting you for project completion.
  • Away from this students will have interaction with real-time experts who will give a brief overview of different topics.
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Course: Java, Android, MySQL
  • Location: Hyderabad