Spam E-Mail Filtering A Java Project

Spam E-Mail Filtering Java Project explains about developing anti spam application by using ALPACAS frame work, preserving message transformation process and privacy protecting protocol.

This project report covers overview on project, problems in existing system, proposed system features and hardware and software requirement.

Google, Yahoo and many other mailing systems are facing problems with spam emails. This project provides a research paper for developing a anti spam architecture.

E-mail spam problem is a serious problem because users, government and private organizations share security information through mails.

More details on techniques used in web spam, e-mail spam by spammers are explained in web spam seminar.

In order to develop email spam filtering application developers should look after three scenarios. Firstly developers should provide accurate privacy protection policies to participating entities. Secondly developing techniques should be hidden to public market.

Thirdly application should be light weight, less cost, and scalable. Considering above three factors privacy aware frame work is used to filter spam e-mails.

Existing system uses DCC spam filters which are not efficient and accurate to solve the problem. Proposed system uses DHT paradigm and ALPACAS techniques to develop anti spam application.

Java, swing is used as front end and MS Access is used as back end for developing this application.

download Spam E-Mail Filtering A Java Project Report.

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  1. Pl give me complete source code of spam filter.
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