Supply Chain Management System a Java Project

 Management projects are playing key role in the software market if you are looking for a supply and management software project then this project can help you. Supply Chain Management System a Java Project explains about interconnection between product and service packages for the end customer. This application will store all movements from raw materials, work progress information, completed goods from point of consumption to point of origin. This application is developed for production sector which deals with company dealers with respect to product launches. SUPPLY-CHAIN-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEM-a-JAVA-PROJECT

      Supply chain management system needs java software to be installed in client side machine, by installing this software it can run on any computer. 

     Permissions are given based on designation of the user who registers in to application respective user has the permission to submit his registration form and list out the features. Company will directly interact with client using this supply management tool where client has direct interaction on product information like production status, quality control and etc. The main aim of this project is to bring client, admin, company under single stage.                  

Supply Chain Management project has developed with HTML as front end, M.S Access as back end, Apache Tomcat 5.1 as web server and java (JSP ,JDBC) as programming language.           

System Specifications for implementing Supply Chain Management Java Project.


  •            Processor                 Intel Pentium family
  •            RAM                        256 MB
  •            Hard disc                16 GB
  •           Operating System   Windows 2000     


  •             Front End                        HTML
  •             Back End                           M.S Access
  •             Web server              Apache Tomcat 5.1
  •             Languages                       Java using JSP and JDBC

Download CSE Supply Chain Management System a Java Project.

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