Biotechnology Projects for B.Sc, M.Sc & M.Tech

These are the Bio Technology Projects Titles for M.Tech/M.Sc/B.Sc Bio-Technology Students. These projects can be useful for Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Students.

Here is a list of topics related to the fields of biology and biotechnology:

Bio Technology Projects

  1. Examining Protein Aggregation and Toxicity through the Cloning of TTR-GFP in a Yeast Vector
  2. Investigating Embryo Rescue Techniques in Grape Cultivation
  3. Investigating the Neuroprotective Properties of Withania Somnifera Root Extract in Mouse Models of Maneb-Paraquat Parkinsonism
  4. An Overview of the Working Principles and Applications of Analytical Instruments
  5. Standardizing the Preparation of Sweet and Sour Soybean Pickle
  6. Developing a Nutraceutical Supplement for Pregnant Women
  7. The Benefits of Tissue Culture in Horticultural Practices
  8. Improving the Specific Activity of Carboxyl Esterase for Drug Metabolism in Brain Tumor Cell Lines through Structural Modification with Lithium
  9. Investigating the Effects of Zinc Oxide and Silver Nanoparticles on Biological Systems
  10. Understanding the Mechanisms of Multidrug Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens.
  11. An Exploration of Municipal Solid Waste Biogas Production and its Upgradation Through Cost-Effective Methods
  12. Investigating Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing in the European Market
  13. Assessing Antifungal Drug Sensitivity to Aspergillus Terreus and Aspergillus Flavus
  14. Utilizing Biochar for Wastewater Treatment and Valuable Product Recovery
  15. The Potential of Biochar for Capturing and Storing Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  16. Examining the Mechanisms, Tolerance, and Treatment of Hospital-Acquired Infections Caused by Biofilm
  17. A Study on the Production of Biogas Using Co-digestion of Apple Pomace and Pine Needles
  18. Bioleaching of Gold and Silver from Mobile Phone Printed Circuit Boards (MPPCBs) Using Pseudomonas Balearica SAE1
  19. Understanding Biosimilars and Biosimilarity Identification
  20. A Market Analysis of Cell Therapy Manufacturing.
  21. An Assessment of Bio-similar Drugs for Treating Auto-Immune Disorders in the European Market
  22. Bio-similar Comparison for Treating Auto-Immune Disorders in the European Market
  23. Computational Analysis of Podophyllum Species and Scientific Validation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  24. Computational and Experimental Study of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathways with Emphasis on DNA Repair and Autophagy
  25. Constructing an Anti-sense Knockout Mutant of Mycobacterium Fortuitum LipU and Its In-silico Analysis of Pathogenesis
  26. Domestic System-based Cultivation of Agricus Biporus
  27. Identifying the Genes Responsible for Quorum Sensing in Cronobacter Sakazakii
  28. Enzymatic Conversion of Mustard Oil into Bio-jet Fuel
  29. Testing Commercial Probiotics against Cronobacter Sakazakii
  30. Exploring High Temperature Stress Responsive Genes in Potato During Tuberization Using Yeast Functional Screening.
  31. Purification and Application of Cas12 (Lbcpf1) in Detection of Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus-Potato
  32. Genetic Expression Analysis of Rhodiola Imbricata for Production and Biosynthesis of Medicinal Compounds
  33. Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices using 3D Printing Technology
  34. Development and Testing of Soft Gelatin Capsules
  35. Assessment of Functional Properties of Soymilk Protein Hydrolysate
  36. Global Market Study of Therapeutic Vaccines
  37. Structural and Functional Analysis of Glucose Transporters and Their Role in Glucose Transport
  38. College Campus Ground Survey Using Plane Table Method
  39. Ground Survey Using Dumpy Level Instrument
  40. Ground Survey Utilizing Prismatic Compass Technique.
  41. Allergen Analysis of Pomfret Fish
  42. Predictive Analysis of Potential Drug Targets and Molecules for Campylobacter Jejuni
  43. Structural and Functional Analysis of Bacillus Megaterium Arginase through Computational Methods
  44. In-Silico Investigation of Bacillus megaterium Asparaginase Functionality by Manisha Thakur
  45. Computer-based Analysis of Commercially and Medicinally Significant Phytochemicals in Bauhinia Variegata
  46. Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Mushroom Products in the Fight Against COVID-19
  47. The Effect of Quercetin and Rutin on Behavioral Dysfunctions Associated with Diabetes in Swiss Albino Mice
  48. Isolation and Identification of Carbonic Anhydrase-Producing Bacterial Strains for CO2 Utilization
  49. Management of Arteriosclerosis in the United States
  50. Systematic Review of the TNF-α -308 G/A Polymorphism’s Role in Genetic Vulnerability to Vitiligo.
  51. Estimating Methane Emissions from Apple Pomace
  52. Micropropagation and Molecular Characterization of Picrorhiza Kurroa Chemotypes for Picroside-1 Production
  53. Microencapsulating Probiotics with Milk-based Extrusion Method
  54. Exploring Extremophilic Microbial Communities in Himachal Pradesh
  55. Characterizing Rhodiola Imbricata for Biosynthesis of Salidroside and Rosavin
  56. Monitoring Fecal Coliform Bacteria and Plant Growth Promotion
  57. Determining the Longitudinal Profile of Mula River using Dumpy Level
  58. Studying the Role of Serpini1 Gene in Alzheimer’s Disease through Mutational, Docking, and Simulation Studies and its Experimental Assay with Ascorbic Acid
  59. Biogenic Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticles using Natural Saccharides and their Applications in Biomedical Sciences
  60. Optimizing the Hardening Conditions for Rhodiola Imbricata and Valeriana Jatamansi.
  61. Optimizing Metal Leaching Bacteria through In Silico Analysis of Protein Expression and Pathways
  62. In Vitro Studies on the Overexpression of Isocitrate Lyase in Mycobacterium Fortuitum
  63. Development and Characterization of Phytase Supplement for Aquafeed from Bacillus Spp.
  64. Quantifying Rare Phytochemicals in Arisaema propinquum
  65. Food Beverage and Product Preparation
  66. Characterizing Esterase Producing Bacterial Strains for Production
  67. Enhancing Nutritional Content in Sauerkraut and Evaluating its Production
  68. Enhancing Nutritional Value in Tempeh: Production and Evaluation
  69. Molecular Characterization of Gentiopicroside in Gentiana kurroo and Swertia chirata
  70. Biopolymer Production from Food Waste.
  71. Utilizing Phytochemicals to Combat Mycotoxin-Producing Aspergilli and Penicillium Species: Recent Trends
  72. Investigating the Role of the SNP Rs510432 of the ATG5 Gene in Asthma Susceptibility
  73. Examining the Association of TYR Gene Variants with Vitiligo in the Himachal Pradesh Population
  74. Characterizing Lignocellulosic Enzymes from Thermophilic Bacterial Isolates in the Anaerobic System
  75. Discovering Potent Natural Compounds for Disinfection
  76. Assessing the Wound Healing Potential of Phytochemicals from Azadirachta Indica and Curcuma Longa using Cell Line-Based Assays
  77. Investigating the Role of the Trem2 Gene in Alzheimer’s Disease through Structural, Functional, and Evolutionary Mutational Analysis
  78. The Role of Chemical Disinfectants as Antimicrobials
  79. Examining the Degradation Kinetics of Wheat and Barley Proteins by Actobacillus paracasei CD4
  80. Evaluating Natural Antimicrobial Compounds Against Bacterial Isolates
  81. Characterizing Quercetin-Loaded Polycaprolactone Microparticles
  82. Analyzing the Potential Effect of Copper Nanoparticles on Drosophila melanogaster through Green Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles
  83. Synthesizing and Investigating the Application of Silver Nanoparticles in Catalysis
  84. Synthesizing, Characterizing, and Evaluating the Cytotoxicity of the Short Cationic Lipopeptide Lp24
  85. Enhancing the Efficacy of Vitamin D2 on Cell Lines Using Cissus Quadrangularis
  86. Investigating the Interactions of EGFR in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Virtual Screening and Molecular Docking of Protein Ligands.

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