A Study on Online Examination System Internship Project Report


The Online Examination System project mainly intends to provide insight into the functionality and behavior of the Online Examination System. This project integrates computer and Internet technologies for the purpose of student assessment. It provides the options of the examinations available on the system according to the user privilege.

Based on the choice of the user, the system provides the questions related to that area. Mostly the questions are in the form of multiple-choice questions, they can also be filling in the blanks, matching, and essay questions. At the end of the questions, the user will be given the option to report or cancel the scores.

When a person enters the online test, a system will ask for a login id and password. If the person is authorized, by simply giving his login id and password he will enter filling the registration field based on the privilege. If the user is new he has to register as a user by filling in the registration details. While filling in the details he has to take care of privilege. If the user is a candidate, he has to take the privilege as “0”, the operator as “1” and admin as “2”. Once these details are filled, the user will be provided with a login id. With this login id, he can enter based on his privilege.

If the user is a candidate, as soon as he submits the login id he enters the area section. There he can select the area depending on which he wants to take the test. As soon as he selects the area he will be ready to take the test.

Depending upon the area selected questions the be displayed with four options and the candidate has to select the correct answer and proceed to the next question till the end of the test. The time is set for the test. The test should be completed within that time period. If he does not complete the test within the given time the test will be lost automatically.

After the test is completed, the candidate has the option to report or cancel his scores. If he wants the hard copy of the score report he can take it.

If the user is an administrator, as soon as he submits the login id he enters into the administration section where he has to handle both operator and candidate functions.

If the user is an operator or administrator, as soon as he submits the login id he enters into the administration section. In this, he can change the information of the candidate, view the candidate result, and status by simply giving the respective login and he can also modify or update questions in any area.

Product goals:

  • The goals of this Online Examination System are:
  • To automate the testing activity. The system will function with centralized control over all the units that are involved in the online test system.
  • Provide data security from unauthorized users.


when the user is an operator or administrator opts for the operator section the process will direct to the above screen. This screen can get the user to user edit, candidate view, current examinees, exam report, and areas report screens on clicking the corresponding link.

The candidate on starting the test comes to this screen; here according to the selected area, the questions are generated automatically from the data basest candidate has to select the correct answer by clicking the radio button corresponding to the question. He can stop the test by clicking the stop button else going to the next question.

The above screen is the start of the test, in which the user should validate his/her login id and password by clicking submit button, after entering their identity. New users can register their information by clicking the register button.

This screen is used when the user is not registered. It is used for registering new users by entering their personal information and then by clicking on the save button.

When a user wants to view candidate details he can get this screen by clicking the link of candidate view in the operator section. This screen gets the information of the status, Name, and login id of the desired candidate.

The current examiner’s screen gets the information of the login id name, status, and date he/she appeared for the test for the specified candidate. On clicking the details the exam report is generated. We can get a copy of the details by clicking the copy.

Based on the privilege of the user, he is directed to the next screen. If he is a candidate the user comes to the above screen. In this, he got to confirm the login id and should select the area where he is intending to take the test. The user can start taking the test by clicking the start button.

This question editor screens enable the user (admin/operator) to create and update the new question in the desired area and specified difficulty level. The user can also create a new question by clicking on the new question button.

This screen is used to display the details of the code and the related areas selected. This screen links the user to questions related to that area. Here the user can also create a new area by clicking the new area button.
This screen is used to create a new area code and name of the area by mentioning them in the specified text boxes and then clicking on the save button.

The candidate on starting the test comes to this screen; here according to the selected area, the questions are generated automatically from the database. The candidate has to select the correct answer by checking the radio button corresponding to the question. On clicking the ok button. The answer he opted for is stored in the data store and the next question is generated. He can stop the test by clicking the stop button. This happens to generate the exam report.

This screen enables the user to answer the numeric ability questions posted to him by clicking on the radio buttons which are given to choose the right answers. The user can also create a new question by clicking on a new question button.

This screen is viewed when the user types either the wrong name or password in the given text box and the button back is used to move back to the login page to re-enter the right login id and password.

The current examinee’s screen gets the information of the login id, name, status, and date he appeared for the test for the specified candidate. . It also tells about the total number of questions and right answers given by the candidate.


The Online Examination System has been successfully completed. The goal of the system is achieved and problems are solved. Final reports are generated as per the specification of the client. The package is developed in a manner that is user-friendly and requires help is provided at different levels.

The Online Examination project can be easily used in the process of decision making.


To modify the Online Examination System project to the .Net platform to take the advantage of geographical remote areas. By shifting the project to the Dot Net platform the project can be made into a Mobile Accessible Application by which the restrictions of the software & hardware requirements can be scaled down, which is not possible using ASP.

we can even apply the unique identity of the user by keeping certain formalities that must be answered by the user while entering the test (like the user need to answer again the questions which he did while registering himself for the test) the questions selected will be in random order from his personal data only (like the mole present on the user, etc …) so that it may confirm that the user itself is writing the test.

we can even use the thumb mark of the users to confirm their identities.

We can even add the photos of the users in this to confirm the user Identity.
Thus by applying these steps we can make sure that the user itself is writing the exam, not the others.

Distribution Management System Project PPT

Distribution Management System Project PPT is useful for computer science students to understand about project design. This PPT consists of screen shots of the project.


In this module we try to authenticate all the users/administrators entering the site.  This module is placed in the Home page of the site which is the first page for those who entering the site.  Here in this module for Users and Administrators we ask for Userid and password and check them with the database.  If they both match then they are allowed to browse the site otherwise entry is denied for them.  If anybody forgets the password he is given help by reminding of his password after verifying his details.  For customers we give the user level as ‘C’ which means they cannot access the database and other administrative tasks.  For administrators the level is ‘A’.  These are given the full power to access the site.  For visitors who are entering for the first time are asked to give their details before moving further for future reference.


            This is the module in which a user builds a computer for him virtually with the help provided if necessary.  The specification of the system depends on the user and his budget.  He will be given different types of choices for each component that is needed to build a personal computer and he has to choose the one that best suits for his purpose and which is under his budgetary control.

He is provided with the help like what components are necessary to build a system, what are their uses and properties and what are their prices.  The total price of the system is shown on the screen when each part is selected and the overall price is also shown.  According to this total cost he can change specification of his system.

3D Password CSE Seminar

3D Password Seminar Report gives details on 3D password modules, Advantages and disadvantages, virtual environment design guidelines. This seminar topic will give overview on this  new technology.

Present Security System:

Security has become the important concern for the internet users today. User needs the secured accounts which will protect their data. One such method through which no unauthorized authority can access their account and misuse it.

Today almost all the online system user textual password systems which are in some way do not provide full proof security. These username and passwords can be hacked and user account can be threatened by any other party who wants to misuse this account.

Proposed Technique:

In this document we have to study one such technology which will provide high level security to the user account. In this document we will be studying about 3D passwords.

Seminar Title: 3D password

3D Password CSE Seminar Report

This methodology provides high number of password security to the user as there are n number of interactions between the user and the system. This methodology provides user a virtual environment in which there are many tools made available to the user.

The way in which user interacts with the tool are the movements which are tracked by the system and are set as password for a particular user. This is the way in which 3D passwords works.

Advantages of Using 3D Password:

a.)    It provides user options to choose the type of authentication of his own choice.

b.)    It leads to unsuccessful brute force attack.

c.)     Provides high level security to the system which contains more important data.

Seminar Report Internet Telephony

Topics included in Internet Telephony seminar Report are

  • standards of internet telephony
  • classes of connection
  • requirements of internet telephony management

Internet plays a very vital role in our life. We use internet for various purpose.  Some use it to get the information from Google, some use it to stay in contact with friends, relative and also colleagues. We can call our friends and relatives through internet. In this paper we are going to go through one such communication medium known as internet telephony.

Introduction to Internet Telephony:

Internet telephony is the medium of communication which helps us to send video or audio over the internet through audio, video, and fax. It has helped the people throughout the world to say in touch with friends, relative, and to conduct meeting in for official work anywhere around the world.

Internet telephony video link provides a over view on different topics covered in this seminar.

What is internet Telephony:

When IP telephony was first introduced in the world it took the world of internet through the evolution to make call at long distance. Here internet telephony uses network to transfer data trough wired or wireless network with the help of packet switching which assures the sending of data with any interruption. The factors because of which internet telephony is possible are increased voice quality, due to advancement in compression technology, two way sound card allow the full duplex method to transfer audio data.

Download seminar report Internet telephony

Protocols Used in Internet Telephony:

The protocols used for internet telephony are H. 323. Standards for internet telephony, RAS signaling, Q 931 signaling, H245 Signaling, RTP and RTCP protocols, resource reservation protocol, and multi control units. These protocols enable the transfer of voice through internet over a long distance.

Classes of Connection:

The classes of connection used for internet telephony are phone to phone via internet, phone to PC in the internet, PC in the internet to phone, PC to PC in the internet, PC in the internet to PC in the separate IP based network via SCN, PC in separate IP based network to PC in the internet via SCN, and post deployment QOS monitoring,


Internet telephony is the most intelligent way of voice transfer and is gaining more importance all over the world as there are many advancement in this technology.

Bluetooth Technology Seminar Report PPT

In this buetooth technology seminar report topics we cover are

  • bluetooth based sensor network
  • a wireless sensor network
  • bluetooth module hardware architecture

Use of internet and communication of internet has become the most important technology. When we go through the history of communication technology of last few years we can see that there has much advancement made wired and wireless technology. Wireless technology allows the user to stay connected to any network an internet anytime and anywhere. It has also proven effective in many terms of communication and they are cost, standards, and many more. A wireless communication now is also network oriented.

Introduction to bluetooth Wireless technology:

Communication through various modes has become very important for many reasons. As there is increase in the use of internet and it is necessary to control the traffic of communication through various networks. We know that there are many sensors in use today these sensors play a very important role in communication.

Bluetooth technology seminar ppt presentation video gives a over view on this seminar topic.

Download Bluetooth Technology Seminar Report

A device called distributed control system is used. Wireless communication network contains sensors, microprocessors, and wireless communication interface. Wireless communication came into existence in the year 1994. A company named Ericson Mobile Communication which is based in Sweden studied a way to eliminate the use of wires and invented Bluetooth. Engineers named this wireless technology as Bluetooth which was named after the king of Denmark. The goal of Bluetooth communication was to transfer data without use of wires.

About Bluetooth Technology:

Bluetooth is not a licensed ISM band at 2.4GHz. It transfers data in the range of about 10 to 100 meters. Bluetooth channel supports total bandwidth of 1Mb/sec. Asymmetric data transfer supports single connection at the data transfer rate of 721 Kbps up to max three channels.

Bluetooth Networks:

A network of Bluetooth is called as piconet. These piconets consist of devices connected through Bluetooth. There are master and slave devices, whereas piconet consists of one master and seven slave devices. There is also a network called as scatternet. It is networks of several piconets.

4G Technology Mobile Communications Seminar Report

4G is the new upcoming technology which helps us to stay connected to the world through internet. It is the most intelligent technology. 4G technology mobile communications seminar provides us in details explanation about this technology.

Why 4g?

4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation of wireless telecommunication technology. It offers the best data rate for transfer and supports video conferencing and video calling. It offers larger area coverage. It is said that 4G is the next generation of wireless telecommunication and it will replace 3G.

Mobile communications Video will give a over view on this seminar topic.

Comparison Between 3g And 4g Technology in Mobile communication

The network architecture used by 3G is wide area cell based and that used by 4G is Wi – Fi or WAN. Speed provided by 3G is 384Kbps – 2Mbps where as that provided by 4G is 20 – 100 Mbps in mobile mode. Access technologies used by 3G is W – CDMA whereas that by 4G is OFDM, MC – CDMA. 4G is said to be an IP based technology it uses IPv6 where as 3G uses a number of air link including IP 5.0.

Technologies Used By 4g

The basic technologies used by 4G  in mobile communications are OFDM, SDR, and MIMO. OFDM stand for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. It provides more bandwidth to send the data packets. The other important components of 4G processing are 4G transceiver, base band processing, and transmitter section.

Download 4G Technology Mobile Communications Seminar Report

Application Of 4g mobile communications

4g is being widely used in all types of fields which include virtual navigation and telegeo processing, tele medicine, and crisis management applications.

Advantages Of 4g

Supports multimedia communication through video conferencing and voice. Wider bandwidth size. Global mobility and roaming. High security for networks. Totally packet switched networks. Allows digital transfer of data.

3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report

3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report covers

  • Abstract
  • Drawbacks for Preexisting Password Mechanisms
  • Expected functionality
  • Advantages of 3D password

Introduction Secure Authentication using 3D password:

Normally textual password were provided which does not provide much security, it can easily be guessed and cracked by the attackers or hacker. Whereas biometric totally depends on the features of the user and can be duplicated. Now let us learn about 3D passwords. 3d password is recorded in a different way. First the 3D environment is created for the user so that 3D password is recorded. After the environment is being set the movements of the user are being traced and then these movements become a part of password for the users. This is the way in which the 3D password is recorded.

Download 3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report

Working of Secured Authentication

Let us now learn how 3D passwords are recorded. When a user enters the GUI authenticates the user. After the authentication gets over the system opens an virtual garage which contains many equipments and tools. In this garage every object is moved along the x, y and z axis. And in this way the movements of the user are recorded and stored as the password.

Expected Functionalities

i.      It is user friendly.

ii.      User can choose the authentication scheme of his own choice.

iii.      It provides high level security.

iv.      It is difficult to crack.

v.      Can be used in security of important machines, nuclear missiles.

For a over view on 3D password authentication ppt, seminar view this video link



Biometrics is used for security. In this type of system physiological features of human being are recorded such as fingerprints, retina scan, face detection and many more.

Advantages of biometrics are that it provides high level of security. Since the human characteristics are considered it is hard to crack.

Process Controlling Tool

What is Process Controlling Tool?

  • Process controlling tool is a tool for controlling other process in a system.
  • It is like a DOS-command Prompt.
  • It has some external features than the command prompt.
  • It is one interface to all processes.
  • It is lightweight(less process resource utilization).

Existing System:

Every user interacts with the different process for different level, but all process can control by only command prompt.

Command prompt acts as a tool to communicate with the process, but it has different commands.

Drawbacks of Existing System:

It is difficult to remember all the commands.
Command prompt is only run the commands after entering the user it can’t provide the waiting a process before run a process command.
It can’t give the state of a process while running a set of commands.

Proposed System:

This Process Controlling Tool only run based on single character keys and shortcut keys that works on the corresponding process.
It also captures screen command for to know the state of process.
It also provide the scheduling of different tasks.

Project Modules:

  • Getting the commands.
  • Done operation on process.
  • Run the any other process.

Use case diagram:

Process Controlling Tool Usecase Diagram

Sequence Diagram:

Process Controlling Tool Sequence Diagram

Software Requirements :

  • Front End       : Java
  • BACK END       : JIT ( Just In Time Compiler)

Download Artificial Intelligence Seminar Report

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Computers, robots, and many electronic machines which work on instruction given by human being or work for the purpose they have programmed are become a vital part of our life. This machine helps us to reduce our work load. They are designed with a aim to work with human efficiency or more than that. The study and design of such machines is called artificial intelligence. In this paper we will have a short description about artificial intelligence and some details about this technology.

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence aims at studying designing the machines with human intelligence. Artificial intelligence builds intelligent systems. Artificial intelligence is a computer field. It defines the method of problem solving. It provides a direction in which manner a problem solving should take place as in first the problem is defined, then it is reasoned, and so on many process take place to solve a problem.

 The way a human reacts to a particular situation is taken under consideration. This develops a way of thinking for a particular problem. Artificial intelligence comes into picture when no solution works to solve a particular problem. AI was considered to be more prominent in the field of games, logical reasoning. It further gained importance in the field of robotics, and then it was further used in military for safeguarding the country by U.S army. AI also lead to reasoning and abstraction.

 It aims at building the creatures having the sense of intelligence. The input to the AI system is a problem which gives the solution to this problem. As it is not connection-ism  it is not neural networks, it is not a German philosophy, and it is also not blackboard. Limits of AI are it is totally performance oriented. AI system work as per the instruction given to them by human being or  as per they have being programmed by human beings.

Download Download Artificial Intelligence Seminar Report

Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report

Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report is useful for computer science students for giving presentation. Download full report with reference links on similar topic.

Nokia Morph Technology
Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report


Morph technical concept can develop mobile devices with some advantages:

–         It can be flexible and transparent and highly seamless.

–         It can auto services like cleaning and self preserving.

–         It’s batteries might be charge with solar in built charger, long lasting and fast to charge.

–         Inbuilt sensors can help us to know about the environment of around us and give us the better choices. 

In addition this devices cost could be less and it could include more functionality in much small  space. 


Morph is a concept that shows how future mobile device can be extended and its flexibility allowing the user to transform their mobile into different shapes. It shows the basic functionality that nanotechnology can deliver: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

 One day Nanotechnology will lead the market by providing low cost and integrated functionality mobile devices. It is also working to create self cleaning mobile devices and increase its life.

There is various technical areas where nano technology are used  :

Nano-enabled energy

          Enhanced energy harvesting and storage

          Enhanced energy density batteries


          Solar cell research

          Energy Harvesting from RF using wideband antennas and Nems structures


The Nano sensors would give power user to examine the environment around them to make their life comfortable by providing the way to examine the air pollution, to gaining insight into the mall traces and process. 


The large number of parallel sensors  that can be measure both either single one or in a  group.

It use new signal processing pattern, new materials to improve sensor characteristic, stability, resolution,  reliability, and processing response time.


Out purpose system focus on :

            Nanoresonator based on optical sensors

            ZnO nanowire base stain sensors

            For nano based computing use new signal process method   

Download Nokia Morph Technology Seminar Report


            The new technical device will be inclusive with some new trend technical feature like   Context aware device which can adapt and transfer functionality according to its tasks and it can be available everywhere , easy of understand GUI, flexible with new power source technology etc.