Online System for Training and Placement Department Java Project

ONLINE-SYSTEM-FOR-TRAINING-AND-PLACEMENT To do any project on web based application cse students can select this project. This project aims at developing an online application for the Training and Placement Department of the college using java. To train and place the students in colleges, TPO’s have to collect the information and CV’s and manages them manually and arranges them according to various streams.

                      This  activity is under two steps the first one is we have to maintain the list of students and their credit records and the second is to maintain the company details and based on the company requirements. The students need to be list out branch wise, which is more complex task, and inform through notice boards.

                    To overcome the difficulty of student details which were manual in the current system and we generate detailed information about the students which will save our time to inform each batch and section and student profile is maintained.

The following are the facilities that are provided by the system to the user-:

  • Notice generation
  • Student list generation
  • View student profile
  • Mailing
  • Result analysis

The system is implemented in web environment. The apache tomcat is used as the web server and windows Xp professional is used as the platform.

The Hardware Requirements for the systems-:

            Processor                    :           Intel p2 or later

           RAM                            :           512 MB or More

          Hard Disk                    :            40 GB or more

The system is more reliable because of the qualities that are inherited from the chosen platform java. The user interface is based on the web browser and the application is developed using JSP and HTML along with DHTML. The system exhibits high performance because it is well optimized. The business logic is clearly separate from the UI and we get the response within seconds.


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  1. sir , I interested to do this project because Placement Training are difficult issue for student
    Please send to write code this project.

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