Placement Automation System

Placement Automation System project is developed for institutions, where student’s information is required. This student information is used for campus placements. 

This system also maintains the information related to companies.

This application is useful for every engineering college where managing students information is important. 

In existing system entire work is done through an application process where it is a time taking the process and not accurate.

In order to make this work more simple developing software application will be an easy task. Using this application managing data is simple using a database. 

Mysql is used as backend application and java is used as a front end. Using Java servlets we can design a good looking and easy accessing front end.

Software and Requirements.

Language: JEE (Servlet, JSP, Hibernate), HTML

Database: MySql.

download Placement Automation System Project for Reference.

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  1. will u plz provide me java code for placement automation system.
    modules are:-
    students profile ,company profile,online examination,criteria based search,sms and mail notifications, forums.

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