Automation of Student Attendance Management Tool Project


The Automation of Student Attendance Management system maintains an analytical record of students, in accordance with the minimum attendance required by the faculty, for allowing students to sit for the examination. The front end of the project is being made using Netbeans IDE 8.2, in Java language; whereas the backend is being created and managed using MySQL 5.6 and WAMP Server. The project is being made by keeping in mind the problems faced while keeping attendance records on paper, or on spreadsheets, where the authority or faculty has to use formulae and decide which student matches the criteria and which student doesn’t.

All the tables are in a hierarchy. There is a view that holds the data of every student and their attendance table for the rows. We can only insert new data if we are logged in as a Faculty. But if we are logged in as students then we can only view our attendance. The front end is designed using Eclipse and the back end is built on MySQL and the connectivity between the two is done using JDBC Drivers.


It automatically calculates attendance percentage, total classes attended, and unattended classes for a particular student.
It enables performing some key administrative functions such as tracking absences, getting debar lists, etc.

The system maintains an analytical record of students, in accordance with the minimum attendance required by the faculty, for allowing students to sit for the examination.
The front end of the project is being made using Netbeans IDE 8.2, in Java language;

whereas the backend is being created and managed using MySQL 5.6 and WAMP Server.

Homepage of attendance manager

Homepage of Attendance Manager

The project helps the teachers upload their records to the system, and accordingly keeps track of each individual, and his attendance in classes. Even the students can access their records and maintain their attendance as per the criteria suggested.
It solves a big problem for teachers and saves time as well, which can be utilized in helping students in their box endeavors.
The project uses color coding and data assessment tools to manage attendance records. The attendance management software enables college and school students to improve the lecturer’s performance and productivity. The faculty does not have to expend their time in manual computation to obtain the student attendance percentage.
This system can help lecturers to take attendance easily. Manipulation and management of attendance data have to be taken care of, by the system so that the manual intervention can be removed.

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Overview of the Project


Record keeping is an essential part of every industry, it allows us to manipulate historic data and use that data to make decisions. Attendance is an important part of school and colleges it allows the faculty to know which student is coming regularly to classes and also helps in creating good students. It is also useful for the administrative authority to check for the late comers to work. Database tools like MySQL and Oracle are available for record-keeping purposes and are easily adaptable by nearly every industry. These records can be accessed later, and analyzed for further calculations, as needed by the user.

Advantages of database

• Single validated database throughout college/school.
• Current dataflow into Web-based access.
• Compliance of academic standards & best practices.
• Providing fast access to quality data to users.

This Attendance Tracking Management System is related to the Attendance Manager .Net Project. You can also visit & download the web application project on Attendance Tracking Management System PHP & MySQL Project


The Scope of the proposed system is to develop a system for attendance marking and viewing using a database management system that can be accessed by the users through LAN/WAN. Respective departments of an organization can access the data easily from this proposed system.

ER Diagram:

ER Diagram of Attendance Management System

The present system handles data related to:

1) Attendance marking (For faculties).
2) Making calculations to check for debarred.
3) Viewing of attendance. (For students).
4) Subject-wise debarred list.

The developer is responsible for developing the proposed software i.e. he should analyze, design, and implement the proposed project.

The proposed system aims to manage the attendance of the students on the desktop and to insert/ update/ delete data in the attendance database.

The proposed system has the following objectives:

In the backend MySQL is used, the overview of tables is given below:

1. Faculty
2. Course
3. Subject
4. Class(Class name)


Software Requirement :

  1. Operation System: Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux.

Programming Environment:

  1. Front End: Java (Eclipse)
  2. Back End: Wamp (MySQL)

Some output Pages of the Project

all the classes of the faculty for the system.
all the attendance records of the students for the system.
all the records of the subjects for the course.
all the attendance records of a class for the system.
users (Faculty/Students) can log in to the system.
the admin or the registered users to log in to the system.
the faculty to record the attendance of the student and then submit it.
show the attendance of the logged-in student and also show in which subject he is debarred.

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QR Code based Customer Billing System for Supermarket Shopping Project


The objective of this project is to propose a real-time capturing system that helps consumer billing for hypermart shopping using Quick Response (QR) code in Android smartphones.


Nowadays in most hypermart shops, customers have to take a long queue for billing after shopping and it’s a time-consuming process. Also, users will not be aware of the total bill amount at the time of purchase. Increase time spent at the billing counter and reduces customer satisfaction.


When a customer entered a shopping mall or a hypermart for shopping, his smartphone will be connected to the hypermart’s server. After the successful connection with the server, he can start purchasing. At the time of shopping, the QR code should be read for bill generation. QR code pattern can be read by android smartphones at the time of adding an item to the cart. The QR code will identify the price of the product and it will automatically calculate the total price according to the quantity of the product in the cart. So QR code verifies products by capturing them through a smartphone, then decodes them and sends them to the server for authentication. When the user finishes his shopping, the total amount will be displayed on his phone as well as the cashier’s monitor. You can also visit & download the PHP, My SQL Application project on Supermarket Inventory Management System.

 This will avoid huge queues and waste of time for billing after shopping. The customer can plan his shopping whether to continue or not by viewing the purchase bills so that he can manage the bill and shopping effectively.

The project consists of two main modules.

Admin module

Admin will add the products with their price, manufacturing details, and quantity information. He can view the billing and purchase details of customers and generate daily, weekly, and monthly billing reports. Admin can add the products with their price, manufacturing details, and stock information without any duplication. Based on the arrival of new stock and purchasing the product from the stock, the stock quantity will be updated. He then generates a QR code for each product. He can view the billing and purchase details of customers. Accordingly, he can generate daily, weekly, and monthly billing reports.

User module

User can plan their shopping using this app. The user can register with the app. When he enters a hypermart, he can scan the QR code of the product and can view the corresponding product details. Then submit the quantity to be taken. He can finally submit his items in the cart to generate the bill and also have the facility to cancel items from the cart. 

This Supermarket Management and Billing System are related to the Customer Billing System for Supermarket Shopping Project. You can also visit & download the Java Application project on Supermarket Management and Billing System


  • Operating system:   Microsoft Windows XP/above, Android
  • Platform:   Net Beans, Eclipse
  • Front End:   JSP, Android
  • Back End:   MySQL


Table 1: Login

Primary key: username

Purpose: To store login details






 Primary Key, Email id



 Password, unique password

User type


 user type




Table 2: Customer

Primary key: customer_id

Foreign key: emailid

Purpose: To store customer details






 Primary Key, customer id



Name of customer



 Foreign Key , Email id



 Phone Number of Customer



 Address of Customer



 App code


Table 3: Category

Primary key: category_id

Purpose: To store category details






 Primary Key, Category id



 Category Name

 Table 4: stock

Primary key: stock_id

Foreign key: product_id

Purpose: To store stock details






 Primary Key, Stock id



 Foreign Key, Product id



Quantity of Stock



Stock Added Date




Table 5: product

Primary key: product_id

Foreign key: category_id

Purpose: To store product details 






 Primary Key, Product id



Product Name



Foreign key, Category id



Quantity of product



Manufacturing Date



Expiry Date



Price of Product



Manufacturing company



About the product



Country name



Image of product



Quick Response code




Table 6: cart

Primary key: Cartid

Foreign key: Email

Purpose: To store cart details






 Primary Key, Cart id



 Foreign Key, Email







Table 7: cart_item

Primary key: cart_item_id

Foreign key: Cartid , product_id

Purpose: To store cart item details






 Primary Key, Cart item id



 Foreign Key, Cart id



 Foreign Key, Product id



 Quantity of product

 Table 8: purchase

Primary key: purchase_id

Foreign key: bill_no, Emailed, product_id

Purpose: To store  purchase details






 Primary Key, Purchase id



 Foreign Key, Bill No



 Foreign Key, Emailed



 Foreign Key, Product id



 Product Purchased Date



 Quantity of product

Table 9: bill

Primary key: bill_no

Foreign key: Emailed

Purpose: To store bill details






 Primary Key, Bill No



  Foreign Key, Emailed



 Total Amount



Date of bill generated




Table 10: feedback

Primary key: feedback_id

Purpose: To store feedback details






 Primary key, Feedback id



 Sender’s id






 Feedback send date

Download the complete Android app project on QR Code based Customer Billing System for Supermarket Shopping Project.

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Online College Complaints Suggestions and Compliances PHP Project

“Online Complaints, Suggestions, and Compliances” is a website and through this project, we have learned to design webpages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. It has enabled us to have a deeper understanding of how frameworks help in the development of websites.

Thus, in this College Complaints Suggestions and Compliances project, we have acquired a lot of knowledge about various technologies in web development. We have explored many new concepts on the web, such as JavaScript and AJAX.

Solving these problems must be quick and transparent. Often, Students shy away from writing complaints and suggestions into the box, as students are afraid of peer views of their actions.

Problem Statement:

A College Complaints Suggestions and Compliances Web Application to allow students to raise complaints and suggestions transparently without exposing their identity.

The Objectives of this application are:

  • Allows students to log in with E-mail verification before submission of complaints and suggestions
  • Allows students to track their submissions from their portal
  • Allows teachers to reply and change the status of the submissions without exposing student’s USN
  • Provides a pie chart representing the types of submissions
  • Admin can block submissions using foul languages

Steps Involved:

Step 1: The web application loads the home page. With options of Student, Teacher, and Admin
Step 2: On selecting Student, the user must first log in using the login page. On successful login, the user is greeted with the student portal.
Step 3: The student portal allows users to check the status of the previous complaints, and suggestions.
Step 4: Students can click to submit complaints and suggestions, after the verification page using email verification.
Step 5: The student can click on the logout option and is then taken to the login page, which has the option to return to the home page
Step 6: On clicking the teacher option on the home page, the teacher has to log in. They are then taken to the teacher’s home page. The teacher can choose to view complaints and suggestions.
Step 7: On clicking on a complaint/suggestion is taken to the auction page. Where the teacher can change the status of the complaint with the option to reply.
Step 8: After replying, the teacher is taken back to the teacher’s home portal. On logging out, you are taken to the login page, with the option to be redirected to the home page
Step 9: On clicking the Admin option on the home page, the admin has to log in. They are then taken to the Admin home page. Admin can choose to view complaints and suggestions which are blocked due to the use of foul language. After allowing or disallowing the admin is returned to the Admin home portal. On logging out, you are taken to the login page, with the option to be redirected to the home page.


Login: This module allows students, teachers, and Admin to log in with different access to web pages and controls. The username and hash of the password are compared with the Tables stored in the Database.

Signup: This module allows students, teacher, and Admin to register their access to the web application. By signing up the user is registered in the Database, so that their login credential is saved for future logins.

Complaint and Suggestion Form: This module allows students to fill up complaints or suggestions. Before uploading to Database. It checks for any foul language violation. It marks the entry to be checked by the admin, before allowing it to be viewed by the teacher.

Student Submission view: This module allows students to view the status and reply to their complaints or suggestions previously raised. On clicking the user can re-open a submission.

Verification: Students have to enter the One-time password (OTP) sent to their email to verify the authenticity of the complaint and suggestions. This module is implemented using PHPMailer Library.

Teacher submission view: This module allows concerned teachers to view the complaints and suggestions without revealing students’ USN. On selecting a submission, the teacher can update the status, reply to the same, and notify the same to the student’s email.

Admin unblock submission: Display submissions flagged due to misuse of the platform. Allows admin to unblock the submission if it is appropriate, and updates the same in Database.


  • This application can be used in all colleges to collect Complaints and suggestions
  • It can be viewed by a teacher without relieving student’s use
  • Students get updated by their emails when the status of their submissions changes
  • The teacher can view a pie chart representing the type of submission. So, they can concentrate on a given area
  • Submissions using foul language are blocked and are reviewed by Admin


The internet is a very powerful platform for people to share their views in confidence. This Web Technology Mini Project draws further on the notion of the same lines, allowing Students to place complaints and suggestions without relieving their identity. Colleges and institutions improve from the useful insights provided through our platform. Thus, allowing them to understand the needs of students wholesomely.

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Alumni Management Portal for Educational Institutions PHP Project

This Alumni Management Portal project aims to develop a platform for the Educational Institutions to maintain communication between faculty, alumni, and students. The main objective of this PHP & MySQL web application is to enhance or improve employability opportunities for students, organize alumni lectures and events, and increase networking skills and opportunities for students.


Our Institutional Alumni Management Portal project is a web-enabled application through which administrators, students, and alumni will be able to continuously communicate. For this, we need an application that is user-friendly. The needs of all three users of the portal should be covered.

Administrators can log in, maintain, verify and manage alumni and student records, and create events and group chats. Administrators can also generate reports in excel and pdf format and view placement statistics of the institute. Once an event is created, all the alumni and students registered on the portal will receive emails automatically.

Alumni can log in, register, update their details, view events, participate in group chats, and post job opportunities and materials. Students can log in, register, view details of alumni, register for events, download materials posted by alumni, job materials posted by alumni, and participate in group chats with other alumni and students.

The below figure shows and explains the Architecture Diagram of the Alumni Management Portal website.

Architecture Diagram of Alumni Management Portal


To build a responsive Educational Institutions Alumni web application to manage and track students and alumni of an educational institute and build a portal that facilitates continuous communication.

Organization of Project

We have three modules in our project.

● Admin
● Alumni
● Student

Alumni management portals can be used by educational institutes to maintain and manage records of alumni and students of the respective institute in an efficient manner. It leads to better outcomes in terms of student placement opportunities, and knowledge transfer and improves the structure of communication between current students and alumni thereby increasing networking skills and opportunities.

In traditional methods where student data is manually stored, a lot of time is wasted doing redundant and repetitive work. Here storing data, statistics, and report generation all are automated. Furthermore, there is no need for paperwork since everything is done online and stored in a refined database.

The output screenshot of the project explains about “Test case check whether the admin is able to view all users”

All Users List of Alumni Management Portal Project

Blood Donating System Web Application Project Software Requirement Specification

This is the Software Requirement Specification for Blood Donating System Project and it explains the project overview, project scope, project problem statement, Hardware and Software Requirements, Project Phase wise, review wise development process and Functional Requirements.

Project Overview

A Blood Donating System Web Application can help many people to donate blood those who are in need. So they will have a pure registration, with necessary details and those who are in need of blood will log in and check for the donors’ list based on their locality and contact facility will be given such that both will be in contact and also they shall do the process necessary for blood donation.

Project Scope

In India, due to many accidents in many situations and in different locations. According to the EMRI Survey, in a two-day Conference, it stated that​ “​40% of road accident victims in 2018 died due to excessive loss and due to very less source of contact for donating the blood”.​ So Actually the scope is that, In a very short span, it provides users with many facilities. The main purpose of the Blood Donating System project is to interconnect donors into a single network with receptors. So the proposed Blood Donating Web Application project could ensure the necessity of blood and blood donation by saving the World.

Problem Statement

So many people are losing their lives without having the availability of blood in correct time for example if a person met with an accident and for surgery he needs blood urgently in short period of time and sometimes it is very difficult to get blood in time so to overcome this problem our team decided to develop a website for blood donation.

Phase 1

  • Project Idea
  • Evaluation of Idea in technical Aspect
  • Research of The Idea and Analysis
  • Scope of the Project evaluated

Phase 2

  • Front End
  • Developing Responsive Web Pages in Front End
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Introduction Page
  • Donor Form Fill
  • Signup

Phase 3

  • Donors Details Page
  • Backend Development
  • Access of Donors to contact
  • Technologies used are django, mongos
  • Login/Logout Validation

Development Process

● Register & Log-in Portal
● Blood Donation System
● Donor History after successful login
● Both Donor and Receptor pure validated registration
● Donors are available based on the Receptor Locality
● Easy UI
● Backend without any issue in Domain Specifications
● Login and Logout Creation2. Requirements Specification

Functional Requirements

● HTML, JavaScript, BootStrap (Main Focus on these.)
● Registration
● Login and Logout Portal
● Blood Donation Management
● Donors History
● Donors List based on their Locality
● Pure Backend Establishment using Javascript

Non-Functional Requirements

● Reliability
● Usability
● Maintainability

Academic Project Management System Java & MySQL Project

The design and development of the Academic Project Management system are to provide a complete student academic project submission system. It is an online-based web application where students can submit their final year project works like project code, project reports, review-wise paper presentations, etc through the online system.

In this Academic Project Management project, the main users are Students, Project guides, and Administrators. This application was completely developed with Java & MySQL databases.

Students can download this full project code, report, and PPT and deploy it in your local system to get some knowledge about how to make an Academic Project Management project for their academic project reference purpose.


Academic Project Management is an issue faced by multiple educational institutes in India.

This is due to the absence of an automated system.

College faculty members manually gather all the project reports and inputs from students and store them physically at specific locations.

To overcome this practical problem and to make ease the process, a secure web application must be developed. 


  • To reduce the physical effort of maintaining CDs and documentation.
  • To ensure all necessary documents are submitted on time.
  • To establish transparency between guides and their teams.
  • To allow ease in monitoring and issuing of suggestions.
  • To enable secure login and authentication of students


  • Generally, a non-automated approach is followed.
  • The students are required to form teams that are placed under the guidance of an Internal Guide.
  • The Project Coordinators ensure projects are completed on time and meet all the requirements and regulations.
  • The heads of the Departments provide valuable suggestions and comments.
  • Students require approval from the above-mentioned.
  • The project documents and reports are physically stored


  • Utilizing the web application, the entire flow can be automated so that the students need not submit any soft and hard copies of the project and the college need not maintain all the collected records.
  • All the coordinators and guides can review the process and project, and appraise with approvals or disapprovals through an automated system.
  • They can also provide feedback.
  • The system makes it easier to assess deadlines and submissions.



  • Students can log in and post all the project details and view project details online.
  • Change your own profile details.
  • Encrypted login.
  • Upload project details, documents, and reports.
  • View all project documents.
  • View and update project status.
  • Receive feedback.

Internal Guide:

  • The internal guide can view the project documents, abstracts, reports, results, and codes. They have command of the projects which are allocated to them for monitoring. They can approve/disapprove project inputs.

Project Coordinators: 

  • They are required to ensure all project developers meet deadlines and submit quality projects that have been approved by the internal guides.
  • View project documents, reports, and results.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Approve/disapprove projects or documents.
  • View project progress and status


  • HoD plays a vital role in academic projects posted by students
  • View project details.
  • Approve/disapprove project details.
  • Project feedback.
  • Add College information to display on the dashboard.

Activity Diagram:


  • The Academic Project Management application provides secured login and authentication to the users.
  • Students can upload, modify and view documents.
  • The process of submitting project reports and getting approval has been made easier via the online web application.
  • The coordinators have the ease to provide feedback and guidelines to the students, the progress is also monitored.
  • A chat module can be attached to provide a seamless interaction between students and faculty.
  • A notification system to inform deadlines and announcements can be added.

Simple 2D Graph Plotting C++ Mini Project Source Code & Report

Simple 2D Graph Plotting Abstract

Simple 2D graph plotting is a mini-project implemented on C++ platform to plot two dimensional graphs. The main module used in the program is ‘graphics.h’ which includes various predefined functions to achieve drawing lines, circles, and mouse applications.

We can include two separate graph plot data in a single plot data object. We can also initialize the plot data objects with the range of the graph to be viewed. While calling the plot() function we also have an option to give different colors to different graphs. The axes are automatically constrained to the range of the graph. But some functions will also be provided to extend the axes span.


Mathematics is a common subject that we keep learning right from our kindergarten till higher studies which includes many equations which can be represented graphically. The graphs of the equations are used to analyze and solve the equations. The main idea behind the Simple 2D graph plotting application had taken birth when we ourselves had faced the problem to draw the graphs of any given mathematical equations to solve them. So we have designed an application that takes the mathematical equation as input and displays the graph in Cartesian plane.

Objective of the Project

The main Objective while implementing this Simple 2D graph plotting application was to simplify drawing graphs of any mathematical equations and thereby the analysis of those mathematical equations is made easy by judging their respective graphs.


This Simple 2D graph plotting application has been totally developed on the C++ platform by using ‘graphics.h’ exclusively for the implementation of Graphical User Interface. The IDE we used was      Dev C++. The application can be run on any computer with basic specifications.


Using this Simple 2D graph plotting application will make life very simple for students who study Mathematics mainly for higher studies of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Various concepts and phenomena in Physics and Chemistry are explained mathematically and represented graphically. In each and every such concept or phenomenon this application is useful which displays the graph by taking the mathematical equation as input.

The main Objective while implementing this Simple 2D graph plotting application was to simplify drawing graphs of any mathematical equations and there by the analysis of those mathematical equations is made easy by judging their respective graphs. We designed the program in such a way that it perfectly matched our objectives.

The below figuare shows Graph of a Quadratic Equation

Future Scope

The next version of this Simple 2D graph plotting application will have many more features like :

  • Two different graphs can be drawn and compared at a time.
  • The front end of the application can be designed in a web page.
  • The application can be made usable online.
  • The application can be released in Android version.

Download the Simple 2D Graph Plotting C++ Mini Project Source Code & Report, PPT.

Here you can view the developers page to get more details.

Movie Ticket Booking / Reservation System Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Report


Web-based Movie Ticket Booking/ Reservation System for cinema halls and multiplex movie theaters which can be accessed over the internet. Presently most movie lovers book their tickets via Paytm or Bookmyshow mobile apps and websites. This web project will automate the reservation of movie tickets and inquiries about the availability of seats. This online java based application includes email confirmation for the movie tickets with seat numbers and movie time. This project was developed using Java & MySQL.

Users of the system

  1. Administrator
  2. Manager
  3. External users

High-Level Requirements

  1. System to allow the administrator to maintain masters such as Cinema Halls, type details like multiplexes or single, number of screens, seating capacity per screen, approximate rates per screen, other facilities at the location and its map, etc to be published.
  2. The cinema halls listed are of different types and offer different types of seats/classes. Information like seating capacity, and rates for different classes. Only 50% of the seats are available for online reservations.
  3. System to allow the admin to upload the details of a number of shows, movies being screened, ticket rates, etc on the site only on registration.
  4. System to allow users to search for cinema halls, movies, and shows based on selection criteria, for 2 weeks in advance.
  5. System to allow users to choose the seats which are available for a selected movie, selected screen, selected show, or selected class. Users can select the mode of transfer of tickets whether through the courier or collection at the counter, and charges for the same are to be added to the total of ticket charges.
  6. Users subscribe for new release information.
  7. System to mail information as per subscription.

System Design Use Case Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Movie Booking Output Screens:

  • User login page
  • User home page
  • Book ticket page
  • Select movie Page:
  • Book Ticket Page
  • Ticket booked Page
  • Payment gateway Page
  • Subscribe to the new movies page
  • User Registration page
  •  Manager Login Page
  • Cinema Hall Registration
  • Movie Timings Page
  • Add a new movie page
  • Admin login page
  • Manager registration page

Home Page

Book Your Show Page:

Download Online Movie Ticket Booking Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Project Report.

Download the complete Desktop application Project code on Online Movie Ticket Booking System.

Baking Website – Online Store for Bakery Products Java & MySQL Project Source Code & Report


  • A Baking Webpage allows users to check for various bakery products available at the online store and purchase them.
  • This Webpage consists of a list of Bakery products displayed in various categories with their unique descriptions which attract people.
  • If a user likes a product, he may add it to the shopping cart.
  • If the user wishes to check out, he must log in to the site first. He can then log in using the same credentials next time.
  • He may now pay through a credit card or opt for cash on delivery (COD).
  • Once the user makes a successful transaction, he gets a copy of the shopping receipt on his E-Mail id.


  • All the existing systems for the online bakery shops are basic web pages for buying products.
  • But these Webpages are not user-friendly.
  • These web pages are so complicated as they are not properly organized which makes it difficult for the user to find the products, the cart, and many other facilities on that webpage.
  • Basically, all the users prefer to buy such products through Instagram or any such website based on the reviews, ratings, and images of the product which gives an assurance of the quality to the buyer.


  • Our proposed system is a user-friendly webpage where the user can easily access all the icons.
  • Every icon is unique and understandable to the user as it explains itself which is not there in the existing systems.
  • The Proposed system will always be linked to social networking sites like Instagram and Whatsapp so that there could be easy communication between the seller and the buyer.
  • If a specific product is purchased and liked by more people then we reduce the cost of the product and keep it as a top-priority product.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS

Programming Language: JavaScript, Java, MySQL DB

FrontEnd: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Tools: Netbeans IDE

illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate Android App


The main theme of the project “illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate” is to help illiteracy people, nowadays every individual is using a smartphone then what about illiteracy people who don’t know even how to make a call on a smartphone, how to save and select contacts, only this category of people are unable to use a smartphone efficiently, so we thought to help them by providing an android application which makes calling operation very easy for the illiteracy people by clicking on the image of the person it directs to calling operation. Like this they easily recognize the person’s image, for this education is not required while saving contact we can save with an image with this operation we would like to add some other operations like sharing images, and files.

With this illit wear android application, the smartphone will reach every individual in spite of literate or illiterate and we would like to develop this application by using android studio why because in the world 90% of people are using the android phone when compared to ios, the cost of android mobile is less when compared to ios mobile.


To design an android application that helps illiterate people


illiterate people should not face problems while operating basic features in smartphones.


To build an application that makes users recognize the images for calling, sharing data on a smartphone

Existing System

The application will only deal with the name of the contact person. In this case, illiterate people will face a problem with calling a person.

Proposed System

Our application helps people to recognize a contact person with an image and also helps to share images via the internet without any difficulty.




System Requirements

  • Android Studio
  • Minimum java (JDK 1.7)

Output Results:


With this application, the smartphone will reach every individual spite of literate or illiterate.

Here Students can download the illit wear – Made easy for the Illiterate android app complete project documentation.