Grid Computing Project for CSE Students

Rough Set Based Grid Computing Project ABSRATACT

In today’s world Grid computing Project is evolving into solving the large scale problems over the internet and also utilization of grid facilities becomes more important role into service oriented computing utilization by sharing resources. This project presents ROSSE means it is a rough set based search engine for grid service discovery .ROSSE is a novel which is have a capability of dealing  uncertain of properties when matching services

Grid Computing Project
Grid Computing Project

Rough Set Based Grid Computing Introduction:

ROSSE can explains about most relevant service enquiry from functional point. This functional point may have distinct non functional properties which are related with QUALITY OF SERVICE (QOS). ROSSE further introduces a QUALITY OF SERVICE model for user satisfaction. The main objective of this ROSSE is can  evalutes from discovery of computing service with more efficiency and accuracy in aspects.

Rough set based grid computing service is works based on service match making algorithm for dealing uncertain service property problem and used for service discovery. Service match making algorithm is more effective algorithm. the main modules of this project is

  • Authentication
  • Remote configuration retrieval
  • Gathering required data
  • Data matching
  • Data analysis

Authentication: sometimes several servers are feel this is a large and heavy to working therefore it is difficult to handle the default system information utility. So we done this with two different users.

 Remote configuration retrieval: This module gives detailed information about system. This is easy way of accessing information and also storing information.

Gathering required data: this module is a Pre preparation method tand it is a design application, which stores under profile name for further requirement and it gets all required data from the administrator. 

Data matching: In this module we are using service match making algorithm for configuration.

Data analysis: it is the process of interaction with customers and inquiring their main requirements and also interaction with designers for possible interface of the software.

In this project frontend is java and backend is mysql.

Processing of lower and upper approximation is known as rough set. 

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