How to Get a Job in Facebook?

As we know face book has 850 million users using face book daily but very few of them know that face book provides option for users to get job. Though everyone use face book for connecting with friends and sharing their daily life experiences. But face book allows us to show our talent through online test which may change our life.

Are you looking for a job in face book? Here we are providing a easy and cool way to get a job. There is no need to attend interview just what you need is internet connection with a knowledge on at least one programming language given below.

C, C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP.

Facebook Programming Challenge


Face book is providing online test procedure which will take 2 hrs of time for completing entire test. You must select any one of the programming language before taking this test.

Face books allows users to take sample test questions which will follow entire test procedure. You can even download sample test cases for practice before taking the test.

Based on the test results face book will take phone interview.

Step1: Log in with Facebook Username & Password

Step2: Go to Sample Test link


Step3: Start Your Sample Test


Here is the link for taking online test Facebook Programming Challenge