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System Analysis and Design for Student Hostel Management System Project

Introduction PURPOSE The purpose of this SRS & System Analysis and Design document is to build a Hostel Management System Site to help students book hostel rooms at their own […]

Development of Career Builder HTML & CSS Minor Project

Introduction There has been a demand for a career builder product, an application that can solve the problem of mock tests, and sample papers for different government and non-government projects. […]

Simple Hotel Management System Project Using HTML and CSS

Project Title: Hotel Management System Introduction: This project is about the hotel management system. There are different types of apps are circulating all around which gives us an idea about the new […]

Design & Development of Online Examination Management System Project

This project is aimed to reduce the manual work involved in data maintenance in Online examinations and automates the Online Examination Management System. This project is developed mainly to simplify the manual work and allows smooth administration of the operations of an Online Examination.

Online Student Project Report Submission and Evaluation System PHP Project

Download the complete Online Project Report Submission and Evaluation System for College students with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL Source code, Full report documentation.. The online project report submission and evaluation system is providing an online discussion and document sharing for students and lecturers. The pre-existing systems didn’t have the functionalities such as notifying the student when he/she is being added to the project group, online automatic generation of the certificate after the completion of the entire project, and many more which are being implemented in this version of the system.

Human Resource Management System PHP & MySQL Web Application Project

The HR Management System is a simple academic web-based mini-project created with PHP & MySQL databases. The primary goal of this Human Resource Management System PHP project is to build a web application that helps the organization manages its human resources.

Online Medical Store or Pharmacy Shop Java Project with code

Here download the complete Online Medical Store or Pharmacy shop Java Project with code, Abstract Seminar, Project Report and how to run project user manual. The main aim of developing this project is to buy medicines online.