Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring a Java Project

Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring  Java Project is a CSE Final Year project which will be useful for students who are interested in developing Government related projects on real issue. Developing this application includes many security issues which can be understood by this final year seminar topic.

Main idea for developing this project is to manage government funds without misusing by officials, as we know government will introduce lot of schemes which should reach people but this is not happing and all the schemes are moving to dustbin due to many reasons. There is need to implement a software application which can solve this problem by accurately managing funds which can be visible on a open plat forum.


This application will provide option for every citizen to submit his application through a online service for a applicable scheme. Officials will check application and update application status whether he is applicable for scheme or not which will be transparent. At the same time funds information will be updated on the site on daily basis. Which will be a transparent application; using these applications can increase faith in government.

Enterprise Scheme Planner software contains information about different schemes provided by government for various categories from low to high level. This software will handle information of each and every scheme allocated by government to states villages …etc. Main challenge is to handle funds information accurately by making it transparent to public. 

This application contains admin module where he will monitor entire applications status information and update as soon as the application is processed .This process is maintained for every scheme and every area from all over the country. This module will handle security issues for authenticating users at various levels.

This project is developed indifferent modules where each module will have unique functionality and interrelate with other modules. One module will look after application status submitted by citizens coming from different parts of the country. Office module where internal officers who process application will update processed information. Admin module who looks after administration related issues.

As this project is used by uneducated and educated developing GUI is very important. This system has implemented user friendly GUI which can be easily used by villagers. There are other features like online report viewing, easy attachment in this system. Projects like Income Tax Planning can be integrated in to this project for future development.

Technologies used: J2SE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC and Java Script.

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  1. sir,Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring a Java Project this project work on eclipse????????i what can do to run this project,i already download it.but icant run..i what will do to run this project??

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