Zigbee Based College Bus Data Monitoring System

The college-bus database monitoring and controlling system in the college need to be continuously monitored by the computer. These monitoring system include bus transition monitoring system, where continuous monitoring and parameter checking required.

Most of the current monitoring and controlling system having human interfaces and some difficult task like maintaining such data with accuracy. It is impossible for the college bus-worker and management staff to continuously work only for such task. So to solve this problem, we can provide wireless network link like ZigBee.

The characteristics of ZigBee like low power, low cost, range up to 100 meter and network forming ability make ZigBee technology an ideal choice for wireless monitoring and controlling network in this system.

In our proposed College-Bus Data Monitoring system we are using ZigBee module, p89c51rd2 microcontroller system and one pc interfaced with it, who monitor continuously. This module  send the unique code for each bus at the time of entering or exiting college campus to the ZigBee enabled p89c51rd2 microcontroller system interfaced with computer.

In computer by using data logger software we are storing that updated data in database with time & date. so like this we will have all bus transition data automatically with accuracy without maintaining any hand written database.

Touch Screen Based Wireless Home Automation Using Zigbee

When an order is placed by the customer, table_id and order number is transmitted to the coordinator and an acknowledgement is sent automatically to that end device i.e. table and a LED is switched ON at the table device. Now once the order is ready, owner presses the respective button to the table whose order is ready, then the LED at end device starts blinking which will be as an acknowledge to the customer saying the order is ready.

All these information is being stored in data base and will be displayed by using a projector or any other displaying device. Now if another order has to be placed by the customer then he needs to first press any button to make the blinking LED off and then click the respective button for the order and this repeats. Thus the ordering an item at restaurant is being easier and simpler.


a) IAR Embedded Workbench (MCS-51 7.30B)
b) Z-Stack (CC2430 – 1.4.3 – 1.2.1)
c) Byte Wedge Standard for Database


a) Intel Pentium based system with Windows XP.
b) Keypads for connecting to the Battery Board at the End Point.
c) Zigbee
d) Antenna



This is an Touch Screen Based Wireless Home Automation Using Zigbee Technology application that has tables as End Device and the owner as a Coordinator. The number of tables as per this application is 4 and can be changed according to the user’s requirement. Each table has its own unique table_id. This has to be assigned to the end device in order to differentiate each table.

The table can place an order having four items ranging from 1 to 4 using the four switches available. Here we are sending 11, 12, 13 and 14 from the four switches respectively where for example in “11”, the first digit is the table_id and second digit is the order. As the table_id must change for all the four end devices, the first digit shall be changed for every table.

Once the order is placed by the customer, order is being received by the Coordinator and for acknowledgement coordinator automatically sends back a message and an LED is switched ON at the end device. Now once the order is ready, owner presses the respective button to the table whose order is ready, then the LED at end device starts blinking and the food is being served by the waiter boy.

All these information will be displayed by using a projector or can also be displayed by any other displaying device. Now if another order has to be placed by the customer then he needs to first press any button to make the blinking LED off and then click the respective button for the order and this repeats.


1) No need of man power.
2) We can save time.


1) The counter and customers are connected in a wireless Zigbee network to make the service more efficient.


1) http://www.palowireless.com/zigbee
2) http://www.circuitsforyou.com

Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT

Existing Work:

In the existing work, the developed system was not efficient in the view of task scheduling, as the system was used was a non Linux device and also external Ethernet was used for the communication purpose.

Proposed Work:

On a Raspberry Pi (Single-Board Computer) board of ARM 11 architecture will be ported with an Embedded Linux operating system and using Ethernet protocol for IOT applications, we will acquire the data from the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), post the data over the web such that it can be viewed over internet on any browser as well also in advancement will operate the appliance from the web.

Hardware: Raspberry pi Board (ARM 11), Ethernet Router, Zigbee Modules, 8051 Controller Boards, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Light, Fan.

Software: Embedded Linux OS, Ethernet Protocol, Qtopia GUI

Applications: Industry, Airports

Advantages: Low Cost, Easy to Install and operate

ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System ECE Project Report

Introduction to ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System Project:

In this paper we implemented a new concept in high level communications with low power digital based radio systems, in upcoming advancements of wireless communication systems our project ZIG-BEE monitoring and control system provides proprietary conditions for low cost, low power consumption, wireless network in global implementation.

Wireless communications are developing rapidly in recent days with the help of embedded systems in modern day applications, these integrated embedded systems paved path for the development of the revolutionary concept ZIG-BEE monitoring and controlling devices, these low data rate devices find many applications in the fast data communication systems.

By using this technique we can connect several nodes into a single network, the standard expectations of this concept is to control any kind of electronic devices and machines, in order to maintain proper energy management we demonstrated the ZIG-BEE concept having an ZIG-BEE module which continuously monitors the connected devices, ZIG-BEE arrived  in order to meet the requirements like global license free ISM band width operations, un interrupted geographic use, radio frequency penetration into various mediums, voice support control systems,  these systems are capable of working for years using inexpensive power utilities in controlling and monitoring devices, reliable and self healing, these networking techniques are robust with low complexity in remote monitoring control systems.

And they can transfer data rates up to 250 kb/s, with CSMA-CA channel access can address devices dynamically in this the network coordinator coordinates with all other network nodes through communication lines, in this we implemented 802.15.4 Architecture and its overview with performance parameters and simulation results were neatly explained below, this intelligent monitoring system is successfully designed and implemented using sophisticated techniques and These systems had many advantages like, security, HVAC transmissions, lighting control, access control, irrigation systems, environmental management systems, building automation, industrial management, security management, wireless sensor networks.  

Download  ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System ECE Project Report.

A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology Project Report


This paper elaborates the working of the home security alarm system developed by employing WSN and GSM technology. WSN technology has the capability to detect object information in dangerous conditions. By using GSM networks we can transfer information to large distances. A system  software is developed in C51 which sends and receives data, and at the same time gives an alarm when a dangerous condition is encountered. Zigbee is used for wireless communication of the devices connected in a area. Zigbee technology is employed because it is highly transmission efficient and it can send signals without any attenuation during the time of gas leaking and fire attacks. MSP430F135 microcontroller used as it as it as low power consummating device.

System architecture:

The WSN has an data collecting unit which converts the sensor signals and sends to the processing unit, where the information gets processed and is placed on a wireless network for transmitting. A wireless control unit interconnects both GSM module and WSN center node module so that messages given by the WSN is sent to GSM module. The GSM module uses the GPRS networks for transmitting messages to the mobile phones. A target detection algorithm is employed for effective elimination of environment changes.

Applications and future scope;

This type of models are used in industries, companies , banks and homes for detecting the security threats. This can send the message within a few seconds after the detection of threat. The time taken for the threat detection is a bit slow so certain new algorithms are to be employed for fast detection of targets. Thus we can conclude that this model is useful to prevent the sudden occurring threats.

Download A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology Project Report.