Designing an UI/UX-based Project for a Customizable App

Project Title: Designing an UI/UX-based project for a customizable app that prevents a person from “High Screen Time”. This UI/UX design for an app & more Projects also includes “Custom Portfolios”, and Banner-Design for an online education platform.

Project Tools: Adobe XD, Anima, Adobe Photoshop Undraw, GradientUI, Adobe Fonts, Adobe color.

Project Duration: 6-7 Weeks.

Project Files: The project files include numerous “png files”, Browser supported links, and a project report.


• Youtube
• Behance
• Pinterest
• Adobe Tutorials


  • The Idea of Creating an app design that would focus on being minimalistic and target the main objective of reducing screen time.
  • The title of the project is “Unplug” which fits perfectly with our goal.
  • The app includes features like custom alarm, statistics, and one-click-detox.
  • A signup page and feedback page have been created in accordance with the app design to attract customers and improve app performance.
  • User experiences have been set up to have numerous feedbacks with the goal-objective kept in mind.


Banner Design & Landing Page Design Features:

  • The Banner is designed accustomed to the customer needs and contains the important tagline “STAY LOCAL AND WORK GLOBAL”
  • The Banner Design contains an idea of digitally marketing an online course on “Machine Learning” with mini tags explaining the features of the online course.
  • Coming to the design tool, for the banner, I have used Adobe XD, and the logos are imported from different resources using png format.
  • The landing page design is accustomed to an individual and contains the detailing of the person’s achievement in an attractive way
  • The landing page is designed in both “Light-mode” and ‘’dark-mode’’. The main idealogy behind designing a portfolio page is to attract people to know more about the person’s work and this can improve for people seeking jobs or companies looking for employees.
  • The landing page can also be used for a portfolio website.




The project took around 5-6 weeks to complete. The basics of understanding a UI & UX design and how to execute it. The goal was to resolve the complex issue of reducing “screen time” so that the customers could focus on much more important things and improve their work consistently. The project helped me understand the key principles of design and how to adapt them to our daily project and to provide users with all the necessary features required for the goal. The add/banner design helped me understand the view of a UI designer from a digital-market side and how its system work. For the portfolio design which would further help in CV and resume-building.


  • Since I have learned some of the most basic things in UI & UX designing, I would like to gain much more expertise and experience in the field and learn how such designs solve real-world problems.
  • Adobe xd has regularly been updating itself and so learning new skill sets would be a constant work to improve me.
  • I would learn one step further by linking java-script codes and style sheets with the designs thus making a fully-fledged front end for a website or an app.
  • Since the user-testing field is evolving continuously, I would learn various user stories and try to improve them by using them in various projects.

AI-Powered News Articles Search Web Application using IBM Cloud and Slack Bot


The purpose of this News Articles Search project is to develop a web application that fulfills our need to find the obvious and recent news articles and update them regularly. After the discovery service is integrated with Slack Workspace, it gives a bot as an intermediate to search news with a keyword. In addition, the web application also analysis the sentimental present in the news article and extracts keywords and concepts to make it an attractive and understandable format for the user to understand what is important and what is not.

Literature Survey

Existing Problem

News Article applications that are currently used are confusing the users, with multiple functions and an overflow of design, these applications still do not fulfill the demand of the news users and often get results from the past days, weeks, and months, which confuses the users only. Also, there is no way in these apps to know what the approximate feeling of the audience is regarding the article or news topic, which makes it less interactive and very low number of users.

Proposed Solution

Discovery service available in the IBM cloud, creating a web app to get the latest and obvious news results fast and user friendly. When integrated with Red Node Flow, the IBM Discovery Service can create a simple, engaging, organized user interface that provides users with relevant news articles as Discovery Service continuously crawls the web for the latest news to provide. By adding emotional analysis, we make the user interface more interactive, easier to understand, and attain more users.

Project Tasks

1. Creating and deploying the Watson discovery news app locally.
2. Integrating Slack-bot with Watson Discovery.
3. Creating node-red user Interface.
4. Integrating node-red UI with Watson Discovery.

Flow Chart:

Flow Chart

Experimental Investigation

First, we use the discovery service to configure and query adding our collection. A red node application is created in which the discovery is integrated and a simple flow of 5 nodes is created to enter the news topic and the results show related news. Slack then integrates with Watson’s discovery service so that news articles can be searched on more than one platform, and finally, sentiment analysis is performed on the data/news articles being searched.

Advantages and Disadvantages

1. The News Articles Search web application provides interactive sentiment analysis.
2. It can be accessed through more than one platform which is slack.
3. It collects and delivers the most recent data.
4. It does not have additional features like storing news history.
5. It does not provide a stand-alone app but rather uses a web application.


1. This News Articles Search web application can be used by any user in need of accurate and fast results.
2. Can be used by firms and organizations.
3. Can be used in the stock market to make predictions.

Bot on slack

Bot on slack


This News Articles Search project gives some basic working knowledge of the Watson Discovery Service and showed you how to use Discovery along with JavaScript and Node.js to build your own news mining web application. It also gives insight into real-world applications of AI and helps us understand Slack better.

Future Scope

1. The IBM Cloud and Slack Bot web application can be integrated with the cloud and made into a mobile app to use on it on-the-go.
2. Additional sentiments can be added to the UI.
3. Related and trending news topics can be shown to the user.


Online Medical Shop DBMS Python Mini Project

This project is based and innovated on an Online medical shop, wherein we store all the details about the customers, the stock of the medicines, orders, and payments and also the project will include a page wherein the user will indicate the symptoms and will get a probable disease and the prescribed medicine.

The project is aimed to modernize and support existing small business owners. In the age of technology where online medicine is dominated by e-commerce giants such as 1mg, net meds, etc. We wanted to develop a solution for small business owners as well.

The existing Medicinal systems have the provision for any user to book a request for a particular medicine through e-commerce. And further, the traditional methods to visit the medicinal centers for mere inquiry are time-consuming and monotonous and the non-availability is disappointing.

The data relevant to the processing of the request may or may not be manually stored or be captivated in a file system that is prone to manual errors, inconsistency, redundancy, and difficulty in retrieval. With our system, the availability can be shown so, even if a customer wants a pickup of his/her medicine. they can do so without any problems. Our model also has an integrated web scraper, which is an innovation we have come up with. This scraper can scrape medicines off the net for data warehousing.

This system maintains the storage details of all the customers and medicines that are stored in the shop. The system will keep track of the orders made and the payment details. NoSQL will be used to store future suggestions and customer reviews.

The main part of the project will be a part where the customer will be able to select his/her symptoms and medicine will be referred to them. Along with the expected disease. We also would integrate Web Scraping of all the medicines related to a particular disease entered by the user to store it in our database.

Software Requirements

• Language support required: Python 3.5 or later, HTML5, JS, CSS3
• NoSQL database required: MongoDB
• Relational Database required: MySQL
• Windows 7 or 10 /Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, 64-bit /Linux: RHEL 6/7, 64-bit (almost all libraries also work in Ubuntu)
• Heroku and pip are preferred for deployment and installation of packages (such as Django,asgerif, mongoose, etc) specified in requirements.txt
• A web browser support is needed.

If using the software through deployment, no language support in your machine is required.

Conclusion & Future Enhancement

This project was successfully built and completed. The project is an online medical shop with two categories of users (admin and customer) who can update inventory and place orders respectively. We have also added a web scraper as an innovation to this project. However, there are a lot of changes and addition of functionalities that can be done, which we intend to do after peer and faculty review.

Some of the enhancements are :

  • Listing of products linked with images to generate a more shop-relevant UI
  • Remove some programming language constraints
  • Online Deployment
  • And changes that our faculty and peers suggest.

In the end, we would once again thank our college, examiners, faculty guides, and teachers to help us finish the project within the speculated timeline.

Train Ticket Booking & Management System Project


In this Train Ticket Reservation & Management System Project, we have tried to show how the process of ticket booking and traveling on a train is done.

That is how we go through several procedures like:-

  • Going to a Train Ticket Reservation website
  • Searching the Available Trains

And then the booking procedure goes like this:-

  • Enter Starting Point and Destination of your journey
  • Number of trains going through that route
  • Number of seats available
  • Price for the seats in each class

Storing Passenger details like:-

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Age
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Which class ticket do they want to buy after storing all the information, at last, we print the ticket of the passenger.
  • The Passenger can also view the information regarding his/her ticket through our view ticket function.
  • So in this Train ticket booking project, we have tried to show how all these procedures are done through a program.


The purpose of the project is for Train ticket reservation and Management systems.

  • It Shows Available Test
  • It books Train Seats
  • Shows Train Details
  • Has a Profile Section
  • Is A Menu Driven Program for comfortable UI

Proposed Approach

  • We started creating the classes for this Management System starting from Ticket class which had all the necessary details regarding a particular passenger i.e.Name, Age, Source, Destination, etc.
  • We used various concepts of Object-Oriented Programming Concepts such as Data Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and constructors implemented through classes and objects.
  • Finally, we used the main() function to initiate our program where it asks the user to enter its username and then a password through which the user can access this Train Management System. If the user provides an incorrect password then the system throws an error saying “Incorrect Password!!” and terminates the program, otherwise, it presents the user with the main menu window where the user can perform their required operations.


Taking into account all the mentioned details, we can conclude that the Train Ticket Booking & Management System Project is an inevitable part of the lifecycle of the Travelling. It automates numerous daily operations and enables smooth interactions of the users. Developing the Train management system software is a great opportunity to create distinct, efficient, and fast delivering ticket Bookings. Implementation of Train management system project helps to store all kinds of records, provide coordination and user communication, implement policies.

Online Student Project Report Submission and Evaluation System PHP Project

Project Overview

The online project report submission and evaluation system enables the student to submit their project report online without submitting any physical file. Before the submission, the student needs to update their progress to the system and the lecturer can view their progress and give comments online.

The online project report submission and evaluation system is providing an online discussion and document sharing for students and lecturers. The pre-existing systems didn’t have the functionalities such as notifying the student when he/she is being added to the project group, online automatic generation of the certificate after the completion of the entire project, and many more which are being implemented in this version of the system.

The proposed system will take away the biggest risk out of the picture i.e. the manual transmission of all the tasks related to the project report and also the design is formulated in such a way that the impersonation will be reduced to a greater level. With the increase in technology, the need for systems is constantly increasing.

What is new today will be old tomorrow. Our system at present will help to overcome the drawbacks of the previous versions of the system as per mentioned in the literature survey. Smooth access and a more user-friendly UI will help the users to get a home-like environment.

A special feature has been inculcated into the system as a result of which the notifications will be received by the faculty as well as the students on their respective registered mobile numbers. The faculty who will be added to the portal as well as the students who will be allotted to them will all get an individual notification that they have been allotted under which group and to which project they have been entitled. No submission is permitted by the system after the deadline has been crossed. The upload report button will be automatically disabled by the system itself so that no reports can be uploaded once the deadline has been crossed.


  • The system provides online processing of the reports.
  • Accurate results can be obtained.
  • The proposed system is used to reduce chaos and manual errors.
  • By viewing the reports the management can improve the institutional facilities.


  • As society is developing and new trends are emerging in the education sector every coming day.
  • The ‘Online project report submission and evaluation system’ approach is all about managing project reports online for institutional and educational practices
  • Intelligence is used for the automatic generation of the certificates once the project report has been finalized or the deadline is crossed.
  • The motivation is to propose an intelligent system that can be implemented in any organization.

Use Case Diagram for the Proposed System:


With the increase in technology, the need for systems is constantly increasing. What is new today will be old tomorrow. The proposed system at present will help to overcome the drawbacks of the previous versions of the system as per mentioned in the literature survey. Smooth access and a more user-friendly UI will help the users to get a home-like environment. The electronic marking of student project reports will save a lot of time, effort, and energy as well as expenses. It will also be more accurate and reliable for both the students and their instructions. In all, it will be a great help at the institutional level.

This application can be implemented in various situations. New features can be added as and when required. Reusability is possible as and when required in the proposed system. All modules are flexible. A very useful functionality from which the students could benefit would be if the system had a forum where any discussion could be opened that is related to the project. In the future, a useful feature that can be added is a platform to upload the student’s projects (like applications) to their instructors by the students.

Software Requirements

  • Front-end Design: JS, CSS, HTML
  • Back-end Coding: PHP, MySQL
  • Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or later.
  • Operating System: Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 10.
  • Application Server: XAMPP Server

Download the complete Online Project Report Submission and Evaluation System for College students with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL Source code, and Full report documentation.