Effective Use of Shortest Path Using Multipath Dissemination

Effective use of shortest path using multipath dissemination project explains about developing new method for utilizing shortest path in mesh network for effective packet transmission between nodes. This paper explains about how multipath dissemination is important in large scale peer-peer mesh topology and existing system details, proposed system advantages and hardware and software requirements.

Mesh topology is widely used in network for packet transmission. In order to improve quality of service for effective packet routing with in a shortest path there is need to work on multipath dissemination. Large scale and peer-peer network systems works on low power transceivers. Multipath dissemination provide solution for packet handling inside mesh topology, packets are not sent in a round robin manner where node at shortest path always receive high amount of time which causes time delay. This method will provide different shortest paths and provide efficient packet handling at different nodes.

Existing system uses constrained node distribution system for providing quality of service. In this system there are three factors like fault tolerance, bandwidth usage is high and load balancing which reduce efficiency of service.

download Effective Use of Shortest Path Using Multipath Dissemination Project Report.

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