Java Project on Travel & Tourism Management System


The Main objective of this Travel & Tourism project is to make the travel easy and comfortable for the users right from finding the routes and buses to till the booking of the tickets. In this project, we have two modules, Admin, and user.

Admin in this Travel & Tourism Management System project will log in with the default username and password and admin has authority to add the bus routes and add the travel and assign the route id’s and bus id’s and finally, the admin will add the buses at particular times in different routes. Admin will also add the different travel agencies while adding buses admin will fix the ticket price and the capacity of seats.

Finally, the user will register and log in and the find the appropriate routes and use the route id he will search the bus by giving all details like date of journey and type of seat etc. After selecting the information user will be headed to select seats in a view the selected seats will be displayed as red and then after successful payment the booking confirmation will be shown.

If the user feels any feedback need to give, he can provide feedback to admin.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the user needs to find the bus routes by visiting the travel desks and enquire the information and the user needs to book the tickets manually and there may be a chance of no availability of tickets. So we Proposed this project this will overcome all difficulties.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system, the user need to just login into the application and can find the routes and booking immediately and complete the booking process for a successful transaction.

Data Flow Diagrams:

Context Level DFD and Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Administrator, Users

Level 2 Data Flow Diagram for Travels, Routes, Pickup Points, Booking Modules

Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

ER Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Download Travel & Tourism Management System Java Project Source Code, Project Report Documentation, PPT, UML Diagrams and Output Screens.

Crime Management System Project PPT

Crime Management System Project PPT consists of functional and nonfunctional requirements, system architecture, Design over view, Screen shots, strengths, and weaknesses.

Crime Management System Project PPT Overview:

Functional Requirements

  1. Crime Reporting forms, progress tracking, proof attachments
  2. Facilitate crime and criminals search – region, crime-type, gender, age group wise etc.
  3. Missing citizen or valuables reporting and search
  4.  Recognition of citizen and other users’ contribution in solving criminal issues.
  5.  Secure registration and profile management facilities for detectives and security agencies.
  6. Facilitate communication between all stakeholders – Discussion forum/chat/mail/polls.
  7. Help book & time-to-time instructions to users through email.
  8. Strategic data and graphs for admin and police authority 


Police Management System Project

Youtube video link to view a paper presentation of this project.

Non-functional Requirements

  1. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). SSL can be used.
  2. .24 X 7 availability
  3. Better component design to get better performance at peak time
  4.  Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension

Download Crime Management System Project PPT

Students can find full project source code in java, project documentation, project report, abstract, project manual and design details for free download.

Optical Character Recognition Project PPT

Optical Character Recognition Project PPT consists of design details, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, screen shots and reference links to download java source code.

Optical Character Recognition Project Introduction:

In the running world, there is growing demand for the software systems to recognize characters in a computer system when information is scanned through paper documents as we know that we have a number of newspapers and books which are in a printed format related to different subjects.

These days there is a huge demand in “storing the information available in these paper documents into a computer storage disk and then later reusing this information by searching process”. One simple way to store information in these paper documents into a computer system is to first scan the documents and then store them as IMAGES.

But to reuse this information it is very difficult to read the individual contents and searching the contents of these documents line-by-line and word-by-word. The reason for this difficulty is the font characteristics of the characters in paper documents are different to the font of the characters in a computer system. As a result, the computer is unable to recognize the characters while reading them.

This concept of storing the contents of paper documents in computer storage place and then reading and searching the content is called DOCUMENT PROCESSING. Sometimes in this document processing, we need to process the information that is related to languages other than the English in the world. For this document processing, we need a software system called CHARACTER RECOGNITION SYSTEM. This process is also called DOCUMENT IMAGE ANALYSIS (DIA).

To effectively use Optical Character Recognition for character recognition in-order to perform Document Image Analysis (DIA), we are using the information in a Grid format. This system is thus effective and useful in Virtual Digital Library’s design and construction.

Download Optical Character Recognition Project PPT

Wearable Computers Seminar Topic

Wearable computers seminar topic explains about the technology that is wearied on the user body and occupies space on the human body. This is a device which will remain always with the user at every time and at anywhere.

This computer is just not like the wrist watch or anything it is just like the computer that can be word by the human on his body while moving from one place to another. This came into the evolution in 1980’s. This technology is full of senses and takes the notification of the user body and helps the user in doing the work more easily.

Applications of this technology in different fields are explained in Wearable computers PPT Presentation.

Today the men are making many devices to make his task easy form which one of the devices is wearable computers. They are rapidly increasing the cell phone technology, wireless technology, and the satellite technology to make the use of the information at anytime from anywhere in this world. This development has lead to the development of the technology of the wearable computer and the many more technologies which help the user in doing many works.

PPT Over View:

Wearable Computers Seminar covers Modes and Applications:

Modes: – there are three operation modes of this technology and they are constancy in which the computer runs continuously and it is always ready to do work. Another is argumentation in which it allows the user to do the work at the sometime while the computer is doing another work. And the last one is mediation which is the ability of the computer to be encapsulated and it allows encapsulating more than the portable computers.

Application: -this type of technology has much application some of them are emergency services such as fire service another is field service which is to maintain the product vice of any service. It is also used in health care services. It is also applicable in shuttle micro gravity space.

Download Wearable Computers Seminar Topic and Report

IP and web Spoofing Seminar Report

IP spoofing means to forge someone’s IP address. This technique is used by many organizations for authenticating purpose. In the world some of the IP address is unique but it can be easily spoofed.

As we know that in today’s generation the technology has increased so much. This increase in technology has also lead to the increase in the internet technology. Though the internet technology it is not secure and many attacks are carried out to get the personal information of any country or any person.

In this spoofing means to pretend something that you are not or we can say on the internet that it pretends to be another internet address that actually it is not. That information may credit card number of anyone or any personal information.

In web spoofing, the attacker creates the shadow of the original website or the World Wide Web. This shadow copy of the website allows the attacker to keep an eye on all the activities of the user or the victim. Through this the attacker also able to know the personal information of any person likes credit card number or bank account password or anything else. It can be said that the attacker controls all the activates of the victim on the web.

Working: – this work in a simple manner and the attacker sits in the middle of the victim and the web world. This is called the man in the middle. This may work by re-writing the URL by the attacker so that the user is turned to the attacker web page or the sever. Once the user or the victim have entered in the attacker sever the attacker may fetch all the information from the victim. By this technique, the victim will allow remaining in a trap by the attackers sever and will never able to come out of it.

 Download IP and Web Spoofing Computer Science Seminar Report

Web Cache Seminar Report

Web cache seminar Report covers

  1. Introduction to Web caching
  2. What’s a Web Cache
  3. Kinds of Web Caches
  4. Proxy caches
  5. How Web Caches Work
  6. Location of Web Caches

The introduction of the World Wide Web has changed the world so much. The web service has enabled the user to look out much information and he can able to retrieve the information from any part of the world related to anything whether he has the knowledge of the network or not. As the network traffic decreases the quality of the service has increased.

Related seminar topics based on security and performance on the web.

Web cache acts as the intermediate between the web server and the client. It also keeps the watch on the HTML request, files, and the images. I keep the copy of the file and the image that the user ask and it also saves the time whenever the user asks for the same image or the file, it gives the user from the copy that it has and it does not ask for the original file or the image to the server again and again.

Uses of Web cache:

One of the use is to reduce latency that is time-saving and display the object at a very faster rate. Another use is to reduce traffic since every object is saved in the cache memory so the request is not sent to the severing again and again so it also helps in reducing the traffic.

Types of web cache:

Types: – There are two types of the caches available and they are browser cache which is present in the browser and another is proxy caches.

Download Web cache Seminar Report for computer science students.

Computer Memory Seminar Report

Computer Memory Seminar Report covers different topics on

  1. Semiconductor Memory Developments
  2. Memory Research and Development
  3. 3-Dimensional Optical Memories     
  4. Protein-Based Memory

Since the life is coming on the earth the people have tried to record all the important events related to him. For this, the computer memory has brought the great evolution for storing anything important. Around the year 1940’s every person has brought the computer to store something important related to him. They have introduced the punch cards to store more information in small space.

After that, they have developed the electromagnetic devices to store the data which have circuits in them and they are hard disk and tape. Now a day’s all the companies have introduced many things related to storing device and have reduced a lot of costs. Many companies have introduced the fastest device that is made of electronic circuit called RAM and this is technology which is becoming faster and faster nowadays because of the developing chip.

The magnetic storage device is used in many computers for storing a large amount of the data. After they the companies have introduced the removable storing device that can be used for storing the data and can be move from one place to another. These devices are available in very low-cost. This devices store than Gigabyte in it.

Computer memory based on the protein bacterio-rhodopsin 

Today the research is done to use the protein based memory device which will be very fast and more reliable than the magnetic device. For storing the 3D matrix data we used the bacteriorhodopsin memory device. For a protein memory, the protein is fixed in the BR state and a krypton battery is used for this purpose.

Computer Semiconductor memory

This is the device that is developed using the semiconductor as the technology is increasing, therefore, the increase in the processor speed is also increasing and it becomes extremely fast due to the semiconductor chip and the most common example of this technology is Ram that we use on our computer.

Download Computer Memory Seminar Report for computer science students.

Web Spam Seminar

Web spam is the thing that makes the web site corrupted. It may the website wrong rank that what it does not deserve. Nowadays the most of the people are depended on the information available on the internet. There are some search engines present on the internet that lead to the user in the wrong direction.

Web Spam Search Engines:

You have heard about the e-mail spam it is also similar to that thing. There are many search engines which fight with the web spam manually and using various techniques. The motive of the search engine is to provide the user related information for which he is searching on the internet. For this, the search engine collects all the web sites information.

There are IP and web spoofing hackers who perform spamming and they are called the spammers. All the objects in the web page may be full of spam. Most of the people think that the spam is just related to the query and it not related to the topics of the page.

Different Types of Web Spam:

There are two types of the spam present in which the first one is boosting technique in which some methods achieve the high relevance for some of the pages and the is hiding technique which is used to hide some information from the search engine.

The spam techniques are good to be understood and the statics of the spam is present for the public. It also displays the amount of the spam on the internet and also the nature of the spam that weather is limited or not. Many experiments are done for presenting the statistics of the web spam in this world and notice that the statistic is kept increasing in coming times.

Download Web Spam Seminar Report

Wi-Fi Technology Seminar Topic

Wi-Fi technology means wireless fidelity which is a wireless technology that is used for the internet. It works on the radio frequency that it used a computer for browsing the internet to connect to the other computer with the help of the internet.

WI-FI technology can be shared by many users for browsing the internet and for sharing the documents or projects. In this, it is very easy to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi network is the wireless internet connection nut it acts just like the wired internet connection. It also provides the easy connection to the internet to the user while traveling from one place to another.

This technology is very easy to setup. Wi-Fi is the technology through any device can be connected which the service of Wi-Fi has enabled like laptops, mobile phones with Wi-Fi etc. There are few issues when comes to data sharing through WI-Fi like data need to be protected from web spam so WI-FI defenders are used in the network.

For a detailed explanation on wi-fi technology sample view, hot spots, types of wi-fi users and standards and features are explained in wi-fi technology PPT Presentation.

WI-FI Technology Issues and Solution:

In today’s generation WI-FI technology has become very complex, more capable and more confusing. With its growth, the new issues have been arises that are the security, roaming and the quality of the services.

Types of connections in WI-FI Technology

It has two type of the connection one of them is 802.11a which provides the speed of 54Mbps and was developed in 2001 and another is 802.11b which was developed in 1999 and called Ethernet service that can be used for the home purpose. Another is 802.11g which is the group of the 802.11a and 802.11b and provide very high speed that is 2.4GHz which means 22Mbps.

About Components in WI-FI Technology:

There are many components required in the wireless technology which will operate the frequency band of the signal such as station which is the network node for the wireless device and it is used for the communication. Another is access point which is a bridge between different nodes of the networks.

Download WI-FI Technology Seminar Report

Brain Machine Interface Seminar Topic

Introduction to brain machine interface:

In this paper, we will see how the brain machine interface is made and how the capabilities of the human being can be extended. We will about the advantages of using brain machine interface and the problems faced by this.

The capabilities of a human being are limited and a capability of a machine is higher but it cannot think of its own. Research is going on for making a machine to interface with the brain by which the capabilities of a human being are far extended.

Brief on brain machine interface:

The human brain takes decisions based on the impulses generated in the body and in a human body we find millions of neurons which generate impulses. So a chip is designed and it is placed in the human body and it is made to integrate with the nerve fibers. The chip is interfaced with a remote computer outside.

The chip senses the impulses generated in the body and performs the tasks with the help of the remote computer or the server located outside. The chip is designed by using nano technology and it is constructed in such a way that it can generate the power required for it through heat generated in the body or by the flow of blood circulation.

The chip has successfully placed a body of professor in a university and he could control the appliances without lifting his hand from a given range.

Proposed Brain Systems in Future:

The proposed brain machine interface chip can be very helpful to make the organisms to work properly for the paralyzed patients. By using brain machine interface the human capabilities gets increased a lot and many technological advancements can be made.

But due to this there may differentiation in between the persons who are using the interface chips and the normal human being. All details about this system explained in the given ppt presentation.

Computer lovers can easily download brain System Technical Paper to improve their knowledge on Brain Machine Interface Application.