Mobile banking Seminar and Project Using GPRS and MIDP and Java.


           The project “Mobile banking using GPRS and MIDP” is an online system on mobiles where banks provide services to their customers. With internet becoming the most popular and secured way for communication, mobile banking has emerged as the most popular category of services. In his system, all banking activities are performed on the phone and are popularly known as M-banking or WAP-banking.Mobile-banking-Project-Using-GPRS-and-MIDP-and-Java

         The technologies that mobiles use for allowing banking services is either through SMS or Wireless application protocol (WAP). Most of the services offered can be either accessed by cellular phone PDAs. The client which is generally a JAVA Midget is installed on the mobile and then these banking operations can be carried out.      

Mobile Banking GPRS Project description:

The project Mobile banking mainly focuses on providing total mobility in terms of banking services to its customers. The system is divided into three parts. For accessing the web site the users will be provided with an id and a password and this can be used to log on and make use of the internet banking facility. The customers are then provided with an application which has to be loaded on the phone.

           Through this application, the users can access their bank accounts on the phone with the aid of their GPRS connection. A server is present which caters to the requests of both the web as well as the mobile application. This system offers a very practical system to the users and they can carry out their transactions anywhere and anytime.


           In the proposed system above, very high level of security has to be enabled to make the mobile banking a safe procedure. A system could be incorporated for ordering checks online as well as clearing those images. Also, a format should be designed for downloading his account history.

Download seminar and Project Report of CSE Mobile banking using GPRS and MIDP.

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