Development of Online College Yearbook Java Project

The main aim & objective of development of Online College Yearbook java project is to provide an online platform to the college management, Staff and student alumni.

With the help of this project Students & Staff can able see the tasks & achievements done in previous years.

Statement of Problem:

Every year, for each institution it is a part of the curriculum to showcase the tasks, achievements completed by students and teachers, manually, it is not suitable and chores take longer time to prepare.


For the IT department, in our college we want to develop a website which helps in uploading, updating the required information in any form.

This provides accessibility, privacy and is user-friendly as well. With each academic year passing by, new information can be added as per requirement.

Scope of Work:

This project Development of online college yearbook is developed based on MySQL, Java, HTML, and CSS.

Mainly this project focuses on providing information regarding the achievements of the IT department every year.

The below youtube video is the total output demo of the online college yearbook project.


This Java project consists of 3 major modules


  • Admin Login with Username & Password
  • Add & View Teacher Achievements
  • Add & View Student Achievements
  • Logout


  • Teacher Register with his/her details
  • Login with Username & Password
  • Update Profile
  • View Achievements
  • Logout


  • Register
  • Login
  • Update Profile
  • View Achievements
  • Logout

Activity Diagram:

UML - Activity Diagram

Other Related projects on the College Management System:

Output Screens Details:

Home Page:

Development of College Yearbook Home Page
Home Page

Registration Page:

Development of College Yearbook User Registration Page
User Registration Page

Login Page:

Development of College Yearbook Login Page
Login Page

Admin Home:

Add Teacher Achievements

View Teacher Achievements

College Yearbook View Teacher Achievements output
View Teacher Achievements

Update Teacher Achievements

Add Student Achievements

View Student Achievements

Update Student Achievements

Teacher Home Page

Teacher Update Profile Page

View Teacher Achievements

View Students Achievements

Student Home

Update Profile

View Students Achievements

View Teacher Achievements

View Teacher Achievements Page
View Teacher Achievements

Download the below attached Project Source Code of College Yearbook system.

Software requirements to run/execute the project:

  • JAVA (Servlets, JSP)
  • NetBeans 8.1
  • JDK 1.7
  • MySQL 5.5
  • SQLYog
  • HTML
  • JavaScript and CSS

Employee Attendance Monitoring System Java Project


In this Employee Attendance Monitoring project, attempts were made to register the presence of employees. The main purpose of this java application is to maintain information about the presence that all employees can use in their departments. This web application retrieves the details of the departments assigned to the relevant administrative employees and employees enrolled in the courses from the server with the internet connection and stores them in the database. At the end of the month, when the administrator is needed to attend, attendance reports can directly generate an administrator report view.

Existing System:

In the Existing System, we maintain information manually to maintain the information in manually is also time taken. Calculate the loss of pay is also time taken.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System, we are maintaining all the employees’ information in Their attendance and their salary‘s. In this project Employee’s also can view the Attendance and LOP’S. The Application automatically calculates their LOP’s based on their Salary’s.



  • Login
  • View Employee Details
  • Add Employee Details
  • Delete Employee Details

Admin Staff:

  • Update the Employee Attendance.
  • Calculate LOPS


  • Login
  • View Employee Attendance
  • View Lop
  • Apply for The Leave

Requirements Specifications

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium-III (or) Higher
  • Ram: 64MB (or) Higher
  • Hard disk: 10GB

Software Requirements

  • Technology: Java 2 Standard Edition, JDBC
  • WebServer: Tomcat 7.0
  • Client Side Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Server Side Technologies: Servlets, JSP
  • Data Base Server: MySQL
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows

Java Mini Project on Vehicle Hiring System


Vehicle hiring system is a web-based application designed to provide the user with an easy way to hire vehicles like cars, buses, vans, lorries etc on rent.
The customer has to choose the vehicle of his choice, the location where he wants to board the vehicle and pay for the rental online.
This application calculates the fare based on three categories short distance, medium distance, and long distance.


Vehicle hiring system is a web application which includes an end user i.e, a customer in which they can make a reservation and view other related information about their reservation.
The administrator has all authorities to change and manage the system such as adding a new vehicle, removing and updating any related information about the vehicle and keeping track of all vehicle reservations.

Existing System

  • The current system does not have wide ranges of vehicles available.
  • The customers do not have the facility to give feedback.
  • Description of vehicles is less.

Proposed System:

  • A wide range of vehicles including vans, two-wheelers, buses etc., are available.
  • Feedbacks and reviews from the users can be taken.
  • A detailed information about the vehicle is available.
  • Notification on timings and pickups is available.



Admin can view/edit/delete vehicle and driver details and has authority to view transaction details of the users.


This module enables the user to Login/ Register, view vehicle details and hire vehicle and perform the transaction.

Admin Login Details:

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Login to the account with a unique username and password
  • Step3: Choose from the options
  • Add vehicle (car/bus/2 wheeler etc.,)
  • Add/Delete/update vehicle details
  • Step-4: View vehicle reservations of the users
  • Step-5: Confirm vehicle reservation and calculate fare based on distance.
  • Step-6: Stop

Customer Login Details:

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Login to the account with username and password.
  • If not registered, register by filling required details.
  • Step3: Hire the vehicle and enter details such as date, duration, and boarding location.
  • Step4: Confirm the reservation.
  • Step5: View bill and make payment.
  • Step6: Stop

Flow Chart:

ER Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:


Database Tables:

Admin Table

  • admin_id number(32),
  • name varchar2(256),
  • email_id varchar2(256),
  • constraint pk_admin primary key(admin_id)

Vehicle Table

  • vehicle_id number(10),license_no varchar(20),model varchar(20),
  • status varchar(20),
  • drate number(10),
  • Status varchar2(20),
  • constraint pk_vehicle123 primary key (vehicle_id),
  • unique (license_no)

Customer Table

  • c_id number(32),
  • name varchar2(256),
  • email varchar2(256)
  • address varchar2(256),constraint pk_customer123 primary key(c_id)

Feedback Table

  • fid number(10) not null ,
  • message varchar(140),
  • email varchar(50),customer_id number(10),
  • constraint pk_feedback primary key (fid),constraint fk_feedback foreign key(c_id) references
  • customer(c_id)

HIRE Table

  • hid number(10) not null ,
  • hdate date,
  • amount number(10),
  • vehicle_id number(10),
  • constraint fk_hire primary key (hid),
  • constraint fk_hire foreign key (vehicle_id) references vehicle123(vehicle_id)

BILL Table

  • bno number(10) not null,
  • bdate date,
  • Famount number(10),
  • hid number(10),
  • Constraint pk_bill primary key (bno),
  • constraint fk_bill foreign key (hid) references hire(hid)

College Information Management System (CIMS) Project Synopsis

The project College Information Management System (CIMS) deals with the maintenance of information over a network within the college. The college system has gone through a vast transformation particularly in the last decade. While adopting, IT seems to be the best choice towards enhancing efficiency, it becomes necessary for college systems to face the challenges imposed by the e-vulnerabilities.

This product ensures instant and secure information maintenance in colleges.

This project is capable of maintaining the following details:

Student: The traditional process of admission requires a student to collect the admission forms, fill them and submit them at the college. CIMS enables the student’s to enroll them in the college. The student’s performance is also maintained and can be securely recovered by the college administration.

Staff: The admission process of staff requires them to fill out the application and submit to the college.CIMS maintains the complete details of the staff like department, attendance, and payroll.

Library: The library management enables the book registration process, book transaction process, to know the book status.

Attendance: CIMS maintains the complete attendance details of the student and the employee

Courses: The course details like presently offering, new courses etc are maintained by the system. Fee details like course wise, subject wise, are also maintained. Individual subject details like date of commencement, maximum marks, pass marks are also maintained.

College information: college information like history, calendar, holidays, timetable, news, and announcements are maintained.

Apart from this College Information Management System project allows the information available over the college internal network and provides information access to the entire spectrum of campus users that includes college staff such as administrators, faculty, librarians, etc. CIMS also avails the web interface to provide the college information on www. This allows the students and other users to search for information about the college online. The web also allows the students to register online for the college. Hence this project helps a college function in a very smart way. Due to the lack of time, CIMS does not enable to work on multi-branched educational institutions. It can be easily be implemented.

Project work description

This project of CIMS addresses all the vulnerable aspects and meets the requirements of various fields like college administration, staff and student enrollment, library management, latest happenings, course details, etc.

The system was developed in Java using swing, AWT packages, exception handling and event handling with interaction to a database in MS Access.


This College Information Management System project is subdivided into the following modules or partitions.

• Employee
• Student
• Library
• Course
• Attendance
• Latest happenings
• Payroll management
• Web page

System Design Phase:



Student Admission:

Student application:

Staff Admission:

Payroll management:

DFD for Employee & Leave:

DFD for Advance and Attendance:

Library Management Systems & Library Transactions

Latest happening:


When the package is started a dialog box is displayed by asking for a password on the correct entry of the password the user is allowed to enter into the main menu frame. A colorful welcome wish is displayed on the front window.

It has the following options:

  1. Employee details.
  2. Student details.
  3. Library management.
  4. Payroll management.
  5. Attendance.
  6. Web Page.
  7. Course information.
  8. Latest Happenings.
  9. About college


This window is used to maintain the Employee details.

On clicking the Employee menu item, it gives a window, which allows the user to add, view, modify and delete the employee details by clicking their corresponding buttons.

This module deals with the input of data from the user and storing the data in the database.

While adding an employee, the employee code is generated. The user has to enter the personal details, select the designation and select the department name etc.


This window is used to maintain the Student details.

On clicking the Student menu item, it gives a window, which allows the user to add, view, modify and delete the student details by clicking their corresponding buttons.

This module deals with the input of data from the user and storing the data in the database.

While adding a student, the student ID is generated. The user has to enter the personal details, select the designation and select the department name etc.


This window is used to maintain the Library details like the following:

  • Transaction [issue, return].
  • New Book registration.
  • Searching for a book.

On entering the Library details, to add the information of a book the user has to enter the book code, book name, author, publication, edition, date. The user also has the options to view, delete the book details whenever required. All the above-mentioned features have been extensively handled.


This window is used to get the monthly Pay slip of an employee.

On entering the Pay slip window, the user has to supply the employee code. The system will calculate the net amount by calculating all corresponding calculations.

The calculations are displayed in their corresponding boxes and now pay slip is ready to take the printout by just clicking the print button.                                                                                        

Course details

This window is used to know the details about the courses, which the college is offering like the course ID, course duration, course fee, and any other information. It also gives the user the freedom of entering new courses, which the college will offer.

Latest information

This window will help the user know about the happenings in the college like the following:

  • Calendar
  • Time-table
  • News and announcements
  • Holidays
  • Notices

By choosing any of the above options the user can know about the related. He is also given the freedom of editing any changes to the data. 


This window will have two options like

a) Student

b) Employee.

When we choose one it will show the details of the attendance of the selected candidate.

Web page

When we click this option the web page of the college will open and it has all the features, which the stand-alone application has.


This will show a window, which has a text field that shows the college history.


This package has established a model for College Information Management.

This package is completely computerized and maintains the details of all students and employees like Student and Employee details, Leave, Advance, Admissions, Course details, Library Management, Attendance Specification, Latest Information, college web page, it also generates reports for all employees and students as needed, like Salary Summary, Department Wise Salary and Total Leaves took by an employee, marks obtained, attendance, library transactions, etc. by a student.

This package is so designed that all calculations are automatically generated for college management system.

Analysing User Behaviour In Social Network At Various Time Intervals


With the increase of internet users and applications like social networks and multimedia sharing websites users are spending much of their time of sharing information with users and even using these applications for business purpose. With increase of this usage there are many advantages of improving services for users by designing effective system for analyzing users behavior. In this system users intention is calculated using intention serialization analysis based on their interaction on social network. In this system each users interaction is calculated by storing each users sessions and respective interest of that user at that point of time and store entire details in to database. Based on the users data at different time intervals using novel algorithm calculation of user behavior is done. User behavior is useful for providing services like advertisements to users at respective time. As user behavior and interest changes from time to time design a system which can accurately analyze behavior at respective time is useful for providing services.


  • Inside any social media network each users behavior changes with time and what type of data is shared on social network. As each user has different roles and view different type of topics each day so finding users behavior and using those details for effective service is a challenging task.
  • There are many previous works which used many techniques to provide better solution for finding user intention one of them is considering surrounding users interests who are friends to specific user and considering common interest and user interest in that circle.


  • Just by considering surrounding users or common friends interest and specific user interest in that group cannot provide accurate result. With time user behavior will change so existing system will not work in all scenarios.


  • In order to get accurate interest and behavior of each user at that point of time there is need to use data related to user behavior of each user in social network. Using this data we can get sequence of interests users is searching on social network and by using users’ behavior pattern analysis and mining algorithm user behavior can be calculated. 


  • By using behavior pattern analysis algorithm it is easy to know each user intention at that point of time.
  • By using this user analysis data it will be easy to advertise or share information to user with specific data.



  • System : Pentium Dual Core.
  • Hard Disk : 120 GB.
  • Monitor : 15’’ LED
  • Input Devices : Keyboard, Mouse


  • Operating system : Windows 7.
  • Coding Language : JAVA/J2EE
  • Tool : Netbeans 7.2.1
  • Database : MYSQL

Project Code & Database, Documentation will be uploaded soon.