Online Counseling System a Java Project

The project “Online counseling system a Java Project” has been designed by keeping in mind the objective of enhancing the counseling process. This software will be a very easy for the students. This system is operational as an online system. This system can be used to report, register as wee as search information about various colleges and universities where students can apply.Online-Counseling-System-a-Java-Project

The project report on Online counseling system gives a complete analysis if the system developed. This system greatly reduces the paperwork that is generated by the manual counseling process. The project follows a modular approach. The modules are institute record module, student record module and counseling module. Each module serves its own specific purpose.                        

Online Counseling Java Project Description:

The project covers the entire counseling process online. In the institute record module, any institute can enter the counseling process by providing all the details about their institute. A search option is provided for users to know about their institute. A delete option is also present on the site which enables it to withdraw its name from the counseling list. The display option reveals the details of the institute.

 The 2nd module i.e. the student module has two parts. One is the search option which will aid in searching record of any student who has been allotted a seat during counseling. A delete option is present to delete the student from its record after the counseling process. The counseling module is a very important module and it has further sub categories within it. Students are allocated seats on the basis of these categories.    


The system discussed in the above project considerably speeds up the counseling process and it is done so in an efficient and easy manner. This system is also applicable for other universities or institutes and data entered in these systems are in user friendly forms. 

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