Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project

Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project is for computer science and Information technology final year students who are searching for a search related final year project by implementing new features into existing search engines. Geo special matching for image retrieval project main idea is to search for a multimedia files using color, special matching mechanism which will be a alternative method for existing image search using text format which is not efficient and accurate. Image-Retrieval-using-Geo-Spatial-Matching-A-Java-Project

Presently search engines like Google use text indexing method for searching images on the internet which work on textual annotations to enable searching and indexing which is not efficient and time consuming why because there are lot of images and multimedia files on web which are not indexed with any text, there is a problem of content mismatch between user searched and search engine provided data and many images are not in desired language so with this drawback, efficiency in image search is not accurate. This application will provide better option for image search by  using special matching for image retrieval, compare to existing search type which works like hit-or-miss type searching where if the user does not specify correct keyword the desired image is not displayed. 

Present text based image search had given scope for developing new technique called Content based image retrieval (CBIR) which depends on primitive features like colour,shape and texture which will automatically extract from the image themselves.

with this feature user can search image based on sketch, design, texture pallet or select interested shape so through this method search engine will display image which is more accurate. 

Developing this project requires following software and hardware equipment in order to execute this application. List of requirements are given below. 

Software Requirements Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching Project.

Operating System

Windows NT/2000 (Client/Server).

Software requirements

Java,JDK 1.4,J2SDK 1.4,Swings,RMI and Java Network Programming.

Hardware Requirements:

System Configuration

Pentium III Processor with 700 MHz Clock Speed

256 MB RAM 20 GB HDD, 32 Bit PCI Ethernet Card.

For more information on this project you can download project document and code form this site.

 Geo Spatial Matching Project document contains.

System Analysis

System Requirement Specifications

Modules Description

System Design…..more.

Download Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project report which is a CSE final year project.

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