Secured Net Auction Java Project

Secured Net Auction Projects main idea is to implement a web application for bidding different category of goods from home. This application front end is implemented in java platform and oracle is used for backend data storage purpose. Auctions are one of the oldest procedures for bidding products but which need manual presence on the site for participating in bidding but with this application users can bid from home using a simple online application. In this application users should register with the application by providing accurate contact information and get unique id and password. Users who are interested in selling their products through bidding can contact administrator and submit their product with basic bidding price.

Admin will check the product with its details and if it satisfies all rules and regulations he will make the product online. In regular bidding procedure bidders will not share different bidder’s information which is not a efficient method so in this online application we provide detailed information of bidders and consider all security issues.

As soon as the product goes online registered users will start bidding on the product and process continues until the product is sold out.

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