Download E-COPS Java Project Report

Download-E--COPS-Java-Project-Report.E-Cops Java project is for computer science final year students who are interested in developing public security related project. Mini project report on e-cops is about providing alternate method for public to submit compliant through online and send it to specified police station without running around police station. 

Citizens in India are not convenient moving around police stations to submit a case because of many reasons like fear, time or ignorance. Because of this reasons many cases are not registering in police station. Though lot of filed cases are not investigated due to lack of proper evidences and cooperation of public. This application will provide a platform for public to report about crime to nearest police station without any fear. This method will be helpful to general public and police to provide better service for public at the same time this using this application process of work can be easily investigated by higher authorities. 

Ecops is a web based application which will be available for every citizen to lodge a complaint and report a crime even when user is in move. At present police department is following manual procedure which takes lot of time and citizen should follow different procedure to file a case, or give information on case which is reducing faith on police department in public. This application uses technology to increase faith of police department in public. Using this application data maintenance, generation of reports, analysis of data, planning and coordination will be fast and easy.          

As the growth of Information filed is increasing developing these type of application will be easy and help full.             

Developing this project requires following software and hardware equipment. List of requirements are given below. 

Software Requirement Specification for E-Cops Java project: 

System Environment:


Hardware Platform: P III or above with

                    RAM of 256MB or above.

                   And 20GB or above of HD.           

Software Platform: Java Enabled Browser

                   Operating System: Any OS


Software Platform :   Java, JDBC & JSP.

Operating System  :    Windows 2000 and above

 Backend          :   Oracle 9i

Download On E-Cops Java project report .

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