Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network Project Abstract

Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network project is useful in many application mainly used in military application. Using these wireless sensors soldiers can find out intruders in a battle field. Intrusion detection is a method in wireless sensor network for detecting anomalous moving attackers.

In this project we will look after this issue as per the heterogeneous WSN models. In second stage we will look after two sensing detection models they are single and multiple sensing detection models.


PROCESSOR          :  PENTIUM IV 2.6 GHz

RAM                       :  512 MB DD RAM

MONITOR              :  15” COLOR

HARD DISK            :  20 GB

CDDRIVE              :  LG 52X


MOUSE                :  3 BUTTONS


FRONT END                    :  Java

TOOL USED                    :  JFrameBuilder

OPERATING SYSTEM   :  Window’s Xp.

Download Intrusion Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Java Project With Source code.

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  1. Hi sir.I am doing this project.but i want to know about the implementation process about how sensors detect the intruder? how do we create a wireless sensor network and how we send data over these wireless sensor networks?On behalf of implementation is it necessary to develop a WSN using hardware ,if necessary i want to know how it is modelled. please help me sir

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