Networking Function Virtualization for Optical Networks

Software Defined Networking, Networking Function Virtualization for Optical Networks

 Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new networking paradigm and its goal is to make network open and programmable, it is done by the separation of data plane from control plane.

Networking functions virtualization (NFV) or virtual network function (VNF) focus primarily on the optimization of network services in contrary to software defined networking (SDN) which separates the control plane and forwarding plane for the centralised view of the network. Today’s optical network transport domains are typically built using fixed grid technology. They are statically configured and operationally intensive to manage, lacking the capability for dynamic and elastic services.

The main aim of the thesis report is to deploy and control the network applications built on top of flexible optical networks using Software Defined Networks control principles and Network Functions Virtualization infrastructure. Here we employ standardized grid optical technologies, and defines how software defined principles and  functions virtualization principles will continue to provide the key capabilities to enable flexible optical switching technologies to control and deliver NFV-based services and applications.