Social Integration Computer Science Java Project


  1. Gather the information of top five colleges in Pune under Pune University.
  2. Need to study how we can add Facebook like and recommend button to our website.
  3. Need to study Twitter API’s for how we can tweet on user’s Twitter account.
  4. Login using social networking site leads to study login authentication API’s provided by social site’s.
  5. Study of meta-tags which we are going to add to our website. These meta-tags are going to help our website to come into Google search.
  6. Study of Google Analytics to collect analytics of the website. eg. How many users have visited our website & which browser they are mostly using to browse the site?
  7. Social sharing: User can be able to share the information available on the website with their respected social networking sites.
  8. We can retrieve info of the user he’s like’s hobbies and gain his feedback.


Supports social login for your web – we can log in to your web application using social sites.

Social sharing – We can share the content of the web into the social sites.

Recommend & Like’s – We can recommend the contents displayed on the particular URL.

Adding required meta tags into the pages as per the social site provider

Due to the popularity of social networking site, to capture web market, posting advertising of the product  & making our product popular it’s very important to have our web supports social integration. Social integration helps for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Having social integration with the web it’s easy to get the popularity of the product.  Social Networking has become an integral part of our daily lives. Friends and family are really important to us and keeping in touch with them & knowledge sharing. Social networking is becoming a   way of communication.

S/W  REQUIREMENT:-  JAVA ( J2EE ) version 6.0, MySql , Apache tomcat 6+, Eclipse.


  1. 512 MB main memory. (1 GB Recommended).
  2. At least 80 GB HDD (Secondary Storage Device).
  3. 14′ Monitor (Color or Black & White) for display.

UML Diagrams:

Activity Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:




Social Integration ( USECASE DIAGRAM ):

Use case Diagrams:

Download the below attached Social Integration Computer Science Java Project Code & Database

Real Estate Management System Java Project Synopsis



Existing System:-

Whenever searching is done for a new house, the main focus is on the location. If you want to buy it in the city it is very difficult thing to search the land in the big city and if we search it manually it takes a lot of time at the same time if we want to sell our land meance it will take a long time to do it manually.

proposal System:-

This Real Estate Management System will provide facility to the user to search Residential and Commercial property and view property. This system will provide facility to view the property by admin and user. The user will able to upload the property information to the site and able to manage it.

This java project will provide facility to the user to fill up their requirement and according to their Requirement Admin can add the Requirement property.

This system will provide facility to the user to publish advertise to the Site and view. This system will provide facility to the user to feedback to the site.

Software Requirements

  • Language: Java
  • Web technologies: JEE (Servlets/JSP)
  • Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Scripting: JavaScript
  • Server: Tomcat

Hardware Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Ram : 2GB
  • HardDisk: 500MB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3

Easy Campus System using J2ME Synopsis


Easy Campus System using J2ME is the next generation of electronic learning that is based on mobile devices. It enriches interaction of the learning material, technological platform and the wireless systems that supports learning anywhere, anytime. The system has been developed using J2ME technologies in the client and Apache Web server systems.

Mobile interactive learning objects for m-learning can generally be structured on the same way as learning objects for e-learning. The obvious differences remain in the presentations and amount of information offered due to the limitations of mobile devices.
Note: This Idea is taken from [South Asia recognized Electronics magazine].

Proposed system:

It is fully automated mobile application, Using these application students can be able to make materials on their own using the content available on the mobile. Students can also communicate and discuss with fellow students or communicate with instructor including submission of assignments with correction and feedback in the form of text.

Project Features:

• Student [Mobile module]
-Student can avail m-learning features through his hall ticket number and password.
– View the material content subject wise supplied by the tutor.
– Submit assignments in the form of text
-Avail status of books taken from library
• Tutor [Mobile module]
-Tutor can login through unique id and password.
– Prepare test papers
– Post new assignments
– View and provide feedback to student’s assignment.
• Test Yourself [Mobile module]
-Student can test himself on a selected subject by answering test papers
-View the result
• Discussion [Mobile module]
-Student can communicate with students and tutors by sending offline messages
• Admin
-Maintain m-learning by adding or deleting students and tutors
-Manage Library

Note: We are using Wi-Fi wireless technology to connect a mobile phone to web. So you need to provide a mobile and wi-fi environment to deploy this in mobile.


Languages : J2EE (Servlets, JDBC), Java Micro Edition (J2ME) Toolkit
Database : MySQL

Online Child Abuse Database Java Project


Online child abuse database is a Java project proposed to create awareness among masses on the  issues related to child abuse. This system tracks suspicious incidents of child abuse by integrating report based on numerous details.


Online child abuse database is a application developed to move beyond addressing the impact of child abuse by seeking out the root cause and identifying ways to prevent it. This is a application created to trace out the  statistics based on the reports about children

This is a web based application. This application maintains a centralized repository of all scheme related information. This system verifies and reports incidents of abusive parents, physical and sexual abuse.

Child abuse application maintains information about child provides details about those children who are in risk.


The main objective of proposed system is to create awareness among the people about child abuse. To provide an easy access of the data and perform the necessary operations.


Administrator module:

Administrator has full access to all the modules of this system. Administrator is responsible for all approving the NGO/Police registrations and has to approve the newsletters generated by NGO and police.

User module:

In our system all users are anonymous users, so any user can give complaint and they view newsletters posted by NGO and police.

Investigation Agencies (Police) module:

The investigating agencies will be able to build conclusive picture of the suspect on the basis of reports and statistics provided by the Admin. And they can solve the problem.

Social Activists (NGO’s) module:

A regular news letter shall be sent to the registered users(NGO’s ,Investigation agencies &other users).NGOs in our project captures the information from admin and they poists news letters.

Reports Module:

This module is used by administrator to generate reports based on various criteria such as scheme details, applicants details, applications details, status of applications, etc.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                                     :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                               :           JavaScript

Programming Language                           :           Java

Web based Technologies                          :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                              :           JDBC

Java Version                                              :           JDK1.5

Backend Database                                    :           Oracle 10g

Operating System                                     :           Windows XP/2000/2003

Web Server                                               :           Tomcat 5.5

Browser                                                     :           IE/Mozilla

Home Improvement System Management Portal

Employee signup: Employee sign up(registration form) should not be there. We can assume that admin will maintain employee userid and password details. Query to insert userid and password details into database by admin should be there. Employee login only should be provided. Change password, Forgot password with security questions can be added.

Online Application:

Middle name and Address line 2 should not be mandatory.

State – update it to drop down with list of states from the word doc attached

Application Search – Search can be done with entering only one field i.e. only date can be given and search can be done with name and status as blank.(Please show that in video file)

Review/Modify application: Button ‘Save and go to Edit project’ not there.It is displayed only when there is a project created for the application.

New Project:

  • All applications which are approved and with no project created from the database should be displayed in the table. Using the ‘Last Name’ search option, one record corresponding to the value in search field should be displayed.

For example if there are three records a,b,c in the database with status approved, and record b has project created then recordsa,c should be displayed in the new project search page. When I give ‘a’ in last name field, only record ‘a’ should be displayed instead of all 2 records.

  • If no application corresponding to search field are present ‘ No Approved application with given last name found’ should be displayed.
  • Remove ‘Project Assigned’ search option.
  • Address displayed in table should be address line 1 instead of city.
  • Application ID should be added as first field. Name and address fields details should as per application page.

Name – First Middle Last

Address – Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip

  • Quantity field should allow characters – to enter units (e.g. lbs, meters etc)
  • Material and quantity table should automatically add another empty row if the entire table is filled.

Add Volunteer:

Name and address fields should be as per application page.

Name – First Middle Last

Address – Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip


View/Modify Volunteer Details

Volunteer Search:   Can you show me the record being displayed when only one search field is given for example only Volunteer name and no Organization details given.

  • Skill and email fields are not displayed correctly in the table.

Assign Volunteer and Modify Volunteer:

Functionality developed for these pages is not clear.

First after projects are created we will assign volunteers to the projects. To make any modifications to the volunteers assigned to the projects we go to View/Modify volunteers tab.

Assign volunteers:

All projects with no volunteers assigned should be displayed in the projects table.

Skill and organization search fields should be added to ‘Assign Volunteers’ page. Based on the values given for search fields Volunteers details should be displayed in the table. We then select the volunteers and update task and house captain fields and hit the button ‘assign’.(Please refer mockup screens document again for reference)

Modify Volunteer:

In this page volunteers assigned to the project should be displayed. Buttons ‘Unassign’, ‘add volunteers’, ‘save’ and ‘cancel’ should be there. (Please refer mockup screens document again for reference)

Add Sponsor:

Name and address fields should be as per application page.

Name – First Middle Last

Address – Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip


Volunteer Login:

Volunteer sign up page is not shown. Volunteer login should have name and password instead of phone no. Forgot password and security questions to be added. Sample pages shown below.

Volunteer Home page:

Please print message “Welcome To Home Improvement System Management Portal !!”

Message mentioned above should be displayed after May 1st of current year. This is to set activation of the volunteer for current year one day program (held on last Saturday of April). If ‘Yes’ is selected then volunteer is participating in current year program and he is active for year 2016(May 1st 2015 to May 1st 2016). If volunteer is active for current year, “Thank You for registering for current Year one day event. Project details can be seen in the next tab” should be displayed.

Volunteer Home page

Personal Details:

Name and address fields should be as per application page.

Name – First Middle Last

Address – Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip

Assigned Project:

Address of the project, Time – 9:00 am, Date – April 25,Year of registration, Task assigned fields should be present in the table. These should be displayed if registered for current year. If not, ‘No project assigned’ message should be displayed.

Project Materials: Below fields should be displayed. Name is the name of home owner of the project. Address is the address of the home for which project is created(name and address from application form). Same as table from View/modify project page



Online Application

Once the online application is submitted and the pop-up saying inserted is shown, the page is redirected to the home page. It should either display a message saying “Your Application has been submitted successfully“. It should not be directed to the home page.

Employee Login

After employee gives his credentials i.e., username and password to login, the home page of the employee is left blank. Instead it should display a message saying “Welcome back (name of the employee) !!

New Application under Employee Login:

After the employee submits the “New Application”, the employee is signing out and is redirected to the initial home page i.e., Home Improvement Portal home page. The employee should not log out until he selects the logout button and also after the New Application is submitted, the employee should get a message saying that ” The Application for ” the homeowner’s first name and last name” has been submitted successfully“.

Review or Modify Application under Employee Login:

After the search criteria is given and the modifications are made and changes are submitted the page is redirected to the initial “review or modify application page” where no search criteria is given. It shouldn’t be like this. Once the changes are submitted, the application should direct the page to the list the applications shown in the table as per the search criteria given previously.

View or Modify Volunteer under Employee Login:

After the search criteria is given and the changes are made and submitted, the employee should land back again on the same page with project details and volunteers assigned details now displaying the changes to the volunteers.

Assign Volunteers under Employee Login:

After a volunteer is added and the pop-up is displayed the page is redirected to the employee home page. Instead it should return back the Project TABLE page displaying projects for which no volunteers are assigned.

Finding Missing People Using Image Processing

Title of the Project: Finding Missing   People Using Image Processing


Abstract One main objective of the project is to develop a missing children (people) find application that can be helpful for the common people whose beloved ones have been abducted missed, or rescued by the people.

In this Finding Missing People Using Image Processing application or website we provide person with entire data base of the missing children, so that the police can track about the whereabouts or file a case pertaining to the issue.

And the children found (known or unknown) details are uploaded by the police or by an appointed agent.

Entering details of the children like height, age, etc is a lengthy process and the search output is not efficient.

So to avoid this ambiguity we use image processing technique here, a person can upload a picture of whose information is to be known.

This Image will be mapped or compared with the images in the database and case details status etc can be displayed.

The time efficiency is more and output is also efficient.

Healthcare Hospital System Java Project

The main goal of the Healthcare Hospital System project is to view the hospital statistics by Directors and management or by those who are authorized to see it. Information included in this project is all users registration, payments,  consultation statistics, pharmacy, surgery, transplants, equipment’s, patients and doctors, healthcare bill, multi valued diagnosis, preventive health care, corporate counseling, welfare programmers, claims administration, patient care co-ordination, doctor achievements, staff details and Human Resources.

The attributes  included  in the hospital system are street address, city, county, zip code, birth date, admission/discharge dates, date of death, social security numbers,  record numbers, health plan beneficiary numbers, account numbers, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses. As the information about the patient is already stored in the database, it is easy to retrieve back and to identify the concerned doctor to the patient.

The best way to achieve cost goal is to analyze and interpreting the data and to produce visualization reports.

Project Requirements and Thoughts

  • Identify a topic of interest and run with it!
  • Identify a topic of interest and run with it! Pick a topic that will keep you interested and motivated over the next 14 weeks.
  • Ask the following question: Which answers am I trying to mine or solve?
  • Formulate a hypothesis question. Additional hypothesis questions are encouraged (maximum of 3 questions) are encouraged.  A hypothesis question contains both a null and alternative question.
  • What kind of data is being mined?  Where does the data originate? Can the data be imported into a database (i.e. for formulating updated queries).
  • List Class and/or Concepts related to characteristics and discriminations.
  • Is you project identifying patterns, associations, and/or correlations.
  • Within the project, statistics (e.g. central tendency, range, IQR, variance, etc.) should be presented.
  • Does your dataset contain outliners, if so, please identify them.
  • Projects should list attributes (e.g. nominal, binary, ordinal, and/or numeric)
  • If possible, data should be presented visually (iPython, R, MatLab, Excel, etc.).
  • Was the collected data consider of good or poor quality?
  • Does the data contain missing values or noisy data?
  • Does the dataset contain redundant data? If so, how did you remove duplicated values?
  • When analyzing the data, did you perform OLAP or OLTP processing?
  • Which data models were used for your project (e.g. Stars, Snowflakes, or Fact Constellations)?
  • If OLAP processing was used, did you incorporate bitmap or join indexing into the processing?
  • Did did you determine the size of your data set?

Educational Products Suppliers Project in Java

Business Idea:

The main goal of Educational products suppliers project is to collect all the educational products and place them in to single website and sell them through online.

Nature of the project/ Process of Purchase:

Collecting all the products those are like books, charts, Puzzles etc., which comes under stationary. We have to collect and maintain the information about the products in data bases. Update information regarding products based on their versions of books. Developing the e commerce website this website must contain the information of products. User can see the products and they can buy them through online. Here they have the sign in and log in forms.

First user want to enter in to website by using the URL. After that they want to login to their account if they are already member if not they have to register first. Once login with their credentials the entered data is checks with data which is already in database, if the information is correct they can renders in to home page then they can see all the products. User have the access to select the products and can add to the wish list or they can buy through their cards by entering the necessary information. And user should also provide their shipping details for delivery.

Budget information:

Technologies and requirements used to develop the website and to meet the user requirements. The project should solve the business issues and should satisfy the user requirements. Economic feasibility says about the budget information of the project. The project should capable of generating the profit to the organization. This is mainly depends upon cost of products which we have buy from publishers, manufactures and from retailers. Budget should also depends upon software, hardware, and other technical tools and databases we used to develop the website.

According to our estimation it may cost 5,000 /- to 10,000 /- based up on all the specifications and requirements. It may vary if the business grows higher.

Issues and Risks:

There may be chances of slow down the server. Sometimes there is a chance of mismatch of information of products. There may be a chance of arising the security issues regarding user information. And delivery issues.

Presence Strategy:

The main goal of Educational products suppliers Final Year Project is to collect all the educational products and place them in to single website and sell them through online.

  • Collect all the products from manufactures, book publishers, retailers.
  • Collect all the information regarding the products.
  • Store all the information in databases. So that we need servers.
  • High level business requirements, specifications needs to develop the projects.
  • Maintaining the security to user information.
  • Proper arrangements of products based up on their priority and updating versions.


This Educational Products Suppliers project should meet all the user needs that are required to buy the stationary. Creating the user friendly environment.


Developing the Educational Products Suppliers e commerce website based up the requirements gathering and information of the products.

Target Audience:

Site maintainers, site users, product maintainers, product buyers, suppliers.

Intended market space:

Market space is nothing but where the site is in use.

Main Project Success Criteria:

Based upon collection of requirements, Analysis,Proper designing, implementation and providing a full extensive report including detailed financial analysis and recommendations how to implement the project.

Business statement, high level business requirement, specifications, developers, integrating, data flow, screen flows, user accepting testing, quality assurance,


  • Collecting all the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Analysis of all the requirements,
  • Allocate work to group of people who can work full time on project.
  • Maintaining the healthy relationship between the designers, developers, and data collectors.
  • From a group of people to collect all the products. And maintain those product information in databases.
  • Using and maintaining the company servers.
  • Day to day updates of products.
  • Designing of website by using the unified modelling languages.
  • Select the skilled developers to develop the website. These developers use the designing models to develop the website.
  • Make sure of data flow and screen flow.
  • After developing the pages we have to integrate the pages.
  • Providing the security to user information.
  • Once the website is done we have to test the website for page responsiveness and we have to check all the functionalities.


The users may be any type of users there is no restrictions in age, gender etc.,

Purchasing habits of user depends upon their needs.

Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System

 Abstract: This project will be designed and developed for any educational universities or colleges  for making recruitment process. “Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System” is a web-based tool to reduce communication gap between Placement Officers(Applicants) &  Job Providers(MNC Companies). Especially in fast growing IT market technologies are changing very fast, based on technology trend Organizations has to recruit the people. This process will make recruitment process very easy and fast.

The main objective of this solution is to make easy the recruitment process of any organization. This system is designed by keeping in mind both parties like Colleges/Universities  and MNC Companies. This system allows Placement Officers(Applicants) to register his/her details along with college/university details & to post the student’s resumes based on the opportunities in the companies. And then on the other hand even it allows job providers(MNC Companies) to post their requirements with the system.

This system is an independent module and is a part of the Human Resource Management System. It is a feature rich integrated recruitment package, designed for the desktop. It stores the details of jobs and details of the candidates in the database. It helps in conducting the scheduled interviews.

Existing System

The existing system is a manual one. When the placement officer wants to share the student profiles with MNC companies(Job Providers) to process of recruitment, he has to do everything manually.  And the job providers want to post the job requirements(opportunities), they have to concern the placement officers manually. Process of shortlisting the student’s profiles & conducting scheduled interviews is very tedious.


  • Recruitment process is very slow
  • Difficult to handle more colleges/universities for recruitment process
  • Difficulty of maintaining the student’s profiles
  • Communication gap between Job providers(MNC Organizations) and Placement officers.

Proposed System

Manpower Acquisition Planning and Employee Recruitment System” is to replace the existing manual system with a software solution.

This project can be very easily used in the process of decision making in new recruitment’s and it will reduce the amount of time required to complete the recruitment process of any organization. This system will allow the Job providers (i.e. HR department) to post the required jobs(Opportunities) which will be available to University’s/College’s placement officers. Then Placements officers can check the student’s profiles, if matches with opportunities then they will forward the student’s profiles to respective HR department. So this system will allow the Job providers to search from database for suitable candidate for a position based on skill set.


  • Faster processing when compared to existing one.
  • Easy recruitment process
  • Effective way of providing communication between Job providers(MNC Organizations) and Placement officers.
  • Easy maintenance of student’s profiles
  • Effective way of conducting scheduled interviews


The project contains seven modules

  • Registration Module
  • User Management Module
  • Employee Management Module
  • Resumes Module
  • Opportunities Module
  • Schedule Interviews Module
  • Results Module


  • Frontend : JSP, Servlets, Java, Java Script, HTML,CSS
  • Database :  MySQL 5.0
  • Web Server : Apache Tomcat 6.0
  • Operating System : Windows 7

Web Based Feedback Management System Java Project


One of the most sensible ways of improving teaching is to ask the students for feedback. At the end of each teaching period (semester or term) all colleges ,universities & schools survey their students. Usually these surveys are managed manually by paper work based approach. Paper based approach for students feedback management  is a labor intensive process.We have developed Web Based Feedback Management System to provide feedback in an easy and quick manner to the authenticated users. So we call it as Student Feedback Management System which delivers via the student, staff interface as web based system which acts as a service provider.By using this technology we can make fast feedback about the staffs by students, on time to head of departments as they referred in web based system. This project has two kinds of modules such as student and admin. The student can give feedback in web based system provided by college staff. This feedback report is checked by the admin. They can view grades obtained to the lecturers and give this report to the principal and he conducts counseling to the college staff.


Web based feedback management system is a web based application that provides platform for the colleges to conduct student’s feedback. This Web based system is the best place to find feedback report according to the requirement such as feedback given by the various kinds of students and so on and it is the efficient place to get feedback analysis and maintain security. Students will fill the web based feedback form. In this work, security is also maintained. The result of feedback is only visible to authenticated user. Web based feedback is an integral feature of effective and  efficient  learning and teaching. It can be one of the powerful way to enhance and strengthen student learning. Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, but this impact can be either positive or negative.

Literature survey

Existing system:

In Existing system,colleges are using printed survey paper as the primary mechanism  to collect feedback from students.The paper based  feed back approach is labor intensive  process. A typical survey cycle begins with departmental staff placing orders for survey foams for every section. The office is responsible for printing the foams and sending them to departments. Once the forms are ready upon receipt of the forms, the departmental staffs prepare packets for each sections and deliver the packets to the faculty. The faculty members take survey to their classes and departmental staff members administers the survey. Once the surveys are returned to the department, feedback is evaluated and consider the overall grades and the result documents are included in appropriate departmental files.

Normally, a portion of a regular lecturer session is devoted to the distribution, Completion and collection of the paper based surveys. whether the class sessions in which these surveys are conducted are announced are not. The sample gathered depends on the class attendance for that single session. The processing of these feedback is expensive time consuming prone to error compared to web based approach.

Proposed system:      

The survey of teaching is usually administered at the end of the term, before the final examination. The web based student feedback management system requires very small number of steps that need significant human intervention. The results become available more faster proving opportunity  to administer survey more frequently during the term. The web based feedback management system provides student with a greatest opportunity to complete the survey at there convenience and when they have access to the web. All of the students in the class are have equal access to the web based feedback management application. None of the student loose the opportunity because of being absent from class as they do when the instruct administers the paper based survey. The great advantage  is results from the interim surveys can be used to modify the course materials and teaching methods while the course is in progress. It also reduce the cost and time required to get the feedback and reduces paper work.


Revision of frequency

Web based approach offers distinct advantages when institution wants the flexibility of using different survey questions for different courses in web based feedback management system questions can be revised,modified with relative case.

Reduce survey cycle time

          Because the web based feedback management system requires very small number of steps that needs significant human intervention the result become available more faster proving  opportunity to administer survey more frequently during the term.