Global Communication Media Java Project

Global Communication Media projects main idea is to communication network like telephone conference but using web as a platform. This application will provide solution for organizations to communicate with clients who are away from them similarly it will be easy to communicate with team members inside organization.

Feature of this application:

  • This can be used within organization for project discussions between project leader and team members.
  • If a company is having different branches at different places in the county using this application it will be easy to be in touch with each branch managers and take decisions.
  • Using this application employee can get online solution from higher officials.
  • Proposed System:

This application works on client server model. This application has features like conferences, live meetings and general body meeting on web.

Using grouping features we can talk with large number of people at a time.

This application provides multi conference feature.

We can use single user selection to talk with single user.

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  1. How We Can Download the Global Communication Media Java Project,please give me this project I have a argent need to this project.

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