College Fest HTML Project Report


In India, the celebration of culture fest is an annual cultural event organized by a group of students and participants from other universities that accompany the university or university. Professional artists are usually invited and many competitions are held for students. Although some universities claim public acceptance, the celebration is sponsored by sponsors.

Problem Definition

The event is organized by almost all universities, but all work is done by hand. The proper event is then asked whether the student will process or not and then all the information is stored manually in the file. Most colleges have web pages that are specific to the event they are hosting, but this site works to provide information about some of the events that will take place at this university to inform other students.

Students also do not have a good search platform to start again
There is no Android application or event management or corporate web application to set up automatic records and also show participants all events that can be registered and online that can be scheduled


The proposed system will produce:
– The communication gap between teachers and student coordinators has been reduced.
-Teachers can see all the events and can participate according to their interests.
– Any changes in the schedule are easily reported to all student coordinators and participants in the event.
-Remember daily to participants about the event.

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Java Project on Computer to Computer Learning System

Computer to Computer Learning System

Computer to Computer Learning is the modern way of education, in which the students can get the valuable information through CD’s and Digital Copies. Generally, an existing system the educational institutions provide online material which is one-way uploading and hence the database is limited to a single person and hence the information updating needs time, But in this project, the database was made online so the database was accessible to multiple users. Any Format of information can be uploaded like audio, video, text etc. In this application, there are 3 modules

  1. Admin

Admin can view the institutes and students registered and delete them if he feels unnecessary. Admin can also view the complaints given by students

All the users are controlled by admin. Administrator services are

  1. Approve the institute
  2. delete institute
  3. view students
  4. view complaints
  1. College:

The college needs to register and log in and upload the articles on different topics providing the information and maintains the faculty details and view the responses and requests provided by students.

College is an Organization which can handle the all the student details. The College services are

  1. Registration
  2. Upload Articles
  3. Faculty Management
  4. Update profile of College
  5. Send Responses
  6. send a response for appropriate requests
  7. view request and send feedback
  1. Student:

The student will log in with a valid username and password and he can send a request to college he can view the response from college and he can also give feedback to admin. He can also update his profile.

The Student services are

  1. Update profile
  2. send a request to the college
  3. view responses
  4. and send feedback

Existing System:

In the existing Computer to Computer Learning System, the main problem is the database is maintained at individual such as in excel sheets and hence the system is not available for all college students so we propose the multiple access database systems in this project.

Proposed System:

In Proposed Computer to Computer Learning System, we used Centralized or Multiple access databases and it is automatically updated with the multiple users on the system so this makes the system fast.

Output Screens:

  1. Login Page:
  2. Registration Page:
  3. Clooege Registration:
  4. Student Registration:
  5. Admin Login:
  6. Student List:
  7. College Login:
  8. Student Login:

Architecture Diagram:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Download Computer to Computer Learning System Java Project Source Code,  Project Report, PPT, UML Diagrams.

Online Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System

The Online Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System is divided into four main modules. Each and every module performs a particular work. Those 4 modules are

  1. Maintenance of user and seminar hall
  2. Booking the seminar hall
  3. Approval and Rejection by In-charge
  4. Role of Principal

Maintenance of user and seminar hall

It consists of Signup, Login and update details of the seminar halls, users. The Administrator creates a separate account for each Department, Seminar hall in-charges, other cells like placement and training, EMDC etc., and Principal.

Booking the seminar hall

Each department has the username and password to book the seminar hall for their requirement. Through this they can view the available dates of particular seminar hall and also the facilities in the hall like capacity, mic’s, projector, marker board etc., This provides user-friendly environment while booking the seminar hall it gives suggestion regarding the selection of seminar hall based on the capacity and availability. The concern department head can view the list of the request. The acceptance and rejection can be viewed by the user through that log in or even by the email id.

Approval and Rejemailon by In-charge

The role of seminar hall in-charge is to check the request came to the seminar hall. When in-charges login into their account the list of new requests are displayed in their page as shown. The request can be either accepted or rejected based on the priority of the request. If more than one request is made for the same seminar hall on the same date after granting approval to a particular request by seminar hall in-charge, the remaining requests are automatically rejected and the email is sent to the bookie and also it is notified on their page.

Module – IV: Role of Principal

The Principal can view the entire process which is happening on the website and can fetch the data from the past to present who all are used the seminar hall. In an emergency case, he can reject the accepted request and the email will be sent to the booker as well as the seminar hall in-charge by suggesting alternate seminar halls.

User Registration Form

This form contains new user Registration Fields. Admin will take the role of this process to register user details. Here all the fields are validated using JavaScript Validation.

Signup Form

Login Form
The user can enter username and password. These Fields are mandatory. Both fields are validated using PHP. Login option given separated for four types of users.

Checking Availability

To check the availability of the seminar hall by Booker

Checking the availability
Availability Details
Seminar hall Booking FormIt contains all required fields for booking seminar halls like booking date, session, Booker name, dept, etc., Here all the fields are validated using JavaScript validation. For date picker, we are using ‘jQuery Date Picker’.

It contains all required fields for booking seminar halls like booking date, session, booker name, dept, etc., Here all the fields are validated using JavaScript validation. For date picker, we are using ‘jQuery Date Picker’.

Booking Form

Booking suggestion form


It contains a list of users on this system.

Administrator portal

Seminar hall Incharge Portal

It lists out the request came for the seminar hall with Booker details.In-charges approve the request based on the priority based on First Come First Serve order based on booking id or booking date and time.

Seminar hall in-charge portal

Usage details
It is Users availability checking page. On this user can check the availability of particular seminar halls.

Usage details

User page-Request details

It contains a list of requests have been sent to the seminar halls, viewed by the Head of the Departments.

Rejection of Acceptance

Notification of Approval Rejection

Usage details –principal portal

From this page, Principal can view the entire process which is happening on the website and can fetch the data from the past to present who all are used the seminar hall.

Acceptance rejection page

It shows the acceptance rejection page details, it can be viewed by principal

Admin portal

Principal portal


The project is developed and hosted in our Engineering College web server. It is going to use by our college. Users can access this website by using the intranet. It helps users by reducing manual works. It will be a User-friendly website.


The project entitled “Seminar Hall and Auditorium Booking System” was successfully executed.  This system replaces the existing system with more features.  The system provides security to user documents.

However, the possibilities for innovation are infinite and scope for development is innumerable. The future extension can be made to provide more option in this application.


Good amount of user friendliness has been incorporated in this system. It is possible to exploit these features to get the details of not only seminar hall but also the total number of blocks and which contains the total list of the hall in a block wise.  The process is suitable to extend the kind of task and the number of more process.

Download Seminar Hall booking System PHP project.

Easy Resource Utilization System

This Easy Resource Utilization System project aims to development of booking seminar halls and auditoriums in our college through online. It reduces the traditional/manual maintenance system. It creates a user-friendly website for users.

Here, four types of users are available like Principal, Administrator, Seminar hall in-charge and Head of Departments or Booker. Booker can check seminar hall availability, booking and viewing the status through online. Any faculty can reserve the seminar hall and auditorium based on the availability.

In this system, the seminar hall in-charges can view the requests and accept the request(s) according to the priority and also view the usage reports and status for a particular period. Administrator plays a vital role to maintain complete details of all the users, hall details and he/she is the only authorized person to update all details.

The principal can view all user details and usage details of seminar halls. Other users can only view the details of the seminar halls. Each event like seminar hall booking, cancellation of seminar hall will be intimated to the concern seminar hall in-charge, bookie, and Heads of the department through E-mail. Ultimately this project helps to utilize the seminar hall in an easy way.


The project is developed for the requirement of our Kongu Engineering College. It is used to book the seminar hall through the online. Four roles are available for this project i.e., Principal, Administrator, Seminar hall In-charge and Hod. Booker can reserve the conference/seminar halls and auditorium easily.

Hall in-charges can accept and reject request came for the seminar hall. The principal can view the entire user, in-charge and usage details and he can reject the approval of hall in-charge. The administrator is responsible for users and hall details maintenance.

The project is developed and hosted in our Kongu Engineering College web server and linked to

In the first step, the administrator has to provide the user id, password for the principal, seminar hall in-charges, Hod’s in order to avoid unwanted users to access the file, the second step Booker can book the seminar hall which is required, third step is hall in-charge can approve/reject the request of Booker. The final step is principal can view the usage details of the hall and also he has the rights to cancel the approval of hall in-charge which is accepted.


• It is mainly to implement for departments to book seminar hall through online instead of carrying out documents and maintaining it.
• To reduce the effort of maintaining documents of seminar hall usage.
• It is the effective way of using the college resources properly.



This seminar hall booking is done only through the process on paper which means the process done through manual maintenance system.


• Checking availability of seminar halls.
• Checking the capacity of seminar halls.
• Viewing the detail of the seminar halls.
• Phone conversations with seminar hall in-charges.
• Time wastage for the Booker.
• Mental stress to the booker.
• Non-availability of the technician.
• Booking form maintenance by the in-charge.


This application entirely based on the online process as we can view the status of all seminar halls. It mainly reduces the effort and time of the Booker and hall in-charge. Based on the priority of request hall in-charges can easily accept or reject the request.


This application is proposed by our principal as it is a valid one, which is a must for Kongu Engineering College as for the seminar hall booking process. This is efficiently done and helpful for all the faculty and HOD of the entire department. The drawbacks mentioned above in the current/ existing system will not reflect the proposed system.



Processor: Intel Pentium i3 1.3 GHz
Hard Disk: 320 GB
Monitor: 17inch color display
Key Board: standard 104 Keys
Mouse: 4Button Scroll


Operation System: Windows 7
Front End : HTML, PHP
Back End: MySQL
Scripting Languages: JavaScript and jQuery, PHP
Web server: XAMPP server 1.8.1


Income Tax Return Processing Java Project


Income tax return processing is an application which will make the processing of income tax returns forms faster and provides the users to  see all the advantages with details.


Income tax return processing is a java based web application where all the automated processing is introduced. By this application we can reduce our time and get accurate information. We can also know the processing of tax return in step by step manner.

By this application we can also improve the performance of the system. This system makes the processing of income tax returns forms faster and easier.


The main objective of this Income Tax Return Processing Java Project is to provide the information about tax return process in an easy way.


Charted Account: Charted account can perform the following operations.

1.verify form16:In this the charted account verifies form16 details of the tax payer.

2.upload form16:In this the charted account uploads the above verified form16 to administrator.

Income Tax Payer: In this module the tax payer can perform the following operations.

1.Download form16: In this the tax payer download the form16.

2.Post IT Return details: In this the tax payer has to submit all the details related to his tax payment.

3.Upload form16:In this the tax payer uploads his signed form16 to charted accountant.

Admin: In this module the admin can perform the following operations.

1.view reports: In this the admin view all the reports.

2.CA acceptance: In this the admin can  able to accept/reject the Charted accountant registration.

3.view feedback: In this the admin can view the feedback that are send by tax payers.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                     :           Windows

Technology                                :           Java and J2EE

Web Technologies                    :           Html, JavaScript

IDE                                            :           My Eclipse

Web Server                              :           Tomcat

Database                                  :           Oracle

Java Version                             :           J2SDK1.5